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Today, dating is all about swiping left and right. But the ways of Jewish romance is changed with World of Singles. So, here, this review of World of Singles will let you know how Sara Malamud’s approach altered the matchmaking services.

So, during the review of World of Singles, we found that she put in a lot of effort for matchmaking, and the site can be pretty useful if you in search of love.

Pros & Cons

Registration is straightforward and confidential
The success rate of this dating site is 94%
Matchmaking is done by professional Jewish Matchmaker
Perfect for serious and long-term connections
No blind dates
Time-consuming sign-up process
Not an online dating platform where you can connect with other singles right away after registration

Pricing Plans

As mentioned before, it’s unlike other online dating sites out there. And the site is operated and handled by a professional matchmaker who personally gets in touch with you to help you find your soulmate. The pricing plans aren’t available on the site because Sara charges according to the requirements of the clients.

Free services Vs. Paid services

As we told above, we are doubtful about the pricing of World of Singles as there is no information about it. Once you register for this service, the professional matchmaker of the service will contact you in a while. The matchmaker likes to interact with her clients personally via Skype or phone interviews to determine what kind of partner you’re looking for. Throughout the process, she explores each individual’s values, desires, and expectations. The great thing about turning to World of Singles is that matchmaker even helps after a successful match. In other words, she is available for support and guidance.

Easy to Use

We have to admit that in World of Singles review, we found out that this site set a gold standard for the upscale matchmaking service. To ease up the search for a partner, you can even fill a form and schedule your complimentary consultation with Sara.

Some key features of the dating site are:

World of Singles isn’t a dating site for people who just want to chat and flirt with strangers or try casual dating. People come to this platform when they are ready to settle down.

Search Functions

There aren’t any search functions on the dating site. However, in the review for World of Singles, we understood that the professional matchmaker work is done by specialists. They account for every desired quality of your partner and then find the person who can be your soul mate.

You go through a personal interview, and Sara introduces you to other people who are your potential match. And she also does a follow-up to get feedback for the service provided.

Safety & Security

One thing we found impeccable during World of Singles review is that the website takes security and safety of its clients very seriously. The information provided is handled carefully, and there is no risk of a breach.

Considering the detailed registration, it is highly unlikely that the person will turn out to be a scammer. And members don’t get to communicate with others directly. All members go through Sara personally, who assist personally in every match made.


After World of Singles review, we can say that it is a great matchmaking service. While Sara is skeptical about calling this site a dating site particularly, but you do get to go out on dates. This platform would be perfectly fine for the people who wish to meet genuine people looking to settle down.

Questions & Answers

How much does the World of Singles cost?

The only investment you have to make in World of Singles is your precious time. The cost of service depends on what you are asking for and how extensive the search for your partner will be.

How to delete World of Singles account?

As there is no sign in option on the site, you need to know that all communication of World of Singles happens via telephone or mail. So, once Sara gets you settled with the dream partner, the virtual account will cease to exist automatically.

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