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How does Fusion101 work? Newcomers complete a basic registration, then you're good to go after verification. Aimed at people of faith, this Fusion101dating site review will assess the Fusion101experience.

Pros & Cons

The way the site is presented should make any newcomers feel as if they are joining a close-knit community. Video testimonies and other personal stories attest to the success of this website.
The functionality is free to access
The site was created and is run by the administrator, who introduces himself on the home page as Edward. Within the 'getting started' information, he apologizes that only a small percentage of profiles are displaying at the moment, although thousands will follow at an unspecified time in the future – he is running this resource on his own.
The free status means that there is a lot of advertising on the site, including links to more generic sites such as, and this can prove to be distracting.

Pricing Plans

The good news about Fusion101 for prospective daters is that there is no pricing plan. The website runs on a 100% free basis.

There are no services that have to be subscribed for, but here is a list of the free services available on Fusion101:

Free services
Contact other members by message/mail
Matchmaking feature
Wave to other site users
Visit profiles – the subject is alerted of this after every five visits
Favoriting profiles
Meet fellow Christian at networking events

Fusion101 also operates a variety of social events for its members. For instance, for the Good Friday festivities, the site organized a party in conjunction with People were invited to Sloane Square in the center of London for a get-together. There are also regular activities for site users in hotels.

Easy to Use

Fusion101 is straightforward in terms of navigation. Special features include access to background publications about the Christian faith, personal success stories about marriages enjoyed by site members, and a thriving calendar covering social events and parties. The detailed profile compilation makes for a comprehensive matching system

Search Functions

How to search on Fusion101? You get permission to search profiles and send messages once your account has been approved. You can do a general search, a username search, or search members in your Favorites list. You can make contact by message or mail.

Safety & Security

Fusions101customer service is efficient and available to customers at any time, by email or by telephone. Site administration will seek verification before you can start taking advantage of their services – a process taking five to 10 days - but if you are keen to get going you can expedite the process by making a token payment of $1.00. The site offers an FAQ page in the form of a Christian Dating Advice Page. There are also useful tips relating to dating safety.


If you are a Christian who is looking for an alternative to the more generic websites that don't specifically cater to people of faith, Fusion101 is ideal. For anyone new to Internet dating who might be apprehensive about the potential costs of having to pay to read messages or any of the other typical subscription services with a lot of websites, Fusion101 is the perfect antidote because it's free. Christianity is the common factor uniting existing site users and newcomers, and the website comes across more like a social network than a matching resource, offering clients the opportunity to connect with fellow Christians right across the globe, regardless of age or a particular denomination. There is also a chat room for group chats. The main drawback is that the entire site is a ‘one man show,’ being the brainchild of its creator, Edward. This leads to inevitable delays in areas like verification.

Questions & Answers

Is Fusion101 for Christian singles?

Yes, the site was set up to give single Christians a reliable platform for meeting like-minded individuals. Christians who are in a partnership or married are also welcome to join if they are seeking new friends.

Is Fusion101 free?

Yes, the tagline below the site's title bar on the home page states quite categorically, that this is a '100% free Christian dating service.'

Is Fusion101 legit?

Yes, it is a dating resource launched in 1998, and since then, it has been providing a reliable service introducing single Christians who are seeking a relationship with a fellow believer.

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