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How to Please a 50-Year-Old Woman in Bed?

Our bodies don't have an expiration date when it comes to sex. Be it a 20-year-old girl or a 50-year-old woman, a boy in his teens, or a man in his 50s, their craving for sex is similar even though their needs might differ.

Are you too interested in someone who is double your age but does not have a clue how to approach them?

Scroll down to find what do 50 years old men want in bed. In addition to that, this article also contains an out-and-out guide on how to please a 50-year-old woman in bed.

What Do 50 Year Old Women Want in Bed?

What Do 50 Year Old Women Want in Bed?

When it comes to having sex with 50-year-old women, it's all about self-knowledge and confidence and less about their G-Spot. One thing guys have to remember that women at 50 might still not have discovered their sexual desires. This is because most women in their 20s and 30s think more about their partner's satisfaction and focus less on their passion indicating they are hungry and need your full attention. Follow these tips to learn how to please a 50-year-old woman in bed:

Communicate more

Women like sex when they really know their partner; so, even before getting into bed (unless they demand you), get to know each other well. Be clear about your needs and ask her about her desires; unlike young girls, women at 50 are not shy to hide the things that please them. Moreover, communication will also allow both of you to be more confident while having sex. You do not have to talk about boring things that don't relate to the act; you can talk about her or even consider talking dirty. Be it sex or a discussion while having dinner, excite her with your words and be thoughtful of what you say.

Ask them to be Assertive

Older women, unlike their young equivalents, do not always prefer to get submissive. So, let them embrace their expertise. Typically, women for more of the lives have been in relationships where the male was authoritative; thus, granting them power triggers them on various levels. Moreover, studies suggest that women like it when they have control of their bodies. And feel more comfortable when they are assertive, especially with younger men. You can do subtle things to hint that you're being submissive or can put it out directly that you'd like for them to have control over you. But switch roles when they give indirect hints. This is what do 50-year-old women want when they are considering a sexual relationship with a younger man.

Make room for Romance

Neglecting the romance of your relationship will take their chance of feeling young again. Whether you are in bed or having dinner with her, make room for romance. Of course, being romantic like you're with a younger woman is not the response here; instead, try subtle romantic ways to entice them. Take a bath together, ask her out to go on a date with you, massage them, tickle them; do all the things that she enjoys and would be appropriate. You can also take the opportunity to enhance the room for your quality time with her. Romance will only exist when you proffer your all to her and be there for her and serves well if you're looking how to sexually please an older woman.

Last longer

Women prefer younger men over older men because they crave their sexual stamina and expect you to last longer and satisfy them wholly. Older ladies, or women in general, prefer long sex rather than having sex eight times a day; so, be reliable with your erection and sensualize her entirely.

Watch each other masturbate

In the era of the internet and porn, it's not uncommon for couples today to watch each other masturbate. You can seriously benefit from mutual masturbation; not only it guides you both about your sexual desires, but also it excites things up. Also, it can make both of you feel more relaxed with each other. Moreover, mutual masturbation also gives you a break from routine sex and strengthens your bond.

Explore sex toys

Sex toys open new possibilities, give you a break from the sex, and allow both of you to enjoy each other in a new way. Moreover, most older women do not try things like vibrators and vibrating panties, allowing them to explore and help seduce them.

Don't act childish

When dating an older woman, younger guys assume that women like them for their silly behavior. Considering such things will not take the relationship anywhere. But again, do not try to be their mother and all caring. Just be how you are and do not try indulging him in unnecessary things that don't regard her interests. Be it the discussion about dinner or talks about sex, don't act immature; it's the last thing they expect from you. Besides, behaving childly can also let him believe that he is doing something wrong by taking advantage of you; so, act more than your age and make them confident that you know what you're doing.

Take the initiative and be confident

Older women don't like when they have to ask for sex. Take the lead and give her sex when they need it. You might feel like it's wrong to initiate sex, but it actually shows that you're not afraid about your sexuality and are confident—marks of maturity. If you think you cannot directly take charge, begin with a light conversation about the earlier encounter and then get physical. Another way to initiate is by getting dressed up for the moment or decorate the room ready with some candles and dim lights.

How to Get a 50-Year-Old Woman in Bed?

How to Get a 50-Year-Old Woman in Bed?

Many guys find older women attractive but assume that they might not have an interest in them. Well, you'll be wrong to believe such things. Not only do older women find younger guys attractive, but they also care a lot about sex. Do you also fantasize about older women but not sure how to sexually please them? These tips might help you out.

But do not, in any way, assume that it will be easy to get older women than their young counterparts. They can drive you nuts and pretend like nothing is happening, and that's where patience kicks in; moreover, it is worth it because the feeling of seducing an older woman will be one that you've never endured earlier.

Have confidence when approaching them

Confidence is essential to please an older woman sexually. Be it when you approach her or when having a causal discussion, without having faith in yourself, getting their approval is almost inconceivable. This is because older women have a lot to consider before exposing them to you; moreover, they have good experience with men and have met men of all descriptions. And, they know that there is nothing better than a man who knows what he is doing. Unlike younger girls, you'll not get any reward if you try to entice an older woman with superficial things. It shows that you're inexperienced and just looking for something quick and quirky; that is the last thing they desire.

If need be, rehearse how you will approach her. You do not have to hurry things up; get to know her first and tell her about you. Once you feel absolutely confident about approaching her, make your move.

Be mature

Showing maturity in your approach and communication is critical if you want to learn how to get a 50-year-old woman in bed. Confidence, as mentioned, shows that you're thoughtful enough to be respectful in your approach. Remember that older woman craves for men and not boys and the thing that differentiates men from boys is their mannerism. But do not assume that some hardcore rules will be able to teach you everything about being mature; it is something that you'll have to incorporate into your life. Nonetheless, you can imply the fake it till you make it strategy to indicate that you're more sophisticated than your age demands. Be interested when she speaks, discuss things she likes, and have the patience to listen to her. In all, you'll have to be a gentleman to get the 50-years-old lady.

Flirt and be direct about your approach

While older women might not make it apparent that they like you, they like the fact that you're not hesitant to reveal your intention. It might not be a good idea to start flirting if you don't know her too well; it's advantageous to pass remarks about her appearance and thoughts. However, if you try too hard and compliment her unnecessarily, then you might lose her attention. So, be subtle with your statements.

Make plans with her

Older women like it when guys make time for them. You may be afraid to ask her out, but the best and quickest way to turntables is by simply asking her if she wants to go out with you. Again, plans don't have to be a dinner invitation; you can help while she's doing something, offer to take her somewhere, and if she has plans to go out—subtle but clear.

Men and Women in their 50s have different needs and require a modified approach. As you've read, when you want to indulge a man—take things slow and follow their lead. In contrast, you have to be confident and allow the women to be self-assured to get the best of them.