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What Simple Erogenous Zones Chart Women Covers

After knowing what an erogenous zone is, the next question is where you can find yours. An erogenous zone chart will help you understand all the erogenous zones for women.

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They include:

  • Ears
  • Scalp
  • Armpits
  • Nape of neck
  • Inner wrist
  • Fingertips
  • Butt
  • Lower back
  • Stomach
  • Back of knee


The ear is one of the top girls' pleasure points due to the sensitivity of the outer skin and hundreds of sensory nerves on the inside. To have some sexy audio action that's easy to trigger, kiss it gently as you lick and nibble their earlobes.

You can also use those sensory nerves by whispering or breathing into their ear for more tickly emotions.

The Scalp

The scalp is another erogenous zones for women`s body, and people who have visited a salon stylist can attest to this. It's so soothing to touch your partner's hair and scalp. It also makes them get aroused. Play with their hair and massage their scalp running your fingernails across it and see their reaction.

The Armpits

Armpits can be sexy as well and can mean two words: "Dirty Dancing." At first, she can giggle, but once the tickling stops, it's absolutely hot. All you require are gentle touches to make the tickle entirely titillating. Move a feather, fingertips, or your tongue gently across the inner arm and armpit.

Locating and Arousing the Pleasure Points of a Woman

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The hot spot or the Grafenberg area is an erogenous zone inside the vagina. The most aroused area during sexual stimulation is what is referred to as an erogenous zone.

Some women say that the arousal of this area makes them ejaculate or produce more lubrication than usual. Others say that it provides an extreme orgasm or makes it hard to orgasm when having sex.

People have different opinions concerning the hot spot. Other women cannot locate where the G-spot is situated or believe that they have none, while others find the G-spot painful or nasty.

Some still say that G-spot provides a unique type of intense pleasure that they don't acquire from other simulation types.

Where is G-Spot Situated?

Different individuals report different encounters with G-spot. Still, a good number say they feel the sensitivity inside the upper wall of the vagina. The location is inside the vagina, nearly 2-3 centimeters deep. Other women say that the region feels bouncy once touched, or they have to press the area so hard to locate it.

Other people say that when they touch this area, they feel a desire to urinate because it's below the bladder. Thus, it is advisable to visit the bathroom before starting to find where the hot spot is.

Locating the G-spot requires some hit and miss. To improve the chances, you can follow these steps:

  • Try to use different ways of stimulation like soft, hard, stroking, or vibrating.
  • Try to use G-spot specific sex toy.
  • Choose a position that allows penetration from the back. The man should be behind the woman for men and women partners, with the woman's hips raised. Try to lay on a pile of pillows. For woman-to-woman partners, try arousing the G-spot from the back using a dildo, vibrator, or a curved G-spot stimulator.
  • Use force and stimulation to many different parts inside the vagina. Concentrate on a good feeling or a new feeling.
  • Explore the hot spot when alone. Because the area can be sensitive and arousal can be intense, it may be ideal to look for a relaxed rhythm when done with the process.
  • Include oral sex. Women whose men practice oral sex on them have a high chance of experiencing orgasm. The man can use his tongue to stimulate the lady’s clitoris while using their finger to stimulate the G-spot.

Current Research and Opinions

Scientific data about G-spot does not have final or consistent information. Some study literature, which men mainly write, asserts that G-spot is a scam and that women who say to have experienced G-spot are misunderstanding their own experience.

A2012 study of scientific collection concerning G-spot did not find reliable information supporting G-spot or pinpoint a particular and reliable situation supporting it.

Research conducted in 2010 also scrutinized women's experience with G-spot. Scientists studied 1,804 female twins concerning their involvement with G-spot. 56% of them reported having experienced G-spot.

The research measured for genetic impacts found that none of the twins who shared the same genes reported having experienced G-spot.

The results indicate that other elements contribute to whether or not women can locate G-spot or identify a specific spot as their G-spot.

A 2010 article from the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates a contradicting opinion of different scientists. One professional claims that the points can be different among women, explaining clearly why some women can locate it while others cannot. Still, mothers declare that there’s nothing like G-spot.

The majority of scientific researchers are unable to locate G-spot steadily. It is not clear if whether the area is hard to locate or whether it is a scam.

However, since a considerable number of women have reported G-spot, studies that disapprove of its existence may soon come out with pointless conclusions.

