Dating Tips

Have You Ever Been on a Blind Date?

Blind dates are actually a great way to meet new people and even a prospective partner that you could have a long term relationship with. Some individuals dismiss the idea as being a waste of time but it actually is not. In fact, it offers an interesting opportunity to get to meet someone new and get to know them better. Going on a blind date need not necessarily be to find love but could also end being a great way to make new friends.

Things to Follow When Planning a Blind Date

Go without expectations

One of the biggest mistakes that many people do when dating is to have certain lofty expectations from the person they plan to date. Having impractical expectations from people is bound to end up in failure. We have to accept that no one is perfect and accept people the way they are. Life is not a Hollywood romantic movie, where two perfect people meet up, hit it off instantly and live happily ever after. Approach the date with an open mind and do not expect too much. The objective is to have a fun date that if successful could lead to many more dates.

Be courteous all through the date

Even if the date does not seem to be shaping up to your liking play it cool and be courteous all through the date. Show interest in the conversation and ask questions related to the topic being discussed. At no stage let your date feel that you are getting bored and not enjoying the date. If you pay attention and keep the conversation light and jovial you could actually end up having a great time.

Choose a unique date activity

Chuck out the coffee and dinner date option and come up with something new and exciting. If both of you enjoy the outdoors you could visit a park and spend time together in beautiful natural surroundings. Similarly, if culture or art piques both your interests a visit to a museum or art gallery would be ideal