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We bring you this Chatango review to help you understand what the service is all about. Overall, the Chatango experience aims to bring back the best of chat sites from the 90s and 00s era. It’s a throwback to years gone by. Chatango keeps it simple because it strips back traditional dating sites and features, keeping it mostly conversational. Website administrators can embed the chat room into their website, so we can’t precisely say that Chatango is a dating site. It is more of a communication platform, so you can create and join the chat rooms… you just need to find them first. The app delivers a different approach to meeting with people, creating a special meet-up experience. But how does this seemingly perfect blend between social media and old-fashioned chat rooms actually works?

Pros & Cons

It’s Free
Simple Registration
Embed Chat rooms
Look and Feel Is Too Basic
Users Might Expect More

Pricing Plans

The great thing about Chatango is that the service is completely free. This will please those looking for a solution to bring people together. Ultimately, the service is straightforward, and users wouldn’t be too apply to pay a fee for it. Therefore, the only features are chatting and attaching a chat room to a website, but with that comes no fee or costs. They claim to receive funds from users buying smileys and chat backgrounds, and kudos to those people! Still, though, it does offer special features like the abovementioned Message Catcher and Mini Chatango Boxes that differentiate it from other chat services.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Search for members
Message Catcher Feature
Mini Chatango Feature

Easy to Use

Sometimes, complicated designs mean more; sometimes, it confuses the users. Chatango keeps things extremely simple. It focuses on usability as opposed to design, allowing users to maximize their experience. The service is simple to navigate, and users can benefit from customizable chat rooms and profiles. It allows users to design their own look and feel, limited as it is. Unlike other chat services, the customizability provides a special experience, but as a dating service, Chatango lacks the reach.

Everything is laid out well, with menus and profiles simple to find. Whether it’s on a mobile device or a laptop, it all works well. The site encourages users to discover everything that it offers. Images are clear, the chat function works well, and you can use Chatango across multiple websites with a single login.

The service provides an array of special features too, and they’re simple to use.

The Message Catcher is only functional on Windows, but it allows users to ensure they read every message. Instantly an alert is sent when someone makes contact, allowing members to log in and then respond to the message instantly.

Mini Chatango Boxes enables users to embed a private or public chat group on other platforms. This is considered one of the main points. Essentially, they’re small chat rooms that can be customized.

Search Functions

Once the software has been embedded, it’s possible for users to search for other people. Using the username or location, users can discover like-minded users. It’s a simple search feature and follows the overall design of the website. Users shouldn’t expect similar search options to dating services, though. There’s no ability to search by mobile number or use an advanced search by location or gender. This could disappoint users who want to meet people nearby. Despite this, users are looking to chat, which is what the site is designed for. It’s not a dating service per se but more about bringing people together.

Safety & Security

When meeting people online, safety is a significant part of the process. Users require their safety to be taken care of because meeting random people online is a risk. While there are a number of fake services out there, Chatango does things differently; they completely transfer any responsibility to users. Of course, you always have your own discretion when choosing a dating and chatting service, but Chatango gives you a platform, and it’s your choice of how you are going to use it.

Unfortunately, unlike other services, email verification is not part of the registration process. This means that the service puts its users in control and places trust in them. Moreso, unregistered users can use public chat rooms along with regular members, and they are displayed as “Anons” – anonymous users. However, suppose users do meet abusive or offensive content or a member (even anonymous). In that case, they have the ability to block them. The service has support on hand around the clock, which is ideal for those seeking help. Despite this, the service does encourage users to report any fake accounts or fraudulent activity. Along with this, users are reminded that they shouldn’t share personal information when using the service, but that’s the rule for any chatting and dating service out there.


Chatango is still a service that is needed by people who love to keep things simple. Users have the ability to chat with other users but also the option to embed chat rooms onto their website. It’s a throwback to online connections twenty years ago – a nostalgia trip of a service. It has fewer features than other websites, yet the registration is quick and easy. Despite this, many people require more when meeting people online, and this may not hit the spot.

Questions & Answers

Is Chatango Safe?

The service does use the usual encryption solutions to provide an element of security. Despite this, users should consider themselves in control of their own safety. Users are reminded to remain vigilant for fake accounts, although the support is on hand should users feel the need to discuss their safety.

Is It A Real Dating Site?

It’s considered more of a chatting service, but people still get to meet if they like talking to each other like on a dating site. It makes the service real if you’re considering whether it is genuine or not. Chatango allows members to chat with each other, but it might not be designed to look for long-term relationships.

How Do You Use Chatango?

Chatango can be downloaded via the Play Store or the Apple App Store. It can also be used on a laptop and desktop via various chat rooms you can join or create for yourself. Users can sign up, and then they have access to the full service or find a chat room and message anonymously.

Is It Free To Use?

The great thing about Chatango is that it’s completely free to use. Members might think that there is going to be a catch, but it’s only in how limited the service is. It offers a few features, but everything except backgrounds and emojis costs absolutely nothing.

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