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Lusty Locals is a dating service for everyone, no matter what sexuality you are, making it the perfect place for an all-inclusive dating community. The website aims to connect you with like-minded people that live within your local area. However, the distance can be extended or reduced by using the search filters accordingly. The dating service is clear and simple, and it is easy to find matches, see who is online and who lives the closest to you. It has been gaining popularity, especially in the cities, and for a dating service that was only created in 2016, it has already gained a strong member base.

Pros & Cons

Ability to send some messages having a free account
Lots of members in your local area
Live online support chat
All users’ must verify their email
Cheap 3-day membership trial
It could have a better set of advanced search filters
In need of a couple more interesting features

Pricing Plans

To use all of Lusty Locals website features, a selection of subscription plans can be purchased:









Deals are often promoted. At the time we visited the website, we were offered 30% off. Please read the website's Satisfaction Guarantee policy, which can help members obtain a refund if they are not happy with the services they have received.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Upload 5 free photos with messages daily
Use basic match search
Paid services
View full sized photos
Use unlimited chats
Do extended search
Use ‘Looking For’ info
Have a premium support

Easy to Use

The website is nice and simple. There is one main homepage where you can search for matches by fiddling with the search filters. Above at the top of the page, you will find a ‘Like Gallery’ where you can like or dislike other members, helping LustyLocals determine which type of members you show interest in. The color scheme of the website works well together, a mixture of black and white, which makes the page stand out and clear to see.

Search Functions

The search functions are available on the homepage and can be accessed easily. A basic search is completed by using your sexuality, partner age preference, and location. If images mean something to you, then you can select whether all your searches come with or without profile photos. You may also complete an advanced search narrowing down your results based on appearance.

Safety & Security

In order to keep members safe, all users must activate their email via an activation code, ensuring no fake emails are used to create false accounts. All photos were uploaded to your profile must be authorized by a member of the admin team; this is to ensure no fake or inappropriate images are being shown across the dating service. Basic security practices such as firewalls and SSL encryption technology are used to keep your profile information and card details safe.


Lusty Locals is a great dating service if you are looking for simplicity and people searching for love in your local area. Your homepage connects you with matches straight away, and this can be edited via the search filters found above. There are so many users within your area, and you are told just how far they live from your location based on miles. Online users have a green dot on their profile, and these members normally appear at the top of your search. The dating service offers subscription discounts and also provide a 3-day trial, so you can see just how well their website services could work for you, without tying yourself down to a contract. The admin team monitors the website constantly and will not allow you to upload any photos publicly without their approval. Overall we would recommend this dating service, and you have the freedom to view the profile for free and can pay a small fee to experience the service before agreeing to membership. There are many locals within your area, and the website certainly isn’t short of members. Although the website could do with a few more fun and interactive dating features, We feel that the pros definitely outweigh the cons, give it a try and see what it could do for you.

Questions & Answers

How can I delete my Lusty Locals account?

To delete your Lusty Locals account, click on your profile icon in the top right corner, scroll down to ‘My Settings’ click here and scroll to the bottom, underneath the email and push notifications. You will see a link saying ‘Remove My Account,’ click here and follow the instructions

How can I get a refund from Lusty Locals?

If you believe you are owed a refund, the best way to do this would be to contact the admin team via the ‘Get Support’ section, as most are handled on a case via a case basis. If you feel you are owed a 3 free day trial due to the Satisfaction Guarantee policy, then email

How can I get a free upgrade on Lusty Locals?

There are no free upgrades on Lusty Locals. However, there are normally promotions. When we signed up, we were offered 30% off. You can also complete a 3-day trial at £2.97 to see just how well the services can work for you

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