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Body language can be as insightful as it can be confusing. A confident girl may tactically implement certain things into her body language to give off an impression that she likes you; whereas, a shy girl may be uncontrollably reserved because she likes you. Because of this confusion, it can be very easy to pick up mixed signals and forget the main body language signs that a woman likes you. This article will address the main things to look out for, what to avoid in your body language, and how to read the body language of a, particularly shy or reserved girl.

Signs that a Woman Likes Your Body Language

Signs that a Woman Likes Your Body Language

When chatting to an attractive woman for the first time, it can be difficult to pick up on signs like your body language. Your focus will most likely be elsewhere: you'll be worried about how you look, how you're coming across, and what to say next. Due to all these variables going on during the interaction, you may find it incredibly difficult to take stock of her body language and how she is coming across. Sometimes, her body language will leave a subliminal impression on you; you may feel a warm feeling after talking to her, having been reassured by her positive body language that the interaction went well. But have you ever stopped to think about what it is in a woman's body language that gives you this sense of reassurance?

You can keep in mind several things and know to look out for when interacting with women so that you can come away confidently knowing that they liked you. Generally, if you give off good body language, you can rest assured that some of these signs will manifest in the woman's conduct in conversation. If you confidently present yourself, and the woman likes it, she will respond by presenting a body image that suggests interest. If any of the following signs in the woman's body language show up, you can guarantee that your body language is doing a good job.

The most obvious sign is eye contact. Eye contact takes effort to maintain, so if a girl struggles through the awkwardness of your first meeting to keep her eyes on yours, it is a sure-fire guarantee that she likes you and the way you present yourself to her. Keeping eye contact is not a natural thing for us to do. As soon as we let our attention slip, our eyes will most likely divert away, and eye contact will be lost. In a social situation, if a woman wants to convey to a man that she is interested in him, she will make a conscious effort to keep eye contact.

For a woman to maintain eye contact with you, she needs to be forward-facing. This is another body language sign that a woman is interested in you. If the woman is trying to face the opposite direction or move away from you, she is not interested in the energy you are giving off. If, however, she attempts to mirror your stance – to face you as an equal – you can pretty much guarantee that she is trying to convey to you that she is interested through her body language.

Lastly, be sure to look out for unconscious signs in a woman's body language, such as a genuine smile – you'll know it when you see it. Smiles are so easily faked, but the energy given off by a positive smile hits different. Paired with good eye contact, you can safely deduce that the girl likes you.

The Body Language of a Girl that is Interested in You

The Body Language of a Girl that is Interested in You

If a girl likes you, she is sure to try to go out of her way to prove it to you. She may try and leave a good impression on you through her speech, but that can only get her so far, especially during just a brief conversation. She will then also be making an extra effort to influence you through her body language. Some of these signs are obvious, like the ones we've mentioned above, but some can be a lot more subtle.

If she is constantly fidgeting or fixing herself, she tries to make herself appear to be more presentable to you sneakily. Hair touching is the most obvious sign of this. Hair plays a massive part in a woman's self-confidence, and when she meets a man she is attracted to, she will become self-conscious of it, looking untidy and messy. She may constantly be trying to curl it or flick it to the side. This may be an unconscious body language act, but it could be a conscious means of flirting depending on the girl. Twirling a little strand of hair has long been considered sexy, and she may be trying to convey to you a certain sexiness about her. It's an easy thing that she can play around with and keep her hands busy with, which may help ease the stress of talking to you while also making herself look sexy. Whether it is a conscious decision or not, she's expressing some form of interest towards you through her body language.

Another far more subtle piece of body language to keep an eye out for is flared nostrils. This is a bit of a strange one to think about, but it is unavoidable for the female to be truly interested in you. The nostrils will regularly flare throughout the conversation – basically, the more they flare, the more attracted to you she is. Be careful with this one, though, as you should aim to keep eye contact!

The woman's lips are another thing to keep an eye on – she may constantly be licking or biting them as a means of keeping her face busy while she concentrates on listening to you. Like the nostrils, it's not recommendable to stare at her lips over a long period to check if she is licking or biting them. However, if you check and they look glazed, she has most likely just licked them. This piece of body language proves that she is concentrating on what you are saying intently and is, therefore, interested in you.

If you are sitting down for this conversation, several other body language signs could prove that she is interested in you. Again, don't stare, but keep an eye on her legs – if she's constantly crossing and recrossing them, she may be trying to hint at having an interest in you subliminally – or she is just nervous! Also, make sure that while sitting down, she is facing you directly.

How to Know if a Girl Likes Your Body Language

How to Know if a Girl Likes Your Body Language

If she's liking the impression that you are giving off in your body language, she may go further to prove it to you. Although rare during the first conversation, touching is a guaranteed way of knowing that she's definitely into you. By tapping you while laughing, touching your shoulder, or making some other sign of physical contact, the woman feels comfortable enough with the body language you are giving off, so much so that she desires to make physical touch with you. Physically touching you is probably the best form of body language you can receive from a woman. It may take you by surprise, but it is a sign of genuine endearment and should not be disregarded as just a sign of her being friendly. Touching can be followed up by flirting, so, perhaps after the physical contact has been made, try foraying into the chat-up territory.

However, it may not be possible for some girls to make this kind of step in terms of body language. It may be too bold a move for some. It may even be considered inappropriate today and age, especially if it is only the first conversation between you two. Physical touching may be completely off the cards. We don't recommend that you initiate physical body language unless it seems appropriate, as that can come across as creepy if unprovoked.

Laughter is always a good sign, especially if it is a sincere laugh. However, even if it is faked, she may just be faking it to win your favor, which could at least prove that she is interested in you but may suggest that she doesn't exactly understand your sense of humor.

Sometimes, like some guys, girls can be shy, and they may not project confident body language. However, it can still be easy to pick up whether the girl is interested in you, even if they are reserved and awkward. Perhaps she might start to blush after a thing she has said, or she may simply flush crimson through simply talking to you. These signs are good hints that she feels nervous about how the conversation is going and hopes she is coming across well. Nervousness may also manifest in persistent fidgeting or stuttering. The best thing to look out for is to watch how they react to your words- to see if their expressions change in any way while you are talking. From that, you'll at least be able to decide whether she is interested in you.

Perhaps, her nerves may be too intense, and whenever you try to make eye contact with her, she looks the other way. It can be hard to decide what this type of body language represents in terms of human attraction. She may just be awkward by nature; alternatively, her attraction for you may be making her overwhelmingly awkward. Because of this, it can be difficult to gauge any genuine feelings she may have for you from the first meeting. It'll most likely take a couple of interactions for girls like this before you can get a proper sense of what she thinks of you.