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LoveRoulette is a social network focused on random chat with participants from all over the world, with different sexual orientations and personal backgrounds. Tapping into the 'chance' aspect of the roulette wheel is an excellent marketing ploy, as it immediately conjures the heady atmosphere of the slick casino, adding the thrill of not quite knowing where your encounters will take you, only that you are pretty much guaranteed an erotic experience once you place your bets!

Pros & Cons

One-on-one conversations with matches from across the globe
Arrange face-to-face meetups on the app
No charges incurred during chats
The site is utilized by people selling or marketing products or services, allowing you an instant connection to a worldwide audience
The free account gives access to all the exciting features
Since the service is free, you can’t always guarantee the person at the other end isn’t going to turn out to be a timewaster
When using the app, identities remain anonymous, so you have no way of knowing who you are chatting to

Pricing Plans

The trial plan $3.27 for three weeks. You can this or proceed to a recurring plan.

One-week membership
One-month membership
Three-month membership
One-year membership

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Access to free cam activity.
Create a profile. Find matches from international locations.
Chat with members while retaining an anonymous profile.
Uninterrupted video and text chats.
Paid services
Select the gender of the matches for interaction.
Removal of pop-up adverts.
Use website facilities without registering.
Access to the LoveRoulette games.
No limit to the number of friends you can add to your list.

Easy to Use

This is a very straightforward ‘dating site’ to get to grips with, mostly because it isn’t anything like a dating site! This is all about initiating random sex chats or flirty discussion with a diverse range of potential contacts, from any location, leaving you free to decide which of the platforms suit you best. This isn’t about going through stressful searches for an ideal companion every time you log into your account. When you arrive at the homepage you’ll instantly be tempted by an array of chatroom and spycam options.

You choose whether you want to interact with male or female users or juggle between the two if this your preference. But for the most part, the algorithms will work out who it is you wish to seek out depending on the gender specifications you have made at the registration stage.

You can interact via webcams, or simply by voice communication if you’re feeling a little shy. If the vibe is right, you can activate your camera. The site’s location filter allows you to match with participants from specific areas, depending on whether you want to get to know someone from your country, or you feel like spreading your wings a little and connecting with far-flung webcam performers. If language is an issue, there’s an audio translator that will assist you with communication should the person at the other end speak a different language. All you have to do is type in your erotic message, and the software will work its magic.

Finally, the algorithms will work according to your age demographic. You have to be over 18 to use this site, but if you're still a teen or in your early 20s, you won't get matched with someone inappropriate.

Videos are always of HD quality and the audio is similarly excellent. Once you come across someone you like, you can add them to your friend list to make further interaction easier.

Search Functions

The search icon allows you to seek out members based on their age demographic. The built-in algorithm will make this task so much easier by working out your ideal matches based on the age group you indicated as being relevant to you when you compiled your profile.

The location filter allows you to search for matches according to proximity. This is good if you are keen to connect with people sharing your cultural background, although it is also an excellent way of making fabulous new friends if you are intending traveling to a different country and are seeking your very own tour guide.

The gender filter assists you in searching for matches according to male, female or trans preferences.

Safety & Security

Despite this being a site focusing on random chat, and being marketed by fusing erotic connections and the spinning wheel of fortune, it is safe and secure. Your login credentials are tied into your social media or Google accounts, meaning it can become so much more difficult for people to create fake accounts.

Anyone wishing to discuss any issue, suggest, or raise a complaint, can similarly access site support via their social media pages, either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

The support team promises to respond within 48 hours.


LoveRoulette represents a refreshing alternative to comparable webcam sites. It is well-designed, and comes across like an erotic, high-powered alternative to your traditional social media platforms – Facebook, except the new friends you can meet any time are naked girls! You don’t have to be looking for purely sexual interaction, either. LoveRoulette is all about initiating random video and voice chats, as well as allowing you to get involved in flirty webcam connections, from either side of the webcam.

LoveRoulette offers many exciting features, and amongst the chat roulette alternatives is a free trial mode that allows you to try out the platform before registration.

The site endeavors to be constantly updating its service, offering a variety of HD webcam and chatting experiences for its members, and is going to some lengths to put its customers first and foremost, something that isn't always the case with comparable webcam outlets. The video and voice communication you can enjoy is always well presented, with so many stimulating alternatives on offer at any time of day.

Questions & Answers

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership, in which case your profile will remain online, or you can delete your account. This two-tiered approach will give you some breathing space should you have a change of heart and decide you’d prefer to stay on board. This is not a great issue in any case, as re-registering is so straightforward.

What are the different cam alternatives?

The options at the top of the screen are random chat, cam chat, chat rooms, and bazoocam. The latter is always eye-catching but takes the idea of a bazooka (a high-precision weapon) to target your ideal cam partner more effectively. With bazoocam you can do the following:

  • Explore a large number of webcams for free
  • Make new friends, a new companion, and find love from around the world on the web
  • Go from one webcam to the next with just a click of a button
  • HD webcam quality
  • Enhance the chatting experience with built-in features
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