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How to seduce a woman in your house

How to seduce a woman in your house

If the woman agreed to come to your house, this is already a perfect start. It doesn't matter how it happened: after a perfect date or a fun party. If you find yourself with a beautiful woman on your territory, then it's time to act and take the relationship to a new level.

Important stages of seduction

The first stage begins long before the girl enters your apartment. If you still don't know how to seduce a woman in a few minutes at home, then start mastering the technique with a simple one:

Prepare your apartment for the meeting. A little thing like a dirty toilet can ruin your plans. Clean up your apartment and change your bedding, and put a new towel in the bathroom. Create a romantic environment; everything should look natural and relaxed. Place a few drops of vanilla or lavender oil on the lamp. When the lamps begin to heat up, she will smell an energizing scent.

Find out what kind of music she likes. You can find this information on her social media playlist or ask her directly. But remember to choose the tracks with which you want to have sex, not sleep. Buy a bottle of perfect wine to relieve tension.

How to seduce a woman at home if you don't live alone? Just ask them to go somewhere if there are other people at home; the chances of success are small.

The second stage is moral preparation. You must understand that this is a serious step for her if a woman agreed to come to your home. So, do your best to calm and relax her.

If she starts kissing you passionately - great, feel free to go to the bedroom. But if a lady shows shyness and vigilance - do not rush. Your patience will be rewarded a little later. Give her time to get used to the idea of intimacy between you.

How to seduce a woman at home if your relationship lasts several months? There is a general rule - avoid routine and cliches. Use the kitchen, balcony, shower for sex. Examine every corner of your apartment for the opportunity to do something enjoyable. Make these desires spontaneous and watch the lady's reaction. If she is uncomfortable and unpleasant, stop right away and take her to another, more convenient place.

Start your date in the living room. Give the woman the opportunity to get used to foreign territory and relax. Offer the lady something interesting, funny, safe. Invite her to watch a movie and drink wine. No need to be nervous, fuss, strain. Be calm and confident, and you can succeed.

How to seduce a girl in your room

How to seduce a girl in your room

The girl came to your house, but you don't know what to do? Don't worry; you almost got your sex. Of course, her presence in your house does not mean complete reliability and readiness to have sex with you immediately, but this is a signal of trust in you.

You need to know how to seduce a woman at home. First of all, you should gain trust. Be natural, relaxed, keep eye contact, and smile as much as possible. The more positive and confident, the more chances. Here are some tips for how to seduce a girl in your room

Talk about sex

Suppose a woman starts talking about abstract topics that you are not interested in and direct her thoughts in the right direction. If you think about sex, make her start thinking about it too. Add some provocative thoughts.

Talking topics:

Start a topic about how a girl's temperament can be determined by her dance. By the movements of the girl, it is possible to understand how professional she is in bed. Let the woman also expressed her thoughts on this matter. You should know that the more women talk about sex, the more aroused they get. After finishing this topic, you can invite her to dance and give her a characterization. You will have a perfect erotic experiment.

The second theme is suitable for loose women. Ask her: “I recently read that woman who uses red lipstick give blowjobs much better than those who use a different color. Do you think this is true? " Surely every woman has red lipstick in her cosmetic bag, so she can share her own experience with you.

The third topic is for women who love to dance and experiment. Invite her to experiment if it is possible to have sex while dancing. Even if the girl does not support these topics, you will show her what you are thinking now and what you expect from her. And then let the woman decide whether she wants to continue this evening or bring a date.

Initiate touch

Be confident and calm; this is your territory. The girl should feel that you are not afraid of the sudden arrival of your wife or parents. How to seduce a girl through touch? Remember to make constant eye contact during a conversation. It is a powerful seduction tool.

Try to touch the woman a lot; use any pretexts. It should look natural.

The first kiss should be gentle, a little more than friendly. So, you allow her to want more. Try to understand the style of her kissing. Thanks to this, you will understand her temperament and what gives her pleasure.

At the moment of kissing, hug the girl below the waist and pull her to you. First, it will show your strength and dominance. And secondly, she will feel your sexual readiness. The best way to hug is to let her know that she is in very safe arms to get hugged so that she feels relaxed and comfortable. Hold her like you are holding her for the first time and keep her as if it would be for the last time. Try to hug her from behind and hold her tight when she is not aware that you are behind her. She will like it.

Focus on erogenous zones. Girls are very sensitive to any touch, but certain parts of their bodies just work wonders. Competent stimulation and caress can bring a lady to orgasm, but this is a little later.

Start with the neck at the ears first. Light kisses, warm breath, gentle stroking are enough.

If a woman is relaxed, offer her a foot massage, this is another erogenous zone. Just don't tickle; massage her feet a little hard and rough. If you are thinking about seducing a woman at home, then massage is the most enjoyable method.

Move slowly but dynamically. Explore what your lady likes best, what her body reacts to, and return to these parts of the body more often. Your goal is to please her and get the same from her. There is no need to stop and ask: "Are you good?" Be confident and only use your body language.

How to seduce a stubborn woman

How to seduce a stubborn woman

Difficult and stubborn women are exactly the same women as others. They just don't fall in love right away. But don't worry, this is fixable. To get a stubborn woman interested, you need to become the kind of man that interests her.

