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How to start a freaky conversation with a girl

Do you want to know how to start a sex conversation with a girl? Here are some effective tips. It is not easy to start a conversation about sex, but if you are ready, find a movie with some sex scenes and see how the girl reacts. Her eyes and body language will tell you if she is ready. If you notice that the girl's attitude to sex scenes is adequate, you can ask her some questions, for example: "Would you like to have sex in a similar place (in this position, etc.)?" These questions can lead you to an interesting discussion that will help you get to know each other better. However, if you see that the girl does not answer your questions, do not insist on this conversation. Perhaps, despite the signs of body language and the voice of your intuition, she is not ready to discuss this topic. Trying to continue the conversation about sex can ruin the evening, not to mention your future relationship.

Another way to start a sex conversation about sex is to tell the girl a sex joke or a funny story that happened to one of your friends. If the girl's reaction is positive, she smiles and comments on the whole situation; you can gently move on to the "main topic."

Finally, it is important to choose the right time and place to talk about sex. If you do not want the conversation to go anywhere, do not try to start it when your girl has just returned from work, she is hungry or tired. It is also not good to start talking about sex in bed, before or after sex. For your "sexual discussion" to be successful, prepare your girl in advance and talk to her in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to start a dirty conversation with a girl

How to start a dirty conversation with a girl

If you do not know how to start a sex conversation properly, then the dirty words suddenly uttered in bed can scare, unpleasantly surprise or offend your unprepared girlfriend. But if you do everything right, then your conversation can lead to something interesting. That's why we're talking about dirty talk tips to help you figure out this skilled art.

  • -What to say. First, it doesn't matter what you say; it is only important how and when you say it. There is no need to transcribe dialogues from porn films and then rehearse this speech. It is much more important and even cooler if you say what is on your mind so that everyone is comfortable. The theory is good, but what about practice? The first on our list is:
  • Commands. The easiest way to start a sex conversation is to say what you want to do to her or what she should do to you. You just have to give a command, for example: "I want ..." or "Stand by the window. I want to fuck you there. "
  • Compliments. If your girlfriend has an amazing ass, don't skimp on compliments. Your admiration and excitement will affect her. In a good way, of course. Plus, it's a great start for developing erotic dialogues or monologues, for example: "Your amazing legs will look perfect on my shoulders."
  • Questions. Ask her more questions about her sexual preferences. You should not be shy about this topic if you decide to start a sex conversation. The more you learn about her preferences, the better sex you will have. Just forget about questions like: "Are you good?". You need specifics to improve the quality of sex and open up new horizons of pleasure. If her reaction to your actions is obvious, then it is unnecessary to ask questions.

Erotic conversations can increase desire, so try to study the girl's addictions, anatomy, and habits before you start practicing the sex talking technique.

  • Fantasy. Your fantasies are a surefire way to turn her on. It does not matter how long you have known your girlfriend; in one case, you are provided with a closer acquaintance, and in the other changes in the usual relationship. Example: “I thought so much about this photo that you sent me today”; “I want to tie you up”; “I can't stop thinking about how cool you would look in latex,” and so on.
  • Erotic literature. On the pages of such literature, everything has already been saying for you; you just have to recreate the picture and images in your head and get inspiration for future independent experiments.
  • Insults. Be careful; not every girl prefers this, so you should ask your girlfriend how she will react if you call her a "dirty slut" in a moment of passion. Every sexual abuse must be carefully considered; otherwise, you can ruin everything.

If you are talking to a girl you are attracted to and want to start a romantic relationship, then you need to know how to start a sex conversation with a girl.

In addition to the friendly conversation that you will have with her, you need to move on to sexual topics if you want an intimate connection. Your goal is to create sexual tension and make her feel attracted to you.

Know that if you continue to talk with a girl who is interesting to you, as a friend, she will classify you as a friend, and you can forget about all your plans for her. She will see you as just a friend, but not someone to whom she feels sexually attracted.

So, start a sex conversation with a girl? You will learn how to do this successfully on this page so that the conversation does not seem awkward or creepy.

Tip # 1: Talk about ordinary things sexually

For example, you are talking about a movie. Tell her how you enjoyed the love relationship between the characters. How did you like the sensuality of their scenes together? Then you ask her if there are any other films that have influenced her that much. This will be a great conversation starter.

Tip # 2: Sexual allusions

Incorporate sexually charged words or phrases into your regular conversation with her. A great way to do this is by using sexual allusions. This is when you say something innocent, but it can be considered dirty or sexy. You need to start with an open-minded conversation and then move on to a sexier conversation.

But first, make sure you have an understanding with her. Then you can start using sexy words in your conversation. And over time, she will feel comfortable talking to you about sexual topics. It's important to know that she probably gets really uncomfortable if she doesn't play along.

Tip # 3: Think about your friend's sexual situation.

For example, you might say that you have a friend who complains that his girlfriend doesn't like something during sex. You can consult with her on this topic. And thanks to this thread, you will start a sex conversation. Thanks to this, you can find out the attitude of your girlfriend to certain things.

If she's shy, don't force the girl or woman you're talking to have a sexy conversation. Only talk about other people's sexual situations.

