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Overview is an online dating service that connects people that want to have a fling or a hookup. This online dating site is crucial for people that want to get a quick date without getting bogged down in a relationship. That being said, it’s important to know the answer to how does works? Our review is going to look at various elements of the Fling experience, so you precisely will learn what to expect from the website when you’re using it.

That being said, it’s a good idea to start off by looking at the signup process. That way, you bring the information you need to the site and get underway with as little commotion as possible.

Pros & Cons

The site is dedicated to hookups and casual dates
There are lots of people online
The site is easy to sign up on
The chat room is available all the time
Nudity is allowed in videos and pictures
Much of the content on the website is for premium users only
Some countries can’t participate

Pricing Plans

There are some different pricing models that you have to remember when joining Here are the ones that you need to know:

In a single month, this is a more expensive site. However, when you buy months in bulk, you have the opportunity to save a lot of money on your dates.


1 Month


6 Months


12 Months

Free services Vs. Paid services

As with any site that offers free and paid services, this online dating site at has some free elements and some things you have to pay for. Here is what we found with regards to paying and free services on the sites:

Free services
Make and fill out your profile
See who liked your profiles
You can use some special features like “who is cute”
You can register your account on the website
Paid services
View all profiles of members
Video chat
Use the online shops
Get involved with the cam sessions
There are numerous ways to benefit from the paid services on

Easy to Use

The website has developed many special features to keep people interesting in using the website for dates and flings. For example, you can come to and use the site’s video chat. Not many dating sites let you have access to this feature, but it’s almost essential for people that want to hook up.

Another great part of this website is that they have “Live Fling Girls” that are professional cam girls that can keep you entertained and aroused if you aren’t able to find that special someone on the website. You can even use the website to sell some of your own premium content if you’re so inclined to it, giving you a way to work off some frustrations and earn some money doing it.

Fling is one of the few websites out there today that has a money-back guarantee. If you don’t have a hookup in the first three months of paying for the site, then you get a refund. That’s standing behind your product there.

Search Functions

One thing about the dating site that people need to know is how to search on While there are plenty of dating sites that provide people with the chance to match up with people, this is not one of them. Instead of having you waste time filling out the questionnaires that you need to be a part of those sites; you can just jump into At least, that is their way of looking at things.

The website only has one true search option, and that is for you to look through profiles according to the criteria that you set for yourself. Some people want to use the website as a way to meet people from a specific ethnic background or age ground, and you can use the premium search filters on the website to make that a reality.

Another way that you can use this site to meet the person for you is to enter the chat room. You’ll find plenty of people that are looking for hookups or a quick date in them. That means you will be effectively surrounded by people that share your desires and can ask any of them out.

Safety & Security is a website that has a lot of different safety measures in place for its users. One of them is the 24/7 profile approval and monitoring. These individuals help ensure that there are few scammers, if any, one the website. They will update your profile with their seal of approval if your pictures and information are in order.

The site has other typical elements for safety and security, too. That includes the encryption protocols that are on most sites that accept payments. With that in mind, you should feel very safe while you’re dating on this website.

Summary is an interesting website because it provides you with a way to have a fling with people that are nearby or far away. The website has a lot of versatility with its communications in the form of video, chat, and more. Yet, the real benefit of the site is the security, which deters scammers and keeps you safe. Overall, this site is very good and worth looking into if you like flings!

Questions & Answers

How to cancel an account with

Canceling your account is a matter of going to your profile settings and going to “manage membership.” From there, you can choose to end your account on the site.

How to get the app?

You can download the app by going to the Google App store online.

How to communicate with women on

You can communicate in many different ways. One of them is through regular chatting that you would experience on the phone, for example. You can use the site’s video chat and voice chats to really talk to people, too.

How to text on

You can send messages to anyone that you connect with one site as long as you have the right membership to allow that.

How to find a user on by email?

You can’t search by email. You can only see someone’s email if someone will share it with you.

What methods of payments are accepted by

They accept credit cards and PayPal as accepted methods of payment.

How to send more messages on

You can send more messages by getting a premium account to unlock the full availability of the website.

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