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FetLife.com is an online dating website that is known for being one of the foremost websites that have fetishes out in the open. If you’re a person that is interesting in exploring your kinky side, then using a site like this has probably crossed your mind. As such, it’s important to know about the FetLife experience. After all, the website has a lot of different features that can change the way that you consider the site and determine whether or not you want to use it.

Our FetLife.com dating site review is going to show you how everything on the website works, how you can get the dates you want, and answer the various questions that new people have. We’ll start at the beginning, with the process of signing up for dates.

Pros & Cons

Using FetLife.com exposes you to several elements in the dating site. These are things that you will need to think about as positive or negative for your dating experience. As with any website, there are some good parts to FetLife.com and some things that they could work on to be better. Here is what we discovered while looking at the site:

Many members across the globe
People have diverse kinks on the site
You can find local people
The website is easy to use
The social element lets you meet and learn from other people
The app is highly developed
The matching service needs work

There are several things that make FetLife.com a very good website, but they need to put some more time and attention into the matching service to make it better.

Pricing Plans

There are a variety of ways to enjoy FetLife, and one of them is by paying for a membership. When using this site, you will see the following pricing plans available for your use:

6 months
12 months
24 months

As you can see, there are various ways that you can sign up and be a part of the website, including a lifetime option for $240. There are prices for many people, and it’s a very inexpensive community to join compared to some of the others that are out there today.

Free services Vs. Paid services

When it comes to free and paid services, there is a difference in what you can experience. While people who don’t pay for the website are able to have some impact on the site, it’s a different experience from the people that are getting a paid membership. Here are some of the things that are different between free and paid versions of the website:

Free services
You can message people
You can become a member of groups
You have the chance to view pictures and videos that are posted
Paid services
You can look for people that are near you with the search tool
You get a badge on your profile that shows you support the siteext
Video chats
Full searching features are unlocked

Easy to Use

After your profile is approved, you can enter the website and start taking in some of the different special features that are online. For one thing, the website lets you self-classify the fetishes that you have, and you can choose from over 60 of them. That way, you can meet people very easily that share the likes that you have.

Another interesting element of FetLife.com is that you can enjoy video chats online. A lot of online dating sites don’t give you this ability, but FetLife.com lets you chat with people and show off while you’re dating them on the website. Again, this is more of a social club than a dating service, so you don’t see as many dating-oriented elements.

Search Functions

Trying to meet someone on FetLife.com that shares your desires can be very exciting. However, you have to know how to search on FetLife.com to get the best outcomes. When you use FetLife.com, you can use the search tab to find people that you have already connected with in the past. This is a great idea if you’re trying to have an ongoing relationship or reconnect.

Another way to meet people on the site is through the search element. You can use the explore tab to sift through profiles and find other members that want the same outcomes as you. This is also useful in finding partners that are interested in the same kinks or will help you explore new ones.

Yet, the dating site also has the Perv Kinkster Nearby capability. That is when you use the website to meet people that are close to your location. That can be very fun when people are trying to use the site to explore their kink with another person. All in all, there are enough search functions on the website, but the matching service does not do more than suggest people to you.

Safety & Security

Anyone that uses an online dating site wants to be safe when they’re trying to find a date. As such, FetLife.com has developed safety features that you can use as a member of the site. For example, the site lets you report and block people that are harassing you or unpleasant. The website also has an active part in reducing the number of people that are spamming on the website.

There are more typical parts of the site security, too. For one thing, you can count on the website having encryption on all the parts of the website that you would want safe. That includes payment and private areas of the website. The bottom line is that you will feel safe when you’re using the site.


FetLife.com is a premier name in the world of BDSM. As such, you can count on having a great experience finding kinky people from your area by using this website. There are many free elements of the site that you can use to find, meet, and have fun with people. This site operates more like a social media service than a dating site at times, but overall it’s a high-quality place to meet people for unique interactions.

Questions & Answers

How to delete the FetLife account?

Deleting the FetLife.com profile requires you to deactivate and delete your account through your settings.

How to search on FetLife?

You can search for people by their usernames or look for them using tools that find things in common like kinks.

How to unblock someone on FetLife?

After you block someone, you can click on your profile, go to the blocked list and unlock them.

What is FetLife app?

The app is a very good approximation of the website, giving you access to many great features.

How to meet people on FetLife?

Meeting people on FetLife.com is easy through the searching methods or by getting involved in the community.

How to save FetLife pictures?

You can download them onto your computer or use a print screen function to screenshot it.

How to chat on FetLife?

You can chat by messaging someone directly on the website.

How to watch FetLife videos without paying?

You can access videos with the free version of the website.

How to delete a post on FetLife?

You can click on the post, picture, or comment and then delete it manually.

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