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What are Turn-Ons for a Girl?

Want to learn to turn on her fast? Sometimes, what kills the mood for you is being unable to find out what turns on a woman in the bedroom. You may spend so long trying to find how to turn her on. By the time you do, you're no longer in the mood!

So, what are turn-ons for a girl? It's an age-old question, but one that still confuses the bedroom. It's about time someone wrote a coherent guide to what does and what doesn't turn on a woman.

This article is here to increase your chances of getting sexual gratification tenfold by exploring the biggest turn-ons for a woman and helping you get to know your partner better in bed.

Here are the Biggest Turn Ons for Girls

Here are the Biggest Turn Ons for Girls

To successfully turn on your partner fully, you're going to have to put the work in. But first, you have to ask yourself this question: what are turn ons for a girl? Unlike for males, it's not always about the physical turn ons when it comes to women – you need to be comfortable playing the long game and using preliminary stimulation modes.

These preliminary turn ons are the best way of how to turn on a girl without her knowing. They include basic things such as giving her a massage, cooking for her, or fixing her a drink. These services act as the perfect visual clues that you are willing to put the effort in for her and can lead her to believe that you are interested in spending time with her and are not interested in sex. From that point, the woman may suddenly desire you on her own accord, without you having to make any physical moves suggesting that you want sex, and the sex will come about organically from that point.

For this turn on to work, you've also got to put effort into yourself. Mainly, you've got to dress well, and you've got to have the right energy. Especially if you've only just started dating, dressing in a presentable way is a key component to turning a woman on. Don't think, just because they've agreed to date you, that you can get away with being unkempt. Wear your best threads for her and aim to make her notice that you've put the effort in to turn her on.

Cleanliness is, of course, also one of the major turn ons for girls, so you should be aiming to shower regularly. Also, never underestimate the power of cologne – it may seem like a bit of a cliché, but it still works and convinces the girl that you care about your appearance and cleanliness.

You've also got to give off the right energy to get her in the mood for sex – dressing well will be rendered ineffective if you come across as uninterested in anything that isn't sex. The first thing to keep in mind is remembering to smile, as it is a simple way to maintain positive energy, even if you run out of conversation. However, be sure to keep this smile casual and ensure that the woman responds by smiling back, as displaying a perpetual smile when there is nothing to smile about can verge on creepy.

Secondly, be sure to tune in to her sense of humor as soon as possible and aim to make her laugh as best you can. Being funny is one of the biggest female turn ons, as many brave men have been able to get a woman into bed on the strength of their humor alone.

Other than that, be sure to keep eye contact throughout the day, show light affection, such as kissing her forehead or neck and making sure that your entire focus is on her. If she catches you looking at another woman for too long, she may instantly be turned off – you've got to make her feel like it's only her that you're interested in.

How to Turn a Girl on Immediately

How to Turn a Girl on Immediately

In a rush? Don't have time to implement preliminary turn ons? Want to know how to turn her on fast? Luckily, there are several tried and tested instant turn ons that you'll be able to use whenever the opportunity for sex arises unexpectedly. Read on to know exactly what to do!

Out of ideas listed in the previous section, there are several of which that you could deliver speedily to get your love interest turned on. For example, you could deliver light signs of affection, such as neck and forehead kissing, rapidly and passionately to let your partner know that you want it. This could extend to grabbing her, hugging her passionately, or caressing her hair. These little signs may sound simple, but they are effective in making a girl feel like she is being cared for, which, in turn, will turn her on and make her want to have sex.

You should also increase your focus level and don't take your eyes off hers – except when you check out the rest of her body! – and don't let yourself get distracted by anything else. Make having sex with her the only objective.

It could be a good idea to verbalize your desire for her at this point to guarantee that you're both on the same page. It can be the biggest turn-on for girls knowing that you're displaying care for them and that you want to make sure that they are ready for it.

Showing some signs of urgency or desperation in the act could further her desire for you by grabbing her or lifting her and taking her to bed. As long as it is consensual, the feeling of being controlled can turn on a girl and make her want you desperately – and instantly!

Hopefully, you'll already have a sense of what kind of atmosphere she enjoys having sex in, so be sure to cater to that. However, if it's your first time, it's best to create a bit of feng shui to make her feel most comfortable and get her turned on quickly. Dim the lights and shut the windows – most girls, particularly if it's their first time being intimate with you, prefer next to no light, so be sure to make it as dim as possible to allow her to feel relaxed about her body. This way, she'll be able to focus more on sex than her self-consciousness.

You can let her make the first move with undressing, or you can do it for her – do whatever feels right now! But be sure to be as equally as revealing. She wants to see you get naked, too, so make sure to focus on her while also removing your clothes. As she removes her clothes, be sure to divert your entire attention to the body part she reveals – make her body feel worthy of your appreciation and get excited as she undresses. Be respectful, but also caress and feel up the new parts she reveals to you.

The Best Way to Turn a Woman on

The Best Way to Turn a Woman on

Once you've created the right atmosphere, got her undressed, and are in your bed, there are many ways that you can increase her desire to ensure that she is desperate for it by the time you get round to intercourse.

The best means of doing so is foreplay. However, do not run right into it – like most things to do with turning women on, you've got to go at it relatively slowly to produce the best results. As we've mentioned before, light signs of affection are effective, and they are even more so when it comes to foreplay. Start with light caresses over her body, but don't touch any of her sensual areas directly. Rather, gently circle her body hotspots with your fingers. This will work to tease her and make her desperate for you to touch them more directly.

The best hotspots to aim for during this stage are her shoulders, breasts, belly, and her thighs – try and get close enough to kiss some of these areas while caressing them.

After doing this for a while – the length of time is up to you! – continue caressing as you start to go down on her. This is a crucial part of turning on a woman in the right way. Start by licking the areas you were caressing, and slowly move towards the labia and the clitoris. However, never stick to a routine during this stage, as the woman may be able to tell. Use your instincts and judge how the foreplay is going to make it a unique sensual experience. You've got to communicate with each other through touch, but the figure-of-eight tongue motion on the clitoris is good to fall back on if you run out of ideas! Try not to penetrate the clitoris too hard, as this can end up causing more pain than pleasure.

If you're not getting a sensual response from her, you should bring in sex toys to help turn her on. This way, you can target a few areas simultaneously, which will hopefully trigger a sexual response out of your partner. This can be a huge turn on for your girl!

If this isn't your first time together, you may want to consider expanding your foreplay routine, both to keep things interesting and to guarantee that she gets turned on. You could bring in sensual music, sexual massages, candles, and ice cubes to keep your partner on her toes and unsure of where you're going next with the foreplay. The element of surprise is a good means of getting them turned on every single time! You can't make every sexual experience you have with one another a repeat of the last – things will just get stale, and it may jeopardize your chances of forming a long-term relationship. Healthy sexual partners are always trying to better their last experience.

If you are female and reading this and have a female lover, you're probably wondering how to turn on a girl if you're a girl? You're doing mostly the same as we've already mentioned but perhaps focus more on fingering when it comes to foreplay. Finger and give head simultaneously, use a lot of sex toys, and scissor each other.