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Are you ready to find out more about the Feeld experience? Then this guide is for you. In this article, we will tell you how to sign up for the app, what the pros and cons are, how much a paid membership will set you back, and so on. Dating apps have become very popular over recent years, enabling singles to use a host of features to connect with people in a wide range of ways. Let’s find out if Feeld has what it takes to stand out from the crowd right now.

Feeld offers more gender options than many of the other apps on the market, and you can sign up as a couple as well as an individual. Although you will have some functionality as a free member, you will get much more out of the app if you sign up as a paid member. Many people start as free members before upgrading to subscriptions after getting a feel for the app. The service is very open-minded and takes big steps to stamp out discrimination. However, nudity is not permitted. The service has recently been refreshed, with chat becoming a much smoother process. It’s said that the app has around 200,000 active weekly users and that half a million of its members are based in the UK. Although the service works hard to appeal to the LGBT+ community, around three-quarters of its members are heterosexuals. A high number of active members are couples. There are a few fake profiles on the site, though the service uses email and Facebook verification to try and combat this.

Pros & Cons

Match service
Easy to use
Works on Android and Apple devices
Issues with fake profiles
Need to pay for certain features

Pricing Plans

A Majestic Membership offering extra functionality will cost you £14.99 a month, but you reduce this to £10 a month if you sign up for three months.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Choose search criteria
Like profiles
Paid services
Hide your Facebook profile
Find out when a member wants to connect with you
See when members were last active on the app

Easy to Use

It’s possible to choose your preferences to see who appears in your contact proposals, and you don’t have to pay anything to use the search functions. You can send messages to people that you have liked as long as they have liked you back as a free user. The service also has a chat room, but there is no video chat option. There are no limits on how many contact proposals you can receive. If someone matches your preferences, they will be able to contact you.

The site does have issues with fake profiles, but it attempts to minimize these with its phone number and FB verification. You may have a problem with registering if the app thinks your Facebook profile is fake. You are more likely to be accepted if you have a considerable amount of photos and friends. It’s free to download the app, and you can use it on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. As you can’t use Feeld in a desktop browser, you will need to upgrade with the app.

Search Functions

Although there is no conventional search facility, you can see relevant matches by selecting from a range of criteria. This will ensure you see matches that are likely to appeal to you and fit what you are looking for. Need to know how to message someone on Feeld? You can message people for free with the app.

Safety & Security

The app uses Facebook to try and limit the number of bogus users on the platform. If their Facebook data such as their friend and photo number users seem suspiciously low, they may be prevented from using the service. Users are verified with their phone numbers and Facebook accounts. Although this doesn’t completely ensure bogus users are on the platform, it does help the service stay free of bots. Your Facebook friends may be able to see you on the platform, but you can hide them by heading to settings and clicking the relevant buttons. You will see more information about dating safety in the FAQ section.


Feeld is a very popular and open-minded service with plenty to offer for couples and singles. Although it does face challenges with fake users, it uses verification to try and keep these to a minimum. Many people have been able to bring their most exciting desires to life after signing up for Feeld. If you’re looking for a more traditional online dating experience, you may wish to go elsewhere, but if you are open-minded and seeking something wild and out of the ordinary, this may well be the platform for you. Many people like the group chat facility, which is ideal for those with threesomes in mind. The service has also been praised for the way it acknowledges a wide range of genders. It’s unlikely that you will find a deep and meaningful relationship through Feeld, but if experimentation and meeting sexually adventurous people are what you’re interested in, there’s a big chance this app will meet your needs. However, it’s worth remembering that you cannot use the service without a Facebook account, so you may have issues if you don’t wish to use this social networking platform.

Questions & Answers

Is the Feeld app free?

You can use the Feeld app for free, but you will need to pay to unlock more functionality.

How much does the Feeld app cost?

If you want a paid subscription, you can get this for as little as £10 a month if you commit to a three-month membership.

How can I delete my Feeld account?

Firstly, head to your profile settings and look for the “deactivate” button. You can either go to the Google Play or Apple Store to cancel a paid subscription.

How can I add a picture to my Feeld account?

Go to Edit Profile and click on the pen to open up your photo gallery. The + button will help you access your photo upload options.

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