Hater App Review - How Hating Things Can Help You Find A Partner?

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By breaking down all the clichés, the Hater adopted a whole new philosophy to help singles meet online. Have you ever thought of this before that someone would design an app that matches people according to the things they hate? If not, then you are too late because Brendan Alper has already implemented this idea.


With its release in 2016, the Hater app made a buzz over the internet with its unique approach for dating. You must have heard that there is no greater bond than people hating the same person. Well, it turns out that this statement is true. During the Hater review, we found out how many people tend to develop a deep connection with someone if they hate the same things. Isn’t it quite ironic that mutual hate is deeper than mutual interest, right?

Much like the Tinder app, this dating platform allows the members to swipe other’s profiles. The app shows your profile of the people who hate the same things as you, such as activities, food, celebrities, etc. The app is accessible for both Android and iOS users. So, you can download the app directly from the App Store or Play Store and start exploring the people who have similar dislikes.

Pros & Cons

Opposite to the traditional dating apps, the app introduces a new way of finding a match based on hate
Playing feature on the app makes you feel like that you not really dating but playing a matching game
Matching is based on things you despise and photos, which helps the algorithm to find better results
Profile display has limited content, which makes it hard to choose
A relatively new app, which means there is still some feature lacking
The dating app game might distract you from going on a real date

Pricing Plans

The app is completely free without any prompted or hidden charges. So, you won’t have to worry about not getting a feature that others have access to.

Easy to Use

In the market, the Hater rating is pretty good overall. So, we wanted to ensure that the app really lives up to the reputation. The dating app has a straightforward matching system based on hate, and you can start a conversation with the match instantly.

The key features of the platform include:

With all these basic features, there is one special feature we found during a review of the Hater app. It is the “Submit Topic,” and this feature allows the members to write any topic and publish it. As evident, the topics surely undergo a moderation phase before it is approved. But still, it is a slightly different feature, with some exceptions on the topic of your discussions.

Search Functions

When it comes to search functions, the Hater review uncovered that there is no free searching available on the application. Things that the person loves and hate are shown on their profiles along with their age, location, and match percentage. To contact the person, you can only use direct message service, which is also limited to only one member per 12 hours. However, you can still filter the search results according to the age and location of the person.

Safety & Security

At first, we thought that the Hater app might not have that many security features, but we were wrong. During the Hater review, we learned that the app takes the security of the members very seriously. They have described all the data collection and distribution rules and regulations in the Privacy Policy.

With over 750,000 users worldwide, it is apparent that the app keeps up with its safety guidelines. The members are quite satisfied with the customer service. However, it is the feature list and restrictions that disappoint the users.


After the review of the Hater dating app, we can tell you that it is a very interesting app and worth a try for everyone. If you like meeting people who have a mutual ground of hatred for the things you despise, then the app can be a lot of fun for you.

The sad thing is that eventually, you’ll get bored from the app and swiping. Even the profile metrics displayed aren’t enough to decide if the person would be a good match or not. So, the decision is entirely yours.

Questions & Answers

How to add the location on the Hater app?

To customize your location, you can directly go to the profile. By default, the app extracts the location from device location services so that you don’t have to struggle to customize the profile.

How to update photos on the Hater app?

The Hater app allows you to upload only 5 photos on the app. To update photos, you can either take a photo or import it from your Facebook profile or gallery. If you have already uploaded 5 photos, then you’ll need to replace one photo to upload a new one.

How much is the Hater app?

The app is entirely free for everyone.

How to download the Hater app Android?

You can download the Hater app on Android by searching the app using its name. Then, click on the Download option and install the app on your Android phone.

Is the Hater app anonymous?

To an extent, the app can be considered anonymous. But you will see the basic details like name, gender, profile photos, etc.

Can you skip people on the Hater app?

No, you can’t skip people on a Hater. You have to either swipe left or right before you move ahead.

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