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Overview is an online video chat service where you can video call with your friends and family or complete strangers. You can try a 1 on 1 call or enter a group video call with numerous other users. As this is an international service and you could be connected with somebody halfway across the world, it is important that the system can withstand the number of individuals using the server, this is why Face Flow uses WebRTC technology to ensure quality for all the video calls. This is a free service, and you won't need to register to enter a video call; however, it is recommended to sign up if you plan on using the app often. Not only can you video call but you can also share files from your computer, send messages in a text format and send voice messages. The app's main aim is to connect multiple users in a group chat where friendships can be formed, it is also there to help people discover new people from all around the world.

Pros & Cons

Individual and group video chats (Unlimited)
Moderated chat rooms
Add members to your friend list
Up to date blog
International service
Guest link to friends and family
More social media-like features needed
Needs a clear safety policy

Pricing Plans is a completely free service, and no matter how often you use the service, at no stage will you ever be asked for your payment details.

Free services
Individual and group text chats (Unlimited)
Individual and group video chats (Unlimited)
Send voice messages
Connect with random users across the world
Invite friends and family using a guest link
Send friend requests to members
Search for a member based on age and gender
Share files from your mobile or computer

Easy to Use

The app can seem a little confusing and busy at first, as you are instantly connected to the Public Chat Room. However, you can choose to exit out of the chat by clicking the red 'x' on the right-hand side in your Active Chats list. The app is blue and white, a great color scheme that works well together, and once you have realized that everything you need is located at the top of the screen, you are good to go. If you would like to involve a friend who isn't yet a member, simply copy the guest link found in your dashboard and pass this onto them.

Search Functions

This video chat service often connects you with random users, so there are no filters required for this search. However, you can find users in the 'Recently Online' section found on your dashboard. If you click on the 'Meet New People' link found at the top of your screen, select 'Browse Members' from the drop-down menu, and here you can search from a variety of members via age and gender only.

Safety & Security

All random video chat apps come with risks; no app will be 100% safe to use. In order to maintain app safety, moderates all the group chats taking place. They also allow members to ignore other users by clicking on the member profile, found on the right-hand side in the group chat, and selecting the 'Action' button from the drop-down menu, here you can click 'Ignore' and they will instantly be removed, you will no longer be able to see any of the users activity. There is no required security for payment, as the app is totally free. Users can verify themselves via email and phone, and this is then shown on the member's profile via a green tick.

Summary is an excellent service, especially if you are using the video chat feature between friends and family, you can even complete work conference calls for free via this service by sending a guest link to the person you would like to connect with. Quality is important when video calling, which is why Face Flow has more recently installed special WebRTC technology, creating a better performing service that is still free. Not only can you make new friends here, but you can also interact with your old friends and family, you don't need to be a member to enter a group chat and, for a free service, it feels completely professional. The team behind Face Flow has clearly spent time in creating this app for users to enjoy all over the world. Overall, the app is impressive, yes it could to with a few more features and a couple of tweaks here and there, but for a free service, you really can't go wrong.

Questions & Answers

How to remove friends on Face Flow?

To delete a friend from your contact list, select your profile icon in the top right-hand corner, click on 'My Profile' in the drop-down menu. Here you can view your friend's list, click on the profile you want to remove, and once you are on their profile page, select 'Delete Contact in the red button, this is found under the user's age and country.

When was Face Flow founded?

Face Flow was founded in 2010 and was initially a text chat service, as the competitor market grew, Face Flow decided to take a stand and create a service like no other, free video chats with multiple users, from all across the world.

How can I block someone on Face Flow?

To ignore someone on Face Flow, click on the member's profile in the sidebar of the group chat, select 'Action' and click 'Ignore.' This will prevent you from seeing any more of the user's activity.

How can I unblock someone on Face Flow?>

Face Flow doesn't have specific block features, so once you click the 'Ignore' button, you won't be able to undo this action unless you contact admin support.

How to delete your Face Flow account?

To delete your Face Flow account select your profile icon in the top right-hand corner, click on 'Settings' from the drop-down menu, now scroll down to the bottom, and you will see grey text underneath the language option saying 'Delete My Account?', click here and follow the instructions.

What age do you need to be to use Face Flow?

In order to use Face Flow, you must be 18+.

How safe is Face Flow?

Like all online communication apps, you will never be 100% safe, so it is up to you as the user to keep yourself updated on safety issues. Face Flow regularly monitor their chats. They have an Ignore option if you would like to stop seeing a member's activity and you may verify your email address and phone number, so if you prefer, you decide to only speak with verified users.

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