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How to Get my Wife to Have a 3 way

How to Get my Wife to Have a 3 way

When it comes down to how to get your girl to have a 3 way, you need to be clear with how you communicate. It’s bad enough when you can’t communicate with each other over the restaurant you’re going to eat at, so times that by ten and you could have a disaster on your hands. Don’t hassle her to add a third female into your bed without first considering how she might feel regarding it. Chances are you’re still hopelessly in love with your girlfriend, and you still think she’s the most beautiful girl out there, but she is going to assume that she isn’t good enough for you anymore. It’s your job to get her to see that you still feel the same regarding her, and you actually just want to make things a bit more exciting in the bedroom.

One of the most important things is communication, so it’s important to start talking to your girlfriend regarding the possibility of having a threesome. You can’t bring it up out of anywhere and just exclaim that you want a threesome. This might scare your girlfriend, and then her initial reaction is going to be ‘not a chance.’ Try to avoid inquiring outright as this isn’t the best method for talking a girl into a 3 way, and maybe ask her if she’s ever been with another woman or if she’s thought about being with another woman. Get her to think about how she would feel if somebody had to watch you and her having sex. Inquiring her about these things in an excellent method will get her thinking about the possibilities, and eventually, you should be able to be more vocal regarding threesomes with her.

If your girlfriend is the jealous type, and won’t even tolerate you looking at other women, then it’s best to steer clear of mentioning a threesome. This is crucial when trying to figure out how to talk your wife into a threesome. One girl might be extremely into it, and another might hate it, so you need to approach with caution. If you’re lucky enough to have a girlfriend that is already into it, then start planning, but make sure to include her in every step of the way. She needs to feel as if she is the one controlling the situation. Make sure she chooses who you can touch, where you can touch them, when you can touch them, and how much you can touch them. If she decides last minute that she doesn’t want to go ahead, accept it and drop the topic. At least she tried to go along with it.

How to Talk Your Wife into a 3 way

How to Talk Your Wife into a 3 way

When deciding on how to get your wife to have a 3 way, you have to make the hard decision of whether you want it to be with a stranger or if you want it to be with somebody you know. Choosing to do it with a stranger can be a bit weird because you don’t know who they’ve been with, and they’re a total stranger to you. Choosing to do it with a friend is also a bit weird, possibly even more awkward than a stranger because you have to face them for the rest of your friendship. If you choose a stranger, will you meet them online, at a club, or at a swingers party? An easy option might be to go to a bar and check out the ladies in the bar. There’s a chance a lady might come to you. Always remember to use a condom for your 1st time 3some, as you can’t take chances, especially if it’s with a stranger.

If you have the balls to inquire your girlfriend or convince wife threesome, and she says yes, you need to remember that it goes both methods. Your girlfriend might want to have a threesome with you and another man, and it’s only fair that you agree to it. Decide on rules if you want, such as no kissing or no penetration. Some men relish watching their wives with another man, but it’s not common. Don’t pressure your girlfriend to have a threesome if you aren’t prepared to do the same for her. She might relish being with other girls, but it’s unfair to please her if you don’t do the same.

When you eventually manage to figure out how to get your wife to have a 3 way, don’t inquire her about it as a birthday gift or something similar. When a woman loses her virginity, it’s not a gift to the first guy that she sleeps with, so a threesome shouldn’t be a gift either. Your girlfriend needs to feel that she’s wanted to participate in the threesome, and not that she needs to give you a threesome as a gift for a special occasion.

Threesomes shouldn’t be on your bucket list. A bucket list is for bungee jumping, going shark cage diving, or doing other exotic things. Once you have a serious girlfriend, you can’t create a bucket list that involves your girlfriend’s body without her consent. Take the time to make a couple’s list that can include having sex with another person. Don’t carry on regarding needing to cross off the threesome of the list. It’s cheeky and could ruin potential future fun with your girlfriend.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Want 3 Way

Everybody loves celebrity gossip, even more so if it involves their sex lives. Many celebrities have mentioned having threesomes, and while it’s not that exciting if you think about the adventures of Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods, it’s definitely a bit of a turn-on when you think about people like Ashton Kutcher and Lady Gaga. These celebrities have mentioned that they relish sex with more than one person, and it’s very hot when you think about it.

