By Women, For Women: A Review for Her Dating App

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HER is an online dating app that is for bisexual, queer, and lesbian that are looking for a variety of different relationships. Yet, this app is deep and wide, requiring a careful look at how does HER dating app work? We’re going to examine the basics of the app so you know how to sign up and how it can best serve your needs for love.

Pros & Cons

Each app like HER has some things that they do well and others that they need to work on if they want to be considered great. Here is what we found for this app.

A large app just for LBT women
Easy to sign in
Searching for local partners is easy when you’re online.
The events on the app are a good way to find gatherings and join the community
A more direct search feature could be beneficial

Pricing Plans

There are two different pricing plans for the app, and we’re going to explore them for the HER app right here.

1 month
6 months
12 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

When the app has free and paid services, it’s important to distinguish what you get for each. Here are the differences between these services.

Free services
Profile generation
You can send messages on the app
You can look at the profiles of others
Participate in the Feed and Meet functions
Paid services
You can see who liked your profile
You can turn read receipts on and off
You get as many swipes as you want
You can see who is online and not

Easy to Use

HER is an app that features a lot of different elements that will help you find partners. One of them is called the “meet” feature, and it is the backbone of the app. Here, you will go into a swiping screen system where you can swipe one way to express interest and the other way to tell them that you’re not interested. If you like each other, then you can message one another.

The app also has a community theme. The “feed” that is on Her will let you browse through profiles, read posts, and comment on things that other people have posted. This will let you meet people in a more organic way while also exposing you to a lot of other different profiles.

You can also use the app to see the different events that people are planning. This can be something simple like cookouts or events just to meet and socialize.

Search Functions

Searching for partners on HER app is pretty simple. As we’ve already mentioned, the primary way of finding people on this app is through the “meet” feature. In other words, you can count on swiping your way through this app as you do with some other popular ones. That way, you can be exposed to people based on their looks, desires for dates, and their location relative to you. It should feel very familiar to you if you’ve tried online dating apps before.

There are other ways to meet people on the app, like the “meet” social function. Overall, the search aspect of the app is pretty indirect, and the matching service is not really based on any important criteria. That doesn’t mean that the app is ineffective at bringing you dates, though.

Safety & Security

Since this app is only for women, people in the LBT community, specifically, it’s important to have good safety. That’s why the app lets you authenticate through your Facebook and Instagram accounts. That way, you have an instant connection that is traceable. The app will also provide you with other layers of security that will help keep you safe such as encryption and security. These are some of the best security measures available to you.


It’s clear that HER is a very good app. It takes the ideas of women-only to the next level, allowing ladies to find partners without having to deal with potential harassment. The app has many ways to communicate, even if they aren’t entirely unique. That being said, the app is definitely above average and ranks near the best of its kind. The app can improve upon itself and be met with more success if they have a better search feature, though. All in all, this brand is high-quality.

Questions & Answers

What is the HER dating app?

HER is an online dating app that is made for women. Here, you can meet lesbians, bisexuals, and trans women that are looking for dates.

Who owns the HER dating app? is a company in itself. While it has investors, the company maintains its independence from others.

Is HER legit?

Yes, the app is legit and has many features that set it apart from others. Thousands of users have found partners and had dates while using this app.

Is HER a free dating app?

There are some things that you can do for free while using Her. However, there is also a paid aspect of the app that will give you more functionality.

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