If you can bring up sexual topics or start a sex conversation with a girl without hinting that you want to sleep with her, she will be more interested and open to discussing sexual topics. If you find that she enjoys this conversation and is playing along, continue. But if not, continue with a normal conversation.

When a girl is open to talking about sex, that doesn't mean she's ready to have sex with you. It means that she is comfortable with you.

How to start a sexual conversation with a girl

How to start a sexual conversation with a girl

Why is having sex so much easier than talking about sex? This topic can seem awkward, uncomfortable, and sometimes even embarrassing. But in reality, you need to come up with several ways to bring up this intimate topic, especially if your goal is to establish a closer connection. Girls love sex. Girls think about sex, maybe even more than you do.

Nowadays, the best way to start a sex conversation is to start from the beginning. However, you cannot be a very arrogant person. You can start a sex conversation with some sexy vibe. Girls will appreciate it because a lot of guys almost avoid playfulness and sexuality.

Start with light naughty things and carry on. You need to try to turn everything into a sexy allusion, even if it's banal. You do not have to start a sex conversation with few lecherous words; start gradually.

What you say to a girl can easily change the conversation from friendly to sexy.

Your words can be used as foreplay to arouse a girl and set her in the mood for kissing and sex with you.

On this page, you will learn 4 ways how to start a sex conversation with a girl. Also, you will know how to start a freaky conversation with a girl, which you can use at every stage of the dating process.

When you first meet her.

When is it necessary to start a sexual conversation when you first meet a girl?

After you have aroused a girl's feelings of sexual attraction towards you by showing some personality traits, behaviors, and inner qualities that girls find attractive (e.g., confidence, charisma, humor, then you can start sexual conversations.

However, it is important that you first make her feel sexually attracted to you because if a girl is not sexually attracted to you and you still start talking about sex or mentioning sex, she will almost always close or translate the topic.

  • You must first make her feel attracted to you before trying to change the conversation from friendly to sexy. An example of starting a sex conversation after you have attracted a girl is to say, "You are sexy ... I like you." When you say this, you will turn your conversation into a more honest and sincerer one; there is no longer a need for mind games.
  • Sex flirting. You have to make her feel sexually attracted and then tell her that you think she is sexy and you really like her. So now everything is open, and you don't need to act like you are not sexually interested in each other. If a girl feels attracted to you based on what you said and did before she said, "You are sexy ... I like you," she will almost always flirt with you and show more interest.

She will be glad that she finally met a guy who not only makes her feel attracted but also has the confidence to lead a conversation in a sexual direction, without hesitation or doubt about it.

One of the easiest ways to start a sexy conversation is to smile and say something like, "You are a sweet girl, but I see a naughty side somewhere." When you can make a girl feel like you see her as a sweet, respectable girl, but you can also see there is a naughty side, she will feel like you understand her.

Almost all girl should hide their sexual side because if they show it to others, most people will think that she is slutty. Most of the women you meet will hide their sexual side and pretend to be innocent girls.

When you are going on a date

Starting a sexual conversation on the first date.

Some guys make the mistake of trying to impress a girl by being nice and gentlemanly.

There is nothing wrong with being nice, gentlemanly, or having a serious relationship with a girl, but if you want your first date or second date to lead to kissing and sex, you also need to create a strong sexual bond.

So, when the date is going well (meaning you made her feel attracted to you, you and she laugh and have a good time), you can turn the conversation toward sex. Girls love it when a guy has confidence. In 99.9% of cases on dates, a girl will control when the first kiss is allowed and when sex takes place, which is predictable and boring for her. You need to be unpredictable to get her attention. Girls love guys who can win them over.

When you are resting in bed together.

If you’re at a girl’s house, or you’ve returned to your home after a date and wondering how to direct the conversation toward sex, you can either speak directly about it or lead it to it in a subtler way.

For example: if you want to be frank, you can calmly, confidently say, "Come here, I want to kiss you" and attract her to you. Then look her in the eyes, and if she doesn't pull away from you, just walk up for a kiss, and it will happen.

Alternatively, if you think she is not ready for a kiss and you need to warm her up first, you can say, "Let me give you a massage." Start with a simple shoulder massage if she is shy or a back massage if she is more open to it. After the massage, both of you will feel more relaxed and sexier, and you can either start kissing her at that moment or say, “Let's go to the bedroom,” if you notice that she is really horny and ready to go.

When you talk to her on the phone between dates.

In this situation, you can start a conversation about sex by saying something like, “You looked very sexy the last time we met. I could not take my eyes off your ass ... ".

At this moment, she will most likely laugh, but she will be glad that you looked at her. Most girls are insecure about different parts of their bodies, and even if you might think that she is beautiful, there are bound to be some things in her body that she is unsure about. The more confident you can make a girl feel the attractiveness of her appearance to you, the easier it will be for her to start talking about sex.

The most important part of getting a girl interested in having sex with you is making her feel sexually attracted. You can do this with the words you use, but you can also do it by displaying certain personality traits, behaviors, and inner qualities that naturally attract and turn a girl on. For example, confidence, charisma, masculinity (the way you think, feel, behave, speak, act) make her feel like a princess next to you.

The better you demonstrate attractive character traits, the more attractive you will be to the girl, and the better start a sex conversation with a girl will turn out.