After you and your girlfriend have discussed the ins and outs of the threesome, and you’ve finally realized that you have figured out how to convince your wife to have a 3 way, you’ll need to start visualizing it happening. One idea is to watch series or movies that highlight threesomes and portray them as glamorous. Series like House of Cards and films like Vicky Cristina Barcelona are some ideas and will provide some food for thought. Stay away from movies that will possibly make threesomes come across as shameful or disappointing.

It can be very hot and a major turn-on to watch porn with your partner. It’s also a really perfect method to get your girlfriend to think regarding other sexual acts such as threesomes. Genuine threesomes are not all glitz and glamour, so try to find porn videos with slightly above-average-looking people so that your girlfriend can see that regular people can also have threesomes. Avoid watching the hardcore, studio filmed threesomes, as these will have perfect vaginas and abnormally large penises, which will be intimidating. Over time, your girlfriend should associate threesomes as a regular people thing, not just a ‘movie’ thing.

Once you and your partner have watched a few videos and you’re able to picture having a threesome, you can escalate it to touching. You might be surprised to find out that some women relish going to strip clubs. It’s one of the easiest methods to get your girlfriend used to the idea of being naked with another woman, and you can get a stripper to give your girlfriend a lap dance and then watch as she tempts your girlfriend with her sexy dancing. Your girlfriend’s apprehension should start to disappear, and she should begin to relish herself more and more.

Make Her Feel Special for Your 1st time 3some

Make Her Feel Special for Your 1st time 3some

You’ll need to reassure your girlfriend quite a bit, and you’ll need to make her feel important. Some things to do are tell your girlfriend that she comes first in your life. Make sure she knows that you aren’t bored with your sex life with her, and that your threesome isn’t stemming from boredom, and that it’s just because you want to try something new with her. Tell her that you think it will be fun and satisfying for both of you, and reinforce the fact that nobody will come between the two of you and ruin your relationship. Try to get her to comprehend that there doesn’t need to be any jealousy and that you don’t expect it to start an open relationship. Make decisions together and just be aware of what the other person wants from experience.

If your girlfriend is reluctant regarding a threesome, give her control, and this is a foolproof method on how to get your girlfriend to have a 3 way. She will be more willing to consider if she feels that she’s in control. Ensure that she’s involved with the planning, and let her be the one to come up with some rules. If she knows that it’s not going to be with an escort or with one of your or her friends, she will be happier and more relaxed going into it. Allow her to decide who the third person is, and she should be satisfied. If you’re unhappy with one of her rules, such as no penetration of the third person, just be patient and realize that her considering a threesome is already a big step in the right direction. In the heat of the moment, it’s not unheard of for those rules to go out the window, and it might be easier to convince your girlfriend at the moment. The fact that you’re able to have a threesome with her is already a win on its own, so let things happen naturally once she has agreed to the basics.

The most important thing to remember when working out how to get your wife to have a 3 way is that you should make your girlfriend or wife feel like she is the star of the show. Even though you will have a guest in your presence, your partner should feel like she is more important than the guest. Buy some fancy champagne, set the mood with some sexy music and maybe some candles, and make it feel like a long-awaited date. Make sure your girlfriend feels extremely wanted, even when your other sexual partner arrives. The majority of women will feel a bit threatened in the presence of another woman, so while the girl that’s joining you guys might be as hot as Scarlett Johansson, make sure you make your girlfriend a priority. If your partner decides that she doesn’t want you doing something with the other girl, then respect that decision. It should be exciting enough just to have another woman be a part of things, and you could end up ruining the evening and possibly your relationship. The next morning you should spoil your girlfriend and maybe take her out for breakfast or bring her breakfast in bed to show how much you appreciate her being cool regarding everything.

Your girlfriend might have said yes to a threesome now, but don’t assume that she will say yes all the time. If you get the feeling that she doesn’t want to do it again, then leave it at that and rather fantasize about doing it again. If you’re having threesomes all the time, then you can’t really call your relationship monogamous, and you might want to consider approaching the swinger lifestyle if that’s how you want things to be. With our advice, it should be easy to work out how to convince your wife to have a three-way.