Best Places to Touch a Woman and Arouse Her

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When things get a little bit steamy, there are certain places to touch a woman sexually and make them feel on top of the world. There are, however, those erogenous zones, the susceptible pleasure spots that can make her yearn for a bang straight away, and her lips, genitals, nipples don't even match them.

Primary erogenous zones are anywhere within the body with high sensitivity and can cause a sexual reaction when stimulated.

Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are so delicate and very close to women's erotic zones that even a stare can set them on fire. Move your fingertips down the rear part of the thighs, then slowly move it towards the back as you kiss their lips, chest, and neck. When you're ready to get into the action, cover the area gently, dump kisses and licks.

Navel and Lower Stomach

Other places to touch a woman are the navel and lower stomach. This area is susceptible as it is very close to the genitals. You can make circular motions around the navel using your tongue, fingertips, or a feather as you scroll your way down and all over the stomach.

This women's erogenous area is ideal for temperature performance, and you can use an ice cube if your partner doesn't mind.

The Palm of Hands and Fingertips

The palm of hands and fingertips are other erogenous zones for women that you can touch, and your palms aren't left behind. Let their palms rest over yours, and use your index finger to tickle their palms.

If you want to increase intimacy, look them in the eyes as you do it. You can take it a notch higher by taking their finger one by one and suckling it.

The Clitoris

If you've been wondering what the most arousal part of a woman is, know that it's the clitoris. It has more than 1000 crowded nerve endings making it the most sexual spot on a woman. It's so sensitive that your woman will need to warm up before you start acting on it.

You can start by rubbing her thighs or belly, then move to the C-spot to arouse this part. Once she's turned on, use your fingertips or vibrator to insert pressure at high speed.

Miniature of the Back (Sacrum)

The sacrum also falls in the list of erogenous zones for women because there are very many nerves at this place that are connected to the pelvis and the fear of being touched makes it very sensitive. This place can evoke arousal by a slight touch. Use a feather, your lips, or tongue to Prickle this area. You can even use ice cubes, a vibrator, or a pinwheel for better arousal play.

Erotic Zones for Men

Erotic zones for men include:

  • The Glans
  • Frenulum
  • Foreskin
  • Scrotum and testicles
  • Prostate and
  • Perineum

Female Pleasure Centers

There are many reasons to overlook the "not so interesting" body parts and concentrate on exciting parts when you're at your moment. There are also excellent reasons why you should not. Discovering your woman’s body parts and touching some unusual erogenous zones can bring so much fun into your sex life, that’s according to Kate McCombs, M.P.H., a sex educator located in NYC.

There are 7 erogenous zones for women, and they include:

  • The Inner Wrist
  • The Nape of the Neck
  • The Buttocks
  • The Scalp
  • Behind the Knees
  • The Earlobe
  • The Feet

There are other erogenous zones for women`s body that we may not have included here, such as the feet. Most women find feet arousal very satisfying. The feet have some sensitivity that can lead to sexual arousal. Feet massage increases blood flow and improves simulation emotions. You can request your partner to gently lick your feet and toes though it can be an erogenous area for other women; it can be touchy for some.

Experimenting with various pleasure spots on a human body can make sex more enjoyable and thrilling for a couple. However, some of these areas may seem a bit awkward or daring, and unless you try them out, you'll never know if they are exciting.

Primary and Secondary Erogenous Zones for Perfect Stimulations

Primary Erogenous Zones

The primary erogenous zones are those desirable places to touch a woman, mostly along nerve endings are the clitoris and other close areas and experiences direct simulation wherever there's a trigger. Although the clitoris is not so visible, in essence, its entire nervous structure surrounds the vagina on either side.

To arouse the clitoris, you should make circular or straight movements when the female is already excited. Around the vagina, the most simulative area is called the female G-spot on the upper part of the vagina, near the vulva. You can simulate either part using toys like vibrators or sound wave toys that arouse the clitoris.

The Secondary Erogenous Zones

These are the areas of a woman's body with the most nerve endings that, when caressed and touched, produce very nice stimulations and excitement. A 2014 study on 30 women ranging from 18 to 35 years was done on desirable places to touch a woman. An analysis was made after they were caressed in their secondary erogenous zones.

The results indicated that the most sensitive places to touch a woman to arouse her were in this descending order:

  • The lips (along with the mouth)
  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Nipples
  • Inner thighs
  • Buttocks

Although the study concludes an erotic zone, secondary erogenous zones vary depending on women and women according to their preferences.

Again, other areas that can be arousing in other women are feet, back, hands, and abdomen. Other excitements vary significantly on time and the way you touch.