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Overview is a highly popular extra marital affair website, boasting over 6.5 million members. The French dating service has proved controversial even being taken to court by the Catholic community; however, so far, nothing has been able to stop the huge popularity this website has found. The dating service is free for women. However, men must pay credits to gain access to website features. This is because the website is made by women for women. You can send and receive gifts, a lovely touch to a dating service giving a more personal feel to members who are in contact with one another. The website design is more intricate compared to others I have seen but works well. You can date either locally or internationally, and it is a great way to find discreet fun while your away on business. The website even comes with a panic button to hide your messages instantly! Gleeden is a website created for women living unhappily in a marriage, so you can be reassured when using this website that discretion really is the key. The Apple store proves Gleeden’s popularity and scores it 4.2 out of 5 stars based on the reviews of 628 people. Google Play follows closely behind at 3.4 out of 5 stars based on the reviews of 13.9 thousand people.

Pros & Cons

Very discreet service
Ability to send and receive gifts
Great website layout
Women date for free
Over 6.5 million members
No video chat or voice messages
No compatibility questions
Controversial dating service

Pricing Plans

At, women date free, so the following credit prices are for men only:


25 credits


100 credits


400 credits

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Create a profile
Send a crush alert
Add to favorites
Browse profiles
Paid services
Send messages
Use chatting functions
View private photo albums
Send virtual gifts

Easy to Use has a more detailed layout compared to other dating services, which tend to be a lot simpler. On your right-hand side, there is a message bar separating your messages into sections such as active conversations, waiting for a response, and favorites. You can access your visitors, gifts, messages, albums, crushes, and favorites at the top. The homepage is split into sections such as news updates, new members, online members, members of the day, followed by your search. Once you know where the buttons are and what the icons stand for, it is easy to navigate your way around.

Search Functions have a set of search functions located on the left side of your homepage, here you can complete search based on a person’s marital status, distance and connection status, or you can complete an advanced search which also factors in members’ appearances. The search functions don’t really include compatibility questions. This is because the aim of the website is to be an extra marital affair service and not a relationship finder. To completely exit the website, there is a panic button also located at the top of the page in the left hand corner, this icon is a photo of a man at the door and as a short cut simply press esc twice and you will be taken out of the website immediately. The panic button can link you straight to google; however, you can edit this in the ‘My Profile’ section to any other web link of your choice.

Safety & Security

When dating with Gleeden, security and privacy are the most important factors for members, especially since this dating service is used as an extra-marital affair website. When using the message system, there is a panic button available, which can hide all your chats in seconds. When using the payment section of the website, your card details are fully protected by SSL technology, ensuring nobody can gain access to these important details. If you do decide to leave the dating service, all of your personal information will be permanently deleted from the Gleeden services. You can decide whether your personal information is recorded by the website, and if you choose, you can also opt that out at anytime.

Summary is the first extra-marital affair dating websites to be created and has been founded by women for women. The site is very popular, with over 6.5 million members, and their popularity is proven with their app reviews received by over 14 thousand people in total. The dating service is free for women, but men must use credits in order to gain access to the website features. The site is detailed and has amazing features such as their panic button, helping users feel private, with the ability to date discreetly. For a quick shortcut out the site, you can press the esc button twice, and you will be directed to google or a site of your choice in seconds. You can send and receive gifts, which is a nice personal touch to a dating service. Overall the website does work and has proven popular amongst its members, with a strong user base of around 6.5 million members, the future of Gleeden is still progressing to better things. This extra-marital affair website is mainly popular in Europe. However, it is gaining momentum internationally, as well.

Questions & Answers

Is Gleeden available in the USA?

Although there was a Gleeden release in 2012, unfortunately now you are unable to select the USA as a country when signing up, I am unsure as to why this is, and there is no explanation that can be found, so I presume the dating service no longer works here, but it is still highly popular internationally.

How much does Gleeden cost?

Gleeden is a dating service made by women for women, which is why female members are free to use the website in its entirety. Men must pay by using credits, there are no subscriptions, 25 credits cost £9.99, 100 credits cost £29.99, and 400 credits cost £79.99, these can be updated accordingly. The service does not offer subscriptions.

How can I delete my Gleeden account?

To delete your Gleeden account, visit ‘My Profile’ located in the bar toewards the top of your screen, scroll down, and in small writing on the right hand sign underneath the Gleeden advert it states ‘delete my account’ click here and follow the instructions.

What is the Gleeden app?

The Gleeden app is a mobile app that can be accessed via Google Play or Apple. Their ratings in Apple currently stand at 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 628 people, followed by Google Play at 3.4 out of 5 stars by 13.9 thousand people.

What type of women can you find in Gleeden?

The type of women that join Gleeden tends to be lonely and unhappy within their marriage and are hoping to find some sort of fun to help lift them from their damaged marriage.

Is Gleeden Legit?

Yes, although there are a few profiles without pictures, you can be sure that the people are real and aren’t just bots as every email address must be activated before you can even gain access to the site.

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