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Dating in a big city vs. a small one

Dating in a Big City and Countryside: What’s the Difference?

The life of single women or men in the big city is similar to a marathon with obstacles: deadlines, traffic, subway, the lack of sleep, morning coffee and evening meet-ups, gym closer to the night or on weekends. The big city dating has the same crazy rhythm. Also, it is more expensive comparing to a small town.

However, living in the big city also means you do not have enough time for meeting up with dates. Finding love while living in a big city is really hard but possible. One way is to try dating site to find a woman online or start meeting guys.

Small Town Dating Vs. Big City

Another difference between dating in a small and big city is your expectations in general. Men and women are looking for serious relationships and are serious about dating. Men looking for women online are trying to meet someone to settle down. And the relationship moves way faster. Perhaps, that is the question of choice. As there are less men or women to choose from, local singles just want to lock down personals.

Maybe, as we have so many choices now, the heart and head actually mess with us. Small town citizens do not have that problem, therefore, people are not terrified with that perfect match choice. In the big city, there are so many good-looking and charming men looking for women, actually everywhere in the city.

Further, people in a small city may have a different mentality. In the big city, guys and single girls have more freedom. Sadly, this may result in one-night-stand rather than a serious relationship. As online dating is a real solution for busy and rushing residents of the huge cities. The usage of online dating site and applications is increasing, and the myths that online dating service is the prerogative of losers are gradually becoming obsolete. In search of a match, the most persistent ladies prefer to use the dating service as an assistant for a personal life.