Lively App Review: Is It Worth Joining the Dating Site?

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How does Lively work?

Lively isn’t a dating app in the true sense, but it is a great way to meet like-minded people online. Lively is an app offering team trivia quizzes and a great way to get to know people in a fun and interesting way. Teams of 2-4 compete against other teams in trivia games lasting 30 minutes each. The quizzes take place at 3 pm and 7 pm PST daily, and you will be teamed up with other users online. You can also make up a team with friends you’ve already made. At the end of the quiz, you can talk and get to know your teammates via the video chat feature and enjoy a Lively experience while others finish up before the winners are declared for that session.

The Lively app download is free to download via the App Store for iOs devices. And Andriod version is forthcoming but not available yet.

Pros & Cons

A unique way to meet people online
Free to join
Facebook profile makes for a quick sign up process
Immediately chat with local people in your area
The option to make a list of friends direct from video chat
Quiz setup makes for an entertaining time
Only available on iOs for Apple users
People without a Facebook account are unable to sign up
Not a traditional dating platform
Not great for shy people who don’t enjoy talking on video
Unable to search for singles without joining a video chat
There are no prizes at stake in the quizzes

Pricing Plans

Lively is completely free to join. There is no cost to becoming a member.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Lively is free to join
The video chat and quizzes are all free
Adding friends and chatting to them in also free
Paid services
There are no direct paid services at Lively
Zoosk, the owner of Lively, will, at the time, cross-sell membership and features at their dating app.

Easy to Use

Lively is a simple app to find your way around, so long as you are not expecting a traditional dating app. When you are in the lobby, you can join a quiz, and your teammates will be decided based on the matching system from the filters you set in your profile. You can alternatively set up a team with friends you’ve made from previous visits to the app. The video chat feature allows you to talk directly to the people you quiz with, and you can add people to your friend list and exchange direct messaging responses. Pressing the “Add” button will prevent any more members from being added to your video chat. When there is no quiz about to start or is already happening, you can still meet new friends when logging into the app as the matching system will add you to new video chats.

How to search on Lively?

If you are wondering how to search on Lively for singles in your area, you can’t search profiles or search by username. All of the matchings are done at random by the app. What you can do is set out your filters to ensure you meet the right type of person you are interested in getting to know. It is in those filters that you can set it to search by city for local people to get to know.

How to message someone on Lively?

You can message someone once you have added them as a friend. Notifications can be turned on your iPhone to receive the messages via push notifications. To be able to add them, they must be part of your video chat teammates first. Only once you have added them as a friend can you start messaging them and chatting via video directly with them. A person can, of course, reject your friend request.

Safety & Security

The fact that Facebook profiles are needed to create an account with Lively means it is safer than other dating apps due to the verification needed. With the app being all about video chat, it means fake members cannot hide behind anonymous profiles as you might experience on other dating apps. You can divulge as much or as little as you like about yourself once involved in the video chat and team trivia contests. You also can reject friend requests should you be unsure about a person making the request. Lively pride themselves on dating safety with face detection software used to alert users if a person is not showing their own face in a video chat. A report button is also available if you are unsure of a member trying to connect or chat with you. Users are also banned for failing to follow the guidelines set out when joining. A full FAQ section is available from Lively customer service on both the website, prior to joining, and on the app to answer any questions or concerns you may have about safety.


Lively is a unique way to date and get to know people online. If you don’t like talking to strangers on video, then it probably isn’t for you. If you are up for video chat, then you can get to know local singles through a completely different method of dating by taking part in the quizzes. You can make some great new friends and who knows just where it might lead to if you meet the right one. Don’t set out with finding a new partner in mind, though, because Lively is all about having fun in a different way. The downside to Lively is the need to have both an iPhone due to the app only being available on iOs and a Facebook account to complete the sign-up process. If you have both, and like quizzes, then Lively might just be the dating app for you.

Questions & Answers

How old do you have to be to have Lively?

Lively list the age rating of the app at 17+, but as it is not a dating app; there is no minimum restriction on taking part in the quizzes.

Is Lively app free?

The Lively app is completely free. Just download it from the App store.

How to spam likes on the Lively app?

You can’t spam likes on the Lively app. You can only request to add a friend if you’ve chatted with them in the video chat.

How do I delete my Lively account?

If you have decided that the Lively app isn’t for you anymore, it is simple to delete your account. Go to the Account section once you are logged in, and you will see “Delete Account” at the bottom of the page.

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