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How to Make a Woman Submissive – It’s Easy Once You Know How

Why should you want to dominate a woman in a relationship? Surely, in the 21st century, this form of gender imbalance would be a little counterintuitive? But many females are deeply into kinky submissive sex and can think of nothing more desirable than being dominated by their male partner. The thought of the man taking the initiative, tying bonds firmly to her wrists and ankles, and then pinning her to the bedpost before administering optional corporal punishment can be enough to make many women go weak at the knees.

Find out methods of assuming control over a female partner needn’t force either of you out of any comfort zone. Remember, this has nothing to do with how you lead your life in general. It’s all to do with what happens in the bedroom. Dom sex is a combination of fun with red-hot passion and a novel way of behaving with your significant other that encourages both of you to experiment with different roles. This can spice up even the most passionate relationship, bringing even more layers of trust to the connection you enjoy. So no more excuses. Time to look out that special whip!

Learning the Best Things to Say to a Submissive Woman

how to be a better submissive to my dom

To the uninitiated, dominance and submission, or indeed the overall phrase 'kinky' sex, might seem like a forbidden zone, or at least a considerable stretch to the comfort zone many couples are quite content to inhabit. The very notion of someone taking such strict levels of control in a relationship, coupled with all the imagery of bondage wear and equipment, and the need to arrange 'safe words' can seem quite an alien concept. But it's so important to be able to tease the reality from the stereotyping. When someone chooses to be the dominatrix or 'dom' in a sexual partnership, and the other the submissive, they will tend to have a very good idea of what will be involved in these roles. And this is a key aspect of this behavior to get your head around – it does boil down to role-playing.

Getting into role-playing

If you're new to BDSM relationships – for newbies, that's bondage and discipline, dominance and submission – you'll need to do a modicum of research before getting right into it. But once you do, starting with a little harmless experimentation, then working your way up to more intense situations, you'll discover a world of forbidden delights!

But it can't be stressed enough that this sort of activity might be outwith what could be termed 'normal' sex, but it is certainly not any kind of 'perversion.' Once you become regular exponents of BDSM get-togethers, either as a couple or once you become more familiar with what's involved, progressing to private bondage clubs with consenting friends, it will all become second nature. Learning how to make a woman submissive isn't rocket science, and the fact she is on this means she will conform to what you would expect her to do.

It's not a stretch to imagine a dom and your submissive getting down to some extreme contact during a Saturday night session, wearing appropriate leather gear, and administering a degree of spanking or other forms of corporal punishment, only to go out to do the shopping together the following morning, dressed in jeans and sneakers!

To switch or not to switch?

Another notion that isn't uncommon in BDSM relationships is for the partners to take turns in performing the opposite of their usual role. This would spice things up! If you have been used to assuming the domineering position when indulging in kinky submissive sex, imagine the new levels of excitement you could incur if you swapped your role and played the submissive part? You’ll already know how to talk to a sub woman, so you’ll find it straightforward to become the person on the receiving end.

Whichever role you inhabit during BDSM sessions, dom, sub or you like to switch it around now and again, your sex life will reach new peaks. You will also learn to trust each other implicitly, knowing that you embark on regular activities that might raise an eyebrow in polite society (to say the least!)

What Is a Submissive Woman? Here’s What to Look out For

how to be a better submissive to my dom

Say you've met a new woman, and you're keen to check out if she'd be into a spot of BDSM action. How would you know if she'd agree to become a submissive woman in bed? At least until you get to know her better, you would be advised to tread carefully. This can be a sensitive area for some people, especially if they've never had any direct experience of the pleasures of a dom/sub dynamic.

You could always make it a little easier on yourself by giving yourself the best chance of encountering someone sharing your interests. So when you're seeking a partner, think of alternatives to hanging around in offline locations such as nightclubs or singles bars. Hoping one of the random single females you approach will be okay with it when you casually suggest tying them up and getting into some serious dominance and submission fantasies on your first date might not guarantee success. Your chances of encountering a submissive woman would be greatly enhanced if you were to explore the possibilities of online dating.

  • There are so many dating services out there, from long-standing generic outlets, offering a variety of functions for their diverse membership, to much more niche titles, where what's on offer for their clients is far more 'niche' and specialized. When you commence your search for someone suitable to dominate, avoid the former sites and focus on these specialist areas. You won't have to stray too far from the mainstream to discover an ideal website catering to like-minded individuals who are also into BDSM.
  • Thinking of things to say to a submissive woman is straightforward if she has already gone to the trouble of signing up to a dating site. You can be sure she already has a keen interest in this sort of romance. Finding common ground with the other singles on dating sites is always such an important building block for a relationship of any kind, especially if this is going to be a partnership based on a mutual appreciation of kinky sex.

How do you make your intentions known

  • Firstly, ensure you outline your hobbies and interests in the profile you create when you first join the BDSM service. This is where you can be specific about what most turns you on. Do you prefer acting as the dom, or the sub? Are you flexible, and open to changing roles? The moment you spot another site user who has included details in their profile that seem exciting, you could always introduce yourself informally by adding a 'like' to their page or simply sending them a wink.
  • If the attraction is reciprocated, you can start sending more explicit messages, using the site’s secure communication channel to develop the chemistry. Why not invite your new partner around for some fun-filled frolics? Ask her if she’s ready to be your sensual slave?

The Joys of Pleasure with a Submissive Woman in Bed

how to be a better submissive to my dom

When does rough sex become BDSM?

Many couples love straying beyond the normal parameters of romance and getting into kinkier action. They might be getting into a spot of doggie-style action, only for the partner behind to succumb to lust and pin their lover's arms behind their back. There could be hair-tugging involved or some spanking. When the passion rises, the trash-talking might even start. But does this really constitute dominance and submission? It's up to the individuals concerned, but a lot of relationships that start in this way can progress to a more 'formalized' version of this dynamic, taking this erotic assertiveness to a whole new level.

Introducing scenes

When the lovemaking crosses the line to a much more extreme form of role-playing, it's important for those concerned to agree on parameters. This will always include a chat about the scenes that will be involved. These are the BDSM acts that will be played out by the dom and sub as the night unfolds.

What might a typical scene entail? Beforehand, you might agree a set number of times to spank your sub, a fixed number rising in intensity as you near the total.

Making the most of wax play

Perhaps you could introduce some eroticism with candles. There are so many wonderful possibilities here, with alluring scents to add to the sensory experience. Dripping melted wax onto the sub's skin is a common form of sadomasochistic pleasure. This could progress to a spot of nipple torture, then some use of a kinky whip while the sub is firmly strapped to a punishment chair.

Orgasm denial

One of the ultimate ways for a scene to play out is for orgasm to be delayed or even denied for as long as possible. Various devices are available to secure over your dick that will impair the blood engorging the shaft, guaranteeing the pleasure is drawn out, but if you are the dom, you can also titillate.

To make the most of your time with an erotic submissive woman, just ensure you know the boundaries, and agree to the 'safe word' that will be introduced should anyone feel things are going too far.