Dating Tips

Ten Ice Melting Topics for the First Date Conversation

When considering online dating, arranging your first date is not very hard anymore—it is like the first time real-life conversation with strangers.. Having easy, organic conversations are always best however nervous on a first date, can make us quiet and shy or turn us into an interrogator of a chatter-box. This is why we listed some 1st-date tips for helping conversations flowing smoothly.

1. Admit nervousness

Your date can also be nervous hence admitting this could be excellent icebreakers. Having an honest approach is very important and telling your date about how you are feeling eases off the pressure. Just be sure conversation is all about knowing each other

2. Ask questions keep conversations moving

Conversations must keep flowing and by not asking other people a question and only talking of yourself, indicates a lack of interested, being self-absorbed, or both. By asking questions there is active engagement.

3. Ask about favorite things

Everyone loves to talk about favorite things like food, hobbies, and sports teams. By asking about favorite things keeps conversations fun and light and both love mint-chocolate chip ice creams this becomes a reason for extending the date.

4. Never spill gut feelings.

Being real and forthcoming without turning a date into therapy sessions makes things more engaging. You should be comfortable while talking about your interests as it gradually creates intimate bonds. Your date also finds it easier to discuss things about themselves.

5. Avoid political topics

Politics and religion are things never discussed at dinner tables and first dates. When you hold strong opinions and beliefs becoming overexcited or judgmental is very common

6. Do not lie

Fudging truth even little on the first is the start of a relationship based on a lie. “When wanting to be liked, we may decorate our image by hiding things, and saying things for making ourselves to be more reliable but in the longer term, it will hurt us.

7. Never try a “one-up” game

When your date talks about a trip to London there is no sense bragging of your trips to all European countries with frequent visits every year. Nobody likes being belittled so it is always better to be respectful and congratulatory as everyone has different opportunities and experiences.  

8. Never probe about jobs and salaries

Discussing work & jobs is fine but asking about the car they drive or house they own is very impolite. It indicates a lack of good breeding.

9. Talk on past relationships not too much on ex-talks.

Unless specifically asked past relationships are best avoided until a few weeks of knowing each other.

10. Have confidence during conversations

First date conversations have some stumbling and some mistakes becoming awkward sometimes. However, being confident, while trying to know each other could surprise yourself in how you are able to keep the conversation flowing.

Forget about chemistry, the factor which decides is what you are asking and saying that leads to relationships leading it to a second date. You can certainly get success in online dating by following simple to follow tips and tricks.