Facebook Dating App Review: How Does It Work?

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Facebook was always about friends, and now it has extended its services to encompass love. We can’t deny that people have been using Facebook as a sort of substitute online dating site since its launch in 2004. The flirtatious direct messages, the likes, pokes, and comments contributed to signal attractions at varying magnitudes. Several love connections emanated from such interactions. Even so, Facebook has stretched its love wings further by developing a Facebook Dating extension of the frequented Facebook app.

How does Facebook Dating work? The extension app claims to develop more relevant matches using the interactive data Facebook has on you. This new feature embedded in the Facebook app itself comes with a separate profile and chatbox from Facebook for privacy purposes. This allows for a great Facebook Dating experience with a sense of more security and privacy. Although matching is limited to people living within 100 miles from your location, this is a free service anyone can enjoy. You can try Facebook Dating App download now to experience all the ups and downs that come with it.

Pros & Cons

Completely free
Easy to get started if you have a Facebook account
Automatic dating profile completion
Keeps the normal Facebook profile separate from the Facebook Dating profile
The supportive features like Secret Crush and Second Look Features are just great
Facebook Dating app is LGBTQ-friendly
Not a massive user base yet
It can, at times, feel buggy to use with many features on the site
Must have a Facebook account

Pricing Plans

Facebook Dating’s services are free. There are no special membership tiers, no advertisements, and no premium services or features that can be accessed with additional fees. So far, the premium features of this dating app are in development. Many users of this app, however, assume that the prices will be high due to the popularity and broad usage of the social network.

Free services Vs. Paid services

All the services on the Facebook Dating App are completely free. The services include:

Dating account creation
Browsing all the profiles of the Facebook Dating app
The powerful searching and matchmaking services
All conversations and messaging services
Blocking of stressful or provocative users
Instagram integration
Supportive features like Second Look, Secret Crush, and On Pause

Easy to Use

Creating a profile during sign up to the Facebook Dating App is incredibly easy and quick for any existing Facebook user. The dating extension even allows you to link your Instagram account to broaden your connection and experiences. With all the loads of communications and information people share on the site, ranging from posts, likes, comments, and much more, it’s easy to regard Facebook Dating’s matching system highly. It’ll most probably connect you with those who like what you like.

What’s more? The accompanying features on the dating app are so supportive. Secret Crush lets you discreetly mark your attraction to different Facebook friends and Instagram followers. Gender Identity option allows you to identify and effectively look for users of varied genders. Second Look enables you to look over users you’ve turned down in case you change your mind or just hit “No Thanks” by accident.

Search Functions

The cream of Facebook Dating App is the finely-tuned matchmaking and messaging process. You don’t have to worry about how to use a Facebook Dating search or how to message someone on the site. The process relies on a special algorithm that matches you with other users based on the data it has on you like hobbies, likes, comments, and mutual friends. Forget the search by the city; you’ll be matched to people within 100 miles. You’ll be capable of using filters during matching so that you only browse users that have ticked your preference boxes on location, religion, age, interests, etc.

Another innovation that Facebook Dating offers is the ability to tap ‘Not Interested’ if you don’t want to see a particular user. To directly contact a person who clicks your interests, a simple ‘Hi’ won’t suffice. You must pick a question or a photo of the person’s profile and share something about it. Once the message is sent, you won’t see the user’s profile again unless they respond. This ascertains only a genuine exchange occurs.

Safety & Security

Your dating safety when it comes to verification of new Facebook Dating profiles is not questionable. The process is thorough with the complete import of profile details from the normal user account. Facebook Dating customer service is also very active and effective 24/7. As much as the app doesn’t offer services like dating or browsing in incognito mode, it feels a little secure in regards to interacting with real users. However, you cannot fully protect yourself from some fake profiles. Read the security tips on the site to help you stay cautious while interacting on the site.

The main challenge with security and safety on the site relates to the non-spotless privacy record of Facebook. Since the service is completely free, we don’t find it hard not to suspect that the decisions users make when interacting on the platform might lead to being served ads based on their behavior while on the site.


The fact that Facebook is one of the most used social networks to date has certainly allowed it to an integral part of many people’s lives. While networking and transacting business on the site, Facebook learns our likes, interests, and friends. It uses this information to create a perfect match for you, setting it apart from its competitors. People who communicate on this platform – whose credibility is already established – are mostly real, rather than bots or fake profiles. Something else that stands out is that the Facebook Dating app is not for casual relationships or one-night stands like many other online apps. It aims to provide a trustable relationship-building platform. You can try it out to gauge the experience it offers.

Questions & Answers

How do I delete Facebook Dating?

Go to your Dating Settings. Under Dating Account, select Delete Profile.

How do I change location on Facebook Dating?

Tap Dating at the top right corner. Below Preferences, tap Location, make changes, then tap Done.

Does Facebook Dating see who you liked?

Currently, no feature allows Facebook Dating users to see who you liked. Your Facebook friends too won’t be able to see your dating profile until you choose to match with them on Secret Crush.

How do I know if I’ve been blocked on Facebook Dating?

The simplest way to tell if you’ve been blocked is when you can’t access the profile of the suspected user, and you don’t receive any communications from them.

How do I find someone on a dating site on Facebook?

You can access this service with the support of Secret Crush. Tap Dating, scroll down to Secret Crush, and tap Got It. Insert and search for the Facebook friend’s name.

How safe is Facebook Dating?

Apart from the site itself, people using the Facebook Dating App are in control of who they share information with. Since it touted new privacy and security features within the dating service, the site is not as bad as many spammy online dating sites.

Is there a Facebook hookup app?

Not actually. Rather than a casual hookup and one-night stand connections, Facebook Dating tends to cultivate more attached, romantic connections that serve long-term relationships.

Can you use Facebook Dating on a desktop?

Currently, it appears you can’t access the Facebook Dating feature through the desktop version of Facebook.

How do I see who is using Facebook Dating?

You’ll only be able to view the dating profile of people who have opted into the dating service. The Secret Crush feature on the platform supports quick matching with those you’re interested in.

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