The first thing you need to understand is why does a woman behave this way? What do they want from the relationship? To understand how to seduce a woman, you need to find answers to these questions. The most common reasons why a woman is stubborn:

strict upbringing. Some women were taught from early childhood how to behave with men. Many such women think that if a young man is not going to start a family with her, it makes no sense to spend time with him. If you seduce the girl's attention, then most likely, you will receive respect, care, and maybe even happiness in love and sex. So, you just need to show that she is the most important person to you.

Women with a high status in society. They can easily live without a partner as they can make money. This is one of the signs of a difficult woman. If you want to know how to how to seduce a stubborn woman

you will find some tips on this page.

Women with sexual problems. Such women reject sex and consider it dirty. They will not be able to keep up a conversation about sex. For such women, sex does not bring any pleasure. It is worth noting that high-status girls have problems of a sexual nature.

Signs of a stubborn woman

So how to get seduce a woman?

It is not difficult to interest a girl if you know the approach to her and has sufficient self-confidence. But it is much more difficult to interest a difficult woman. To not spoil everything, you must remember the basic principles that will be useful to any man.

She pretends to be stubborn

Usually, this game is not difficult to notice: a woman tries to seem unapproachable, but as soon as the man's attention weakens, she already tries to establish contact.

A difficult woman values herself

She doesn't have a relationship with everyone she likes, and she doesn't have sex on the first date. Perhaps she deliberately seems stubborn and tries to interest the man with her behavior. She knows exactly what kind of man she needs.


Some difficult women have tremendous self-confidence. she knows her value and won't settle for less.

She doesn't need approval

Difficult women really don't care what others think of them.

She can be happy without a man.

The man is not the center of her world. She always has many hobbies, friends, works, and travels a lot; she is happy with her life even without a man. Therefore, such women are highly attracted to men.

Follow these tips, and you will easily seduce stubborn women:

  • Don't become a friend. It is very important. The line between the best friend and the beloved man is imperceptible. Without sexual innuendo, your communication will turn into friendship.
  • Flirting. How to seduce a stubborn woman? Perfect flirting is the key to success. It is also worth remembering that perfect flirting is an opportunity to hug a woman and touch her. And it's romantic. Flirting creates a powerful sexual impulse that is hard to resist.
  • Act like she already likes you. When you act like the girl already loves you, you have masculine attraction. This is the most powerful of all tips. But to feel its power, you need to put it into practice.
  • Don't give up. Ladies value confidence and persistence. But do not be too persistent if the woman is not showing reciprocity. You may start to annoy her.
  • Be a reliable man. Every woman thinks that a perfect man is a person who can protect himself and his partner. A reliable man will always save a woman from unnecessary problems.
  • Compliment. At any age, women like gallant men.
  • Nice kiss. What is a perfect kiss? This is the kiss that a woman wants and gets from you. It doesn't matter where and how it happens. The main thing is that you have taken the first step.

Talking about sex should be a recurring topic on your date, but you still need to prepare a woman for that. Bring her to this conversation gradually, and if you see that the woman is interested in this topic, start asking more and more intimate questions until you begin to speak freely on this topic.

How to seduce a girl when you meet

How to seduce a girl when you meet

Are you wondering how to seduce a girl when you meet? Seduce a woman is as easy as showing off your personality traits that are attractive to women, such as confidence, charisma, humor.

If you have met a beautiful girl and want to get to know her better, you need to take the first step. Your goal is to impress her and do everything so that she does not forget you so quickly.

Here are ways how to easily seduce a girl you just met:

Just be honest. You don't have to make up a story about who you are. Best, to be honest, just tell her you don't know what to do. Girls value honesty a lot and find you interesting if you're honest.

Do it straight

The girl knows when you are flirting with her, so you don't need to try to hide it. Just be honest and tell her that you are flirting with her.

Start with a smile

If you didn't know her at all and you have nothing to say, just be nice. Even if you don't know what to do next, just smile at her.


Compliment the girl. All girls love nice words, but the compliment should be appropriate. Don't tell a mature woman that she is so young. If the girl appreciates your efforts, you can invite her to lunch at the end of the conversation. Girls love it when guys take the first step.


When you are worried, the girl notices this and begins to think that you rarely hold meetings. She may think that you have little experience and “something is wrong with you.” Stop thinking in you vs her terms and focus on having a perfect time with someone else.

Charm and charisma

It is difficult to explain the essence of these qualities because it depends on the individual's personality. Someone has a good sense of humor and relaxedness, another has a beautiful smile or politeness, and a third has straightforwardness. Therefore, find strong points in yourself and do not hesitate to demonstrate them - the girl will appreciate your ability to be yourself.


If the meeting is not the first, then you can start acting physically. When you meet, you can hug her, take her hand and lead her to any place where you will spend a date with her. Girls love it when a guy confidently takes their hand and immediately pulls them somewhere. The main thing is that you will immediately establish yourself as a dominant man and teach her to follow you.

If you just take her hand at the beginning of the meeting, then later start hugging her by the shoulders or by the waist. We hope you find our tips useful on how to seduce a woman when you meet. However, if the tricks didn't work, don't be discouraged. Perhaps this is not your person! This valuable knowledge will turn into successful practice with another right person. Dates are awesome because they give you the ability to have complete control over her experience, plus it can be a really great time.