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Sapio is a dating service with a real difference. This is not about leaving members to meet people based on their interests, but it invites users to answer questions using the question exploring. This is the easiest way to find out how Sapio works. The Sapio experience is all about evaluating potential matches by selecting questions that have an appeal to you. You can then look through the answers and connect with people based on their answers. Using inquisitive queries, users can build a picture of their potential partners, all of which will help them to understand their personality and intelligence.

As an interactive form of dating, it is designed to help users find people by understanding their personality based on their answers. As a result, this Sapio dating review promises to help you find out whether this new kind of dating is for you. It promises to make it quick and exciting by putting a different twist on online dating. All is done through an app.

Pros & Cons

The site encourages conversation that is more meaningful and stimulating than other services can offer as it becomes more personalized
Users answer questions, and this helps them to build up a profile of other users based on their answers
The profiles are clear and fun at the same time as users can answer as many questions as they want to help build up their profile
The design is simple and user-friendly
It is a fun and exciting way to date online
The user base is rather limited at the time being, but that could grow as the app becomes more popular.
The location feature could be better

Pricing Plans

The app is free to download and free to use. However, if users want to see the answers of others without needing to answer questions themselves, then they can buy coins. As a result, the coins are known as in-app purchases and cost:

50 coins
150 coins
200 coins

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Create your profile
Answer questions and view answers from others
Connect with people who you like
Filter searches and results
Paid services
Users can buy coins that allow them to see answers without answering questions themselves
Users can send keys to other users. They can see answers, increasing a chance of getting noticed.

Easy to Use

When users choose to use an app for dating, they need it to be extremely simple, and that is what Sapio offers. The easy-to-digest interface is slick and will appeal to those who love nothing more than to make use of the simple features that it has to offer. Users can search for users using the geo-location feature, which is a neat touch and gives users the chance to find people nearby. The app is well-designed, and everything is where it needs to be and what’s more, users will find that accessing their profile and updating it is extremely intuitive. This is not an app that encourages messaging from the off, and so, it is only once members connect that they can begin chatting. This ensures that users can benefit from meaningful conversations with people who could be the right match for them. From the simple download to creating their account to looking for matches, this stunning app is as pleasing on the eye and as easy to use as it could be, and that is positive.

Search Functions

Once users are up and running and are ready to begin searching profiles, they will need to choose questions. Sapio is all about learning about others based on their answers, and so, users can answer questions in their own profile, and that will enable other users to find them. However, this also provides them with the chance to view the profiles of others based on their answers and whether they are a good fit. There is a search feature where users can find people based on location, or they can search by city. Therefore, users have two ways in which they can search for users. The first is via their answers to certain questions, and the next is by using the filter. The great thing about the search function is that it is extremely different from other services out there, and that is what makes it such an intriguing service.

Safety & Security

As the app is free to download and free to use, it does mean that it can be used by anyone. However, as with many things, the stores that the smart devices are linked too will need to be verified. Therefore, that is some element of safety that will please users. What’s more, the Sapio customer service is there for guests when they need it while there is an extensive FAQ section available too.


This is a completely unique way to date and one that seems to make sense because it is not just about looks or appearance. The app is free to download and simple to use, and it has enough questions to help users build their profile and find people who are right for them. One of the best features is that users don’t have to pay anything to use it.

Questions & Answers

What does Sapio mean?

Sapio refers to people who find intelligence and the human mind to be more attractive than looks and personality. Therefore, the whole idea behind Sapio is to offer users the chance to find people based on these features.

How do I change my answers on the Sapio app?

Users can only change their answers after 12 hours. After this period, they can answer the question by going into the chosen category and tapping the pencil icon alongside their chosen answer.

Is Sapio available from the play store?

Yes, it is available from the Google play store. You can find all useful links in

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