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Overview has many features that contribute to the overall experience when using their platform. Whilst most of the features are only available to those who pay when you are a loyal member, you seem to have everything you could need from a dating site. The features you can expect to see on the free membership are exhaustive. If you pay for the full membership, however, you will also get instant messages, video chat and more access to members profiles!

When you first get onto, just like any other website or dating site, there are a couple of minutes where you must work out where everything is and what is there to use. This, however, passes quickly and the general set-up of the dating is modern and cohesive, making for a positive experience.

There are a plethora of filters that you can apply to the singles you are shown on the homepage, so, whilst there may not be any matching services, you are 100% guaranteed to narrow down the extensive list of singles using the site. Not only this, but the singles are also separated into three sections. You have ‘all members’, ‘online now’ and ‘new messages. So, if you are going on to chat with someone right away, you can go straight to the ‘online now’ section, or if you are bored of the singles on there, you can check out the ‘new members’ section. For a website that doesn’t give you matches but has a lot of singles, you do not actually feel overwhelmed at any point.

One of the many features available to those who use the free version is that you still get notifications when people view your profile, like you or add you to their favourites list. So, whilst you do not get all the perks that come with the full subscription, you can still get an idea of how other members are interacting with your profile. The other benefit of this is that you can see if you are getting enough traffic to your page to warrant going the extra mile to get the full subscription.

Pros & Cons

Quick and easy to sign up
Modern webpage with easy to access features
Large range of singles to explore
Intelligent filters to the homepage
Brilliant use of their ‘Tinder-like’ swiping system
You must have a full membership before you get full reign of the features
They currently do not have an explicit matching service

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans are reasonable considering how many more features you are privy too when you get the full membership. At the time of writing this, had a promotion on which meant that you could save 30% on all membership packages and these lowered will be given brackets so that you can get a feel for the price range when they have a discount available.




3 months


6 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Now on, there aren’t different types of memberships, just paid for or free and the differences on them are quite stark. On the free version, you get the basic access to the site and whilst this may sound like a downfall it gives you the opportunity to see if is the place for you. There is no denying that you get the best experience when you have paid for the full membership, it is just up to you and your initial success on the site that will help you decide that if it is worth paying for it.

Free services
Ability to click on and explore other people profiles
Ability to fully develop your own profile
Initial interactions with other members (liking their profile, etc)
Ability to browse the home page
The chance to have a go at the ‘Like Gallery’
Paid services
Unlimited chats with members on the site
Larger photos on profiles
‘looking for’ information on singles
Extended search features
Premium support from staff
Ability to share photos and video chat

Easy to Use has a modern and easily understandable webpage meaning that everything is there and easy to access. The messaging system is set up much like Facebook, making this all feel very familiar and not too overwhelming.

One outstanding feature on is something called ‘Like Gallery’. This is an area on the site where you are plunged into a Tinder-like swiping service. You are faced with a stack of singles and you go through them one by one deciding whether you like them or not. Once you have gone through them, you are given a fresh pile of singles. This is a brilliant way of viewing a range of singles whilst still having other options of searching through them (the homepage being another option). This feature defiantly adds a lot to the site’s charm and makes finding love oddly entertaining.

Search Functions

Working out the search functions is a little bit confusing the first couple of times, but that is only because when you are on the homepage and you click the search engine, nothing seems to happen. That is just because the search engine seems to only be a feature for those using the full membership. Otherwise, you are left with the filters you can apply to the homepage. There are a plethora of filters to apply on the homepage (things such as searching by city), so whilst there isn’t a matching service or search facilities, you are bound to narrow down the list of singles until you have the best men or women for you.

The search features on the mobile app seem to be very similar along with the messaging services. If you start out on the webpage on your laptop, then getting used to the site on your app will be super easy. Once you know what all the features are on the website, then using it on your phone is the same but smaller! You won’t be left for long wondering how to message someone on the application!

Are There Any Safety Concerns? seems to be very organised when it comes to the resolving of issues and keeping members safe. When reporting an issue or asking a question, you can just head over to the ‘get support’ page. From there you will be given a range of sections and sub-sections to pick from so that you can efficiently report your problem. This is a brilliant way of making sure that you will get the right sort of support when you have any concerns.

The verification of your email address also seems legitimate and you aren’t left concerned that you are falling into an internet trap. The link on the email takes you straight back the site and if you aren’t keen on clicking anything, you have the choice to type in the activation code yourself.

They do not seem to have an incognito mode on the website, however, not many other dating sites do so this is far from a necessity. Not only this, but the general dating safety is up to standard. You can report any member at any point and the messaging service has the facilities to report anything inappropriate.

Overall Thoughts?

Overall, must be one of the leading websites to meet singles in your area. Whilst, you must pay to get the full experience, when you are on you are bound to meet a whole range of singles. Singing up is super easy and once you are on, you are ready to go!

Questions & Answers

Is Cupid dating site free?

Yes, to a certain extent. You have enough access to get used to the site before you pay for anything.

Is Cupid com a safe site?

Yes! Have everything you need to feel comfortable whilst getting to know new people.

What is online cupid? is a dating site filled with a plethora of singles for you to get to know!

How do I cancel my Cupid subscription?

This is something you can find out through their ‘get support’ section.

How to delete cupid account?

If you wan to delete your account, simply scroll to the bottom of ‘my settings’ page and click ‘remove account’.

What is an online cupid?

Online Cupid is a brilliant way of meeting singles not only nearby but all over the country!

What is cupid on Facebook? also has a Facebook page for you to discover and explore. Their page has a link that takes you directly to their site whilst also sharing article and inspirational quotes.

What is cupid dating site? is a combination of all your favourite dating sites, all in one place!

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