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Chatzy.com is not a traditional dating site, and so, it considers itself to be an alternative to many other social networking sites such as Skype. Creating an account is simple, but once you do, you can create chat rooms without the need to part with any personal information.

While users can create their own chat room, they can also join the thousands of chat rooms that are readily available. It seems slightly old-fashioned in its idea, and that might mean that the site is not suitable for those who are looking for love. However, if you are looking to meet new people, then there really is no better way to do this. As a result, it can give you what you want if you are looking for something simple and easy.

Pros & Cons

Safe registration process
No profile
Thousands of chat rooms
Large member base
Create chat rooms
Share rooms
Join rooms
Instant messaging
No search
Use of a profile could help
Old-fashioned design
No profile images

Pricing Plans

User Premium

15.00 USD
6 Months

User Premium

24.00 USD
12 months

Room Premium

39.90 USD
6 months

Room Premium

129.00 USD
12 Months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Create an account
Quick chat feature
Virtual room
Search for available chat rooms
Create a virtual room
Chat to other members in the chatrooms
Send instant messages
Store list of rooms you have created
Add to your profile
Library of emojis
Paid services
● Use every room
Send private messages in all rooms
Quicker chats
Create unlimited lists
Add as many people as you want to a room
Send instant messages to as many people as you want
URL for your own rooms
Add chat to your site

Easy to Use

Despite the very simple registration process, this does offer a better level of safety than other sites. Once users have registered, they are presented with the site that instantly looks quite confusing. The design and style are very dated, and that could mean that it does not appeal to those who are looking for something more modern. The color and style are not particularly easy on the eye, and the chat rooms feel as though they take you back to a time when chat rooms first appeared online. Lots of different colored usernames appear in the chat rooms, giving users a lot to focus on, and that can be difficult to get used to. What works in its favor is the layout of the navigation bar, as this can be found down the left-hand side of the screen. Users can change their preferences, read their private messages, and invite or share their own room with others. Essentially, this is nothing more than a basic chat service, which is perfect for those who are looking for this kind of thing.

Search Functions

As this is nothing more than a chat site, there is no search feature. As a result, it means that users cannot search by username, or they cannot search profiles either. What this means is that they only have access to the chat rooms where they can chat with thousands of other members.

Safety & Security

This is an online chat service, and commonly, these kinds of services are free and easy to use, which means that they lack any form of security. However, refreshing is that it does require users to check a box to verify that they are not a robot. Once they have completed this process, they can then complete the verification process by retrieving their six-digit code from their email and inputting it into the site. This does enhance the dating safety of members, and that is positive. If users have any questions, then they can take a look through the FAQ, which is detailed enough to answer most questions, but there is no way to contact the Chatzy.com customer service team.


A simple chat service, it is easy to join and plenty of fun to use if you like chatting with random strangers in chat rooms. It does seem slightly outdated, though, and that can mean that some people are put off, especially those who are looking to meet someone for love or romance. However, it is a very simple experience and one that can offer a lot of fun for those who have an open mind.

Questions & Answers

How to find Chatzy.com rooms?

To find rooms, click on “Find More Rooms” and then search for rooms based on what you prefer

How to see old Chatzy.com messages?

To view these, all you need to do is go to "My Messages" which can be found at the top right of the page.

Is Chatzy.com safe?

It is safer than many dating sites out there as there are two verification processes in place

Does Chatzy.com have an app?

Currently, it does not have an app, although there is a mobile version of the site for users to try out.

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