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Christian Mingle works as a way of showing you religious singles living near you or in your country. You apply filters to the singles before you have even opened the homepage for the first time, so the singles you view already match the sort of thing you are looking for. The more filters you apply, the fewer singles you are likely to see on your homepage. But do not fret! You can change these filters whenever you want to, so you aren’t stuck with the ones you applied previously.

When you click on a profile, you can view their main picture, their interests and when they were last online. A lovely detail of Christian Mingle is that the interests on someone profile will be bold if you share them. Whilst this is only a minor detail, it is lovely to know what you and another single have in common before you have even started a conversation. As well as this, if you are feeling a little shy, and you aren’t sure how to break the ice, then Christian Mingle also has things called “likes” and “smiles”. If you like someone or send a smile, this opens a chat and they get notified that you have done this. Hopefully, this breaks the ice enough so that they start the conversation but if not then believe in yourself and start light with a “hello!”.

Pros & Cons

You know that the singles you met share your values
They care about your safety
You can be fussy about the sort of singles you chat with
They have a matching service along with a ‘Tinder-like’ swiping service
You get a percentage of how suited you are to singles
You must pay to get the full experience
It seems to take quite a while for your profile to be approved

Pricing Plans

Christian Mingle has three options when it comes to paying for the all-important and vital membership. In comparison to other dating websites, their prices are a little high, however, if their site lives up to this initial impression then it should defiantly be worth your money in the long run.

3 months
6 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Access to profiles and basic information
Advanced filters to your profile and search filters
Ability to like and favourite singles
These like and favourites are then stored for you, so you can go back to them later
Paid services
Read receipts
See who’s liked you
See who has viewed you
Have full profile display control
Browse anonymously
Messaging+ (this is the ability to send messages that can be read and replied to by all members, regardless if their subscription status)

Is ChristianMingle Easy to Understand?

ChristianMingle is easy to get your head around and the general layout of the site is modern and cohesive. Unfortunately, to get the full experience you really must pay for the full membership, and that is because until you have paid you cannot send or receive any messages whatsoever. You can’t even click on the messaging section without being sent straight to the upgrade page.

ChristianMingle does have a matching service which does help if you are new to the online dating scene. On the activity centre, you can see who has viewed you, who has liked you, who you have viewed, who you have liked, and what your mutual likes are.

One of the very notable special features on ChristianMingle is that when you are on the messaging tab before you can see anything else they present a warning that you have to read and accept before you can move on. They warn you about sending money or being asked to dot things in order to receive money. They claim to care about your safety and ask you to report anyone who asks for any sort of financial information. This doesn’t mean that this has been an issue for this site, but it does show that they are aware of the sort of people who decide to use online dating for all the wrong reasons. For that reason, we take our hat off to ChristianMingle for putting this warning out there and making sure that singles are aware of one of the dangers that come with meeting people online.

Are There Search Functions Available?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sort of search functions on ChristianMingle, as there is no search engine. This means that you can’t search by username or by city, however, the filters you can apply are so particular that you won’t miss this feature. You can also edit the distance between yourself and the singles so if you are not willing to travel to meet someone, you can just look through the singles closer to you. The site also has a very detailed help centre with a search engine, so if you have any issues you should be able to search for the answers on there!

Are There Any Safety and Security Concerns?

The safety and security of Christian Mingles is up to scratch with other dating sites and allows for you to use this site whilst remaining safe. As aforementioned, they have the warning attached to the messaging service, meaning that they are being proactive in helping their members stay safe when messaging. Not only this, but it is very easy to report members on this dating site and any conversations can be flagged with the staff. Their customer service is detailed and when you have the full subscription, you are free to browse anonymously. Although, we hope that with the sort of community of singles using this site that you will not run into many issues.


Overall, the experience on ChristianMingle is a very positive one. If you want to meet someone that matches your belief system and doesn’t want what is typically found on mainstream dating site, then this is the place for you. They have a positive community and whilst you must pay a rather large sum to experience this, it does seem that it would be worth it in the long run.

Questions & Answers

How much does it cost to join

This depends on how much you want to spend. You are looking at anywhere between £149.94 and £49.99.

What is the main room when chatting on

Main page has all the singles that suit your filters, you can browse there or check out the look book

Is Christian Mingle a good dating site?

Yes, if you want to make sure that you are finding someone who shares your beliefs.

How to block people on ChristianMingle?

Go on to the profile, click the ellipsis under the picture, select the ‘block’ or if you want ‘report’. After that they should be blocked!

How to change registration information on ChristianMingle?

This is something you will be able to find out on the very detailed help centre. Chances are others have asked this, but if not then type this into the search engine.

What is secret admirer ChristianMingle?

Secret admires doesn’t seem to be a feature on Christian Mingle. This is typically found on dating apps like Tinder, but this site is yet to add this to their full membership.

What does pending approval mean on ChristianMingle?

This means that your profile is just waiting to be approved by the staff at Christian Mingle. Just hang in there and wait for them to complete this.

How to use a coupon code on ChristianMingle?

At the time of writing this, Christian Mingle does not have the capability to allow coupons when paying for the full membership.

How did a woman send me a smile on Christian Mingle when I’m a woman?

Chances are you have popped up on their browse or recommended page. You do not have to reciprocate or respond but do not be concerned about the notification, just take it as a compliment and a little extra boost on your confidence.

How many messages do women get on Christian Mingle?

This can truly vary from each person! However, the more you interact with people the more messages you are likely to receive.

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