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Xmatch.com is an online dating site that specializes in helping connect people that want to have hookups with each other. It’s a unique dating service, offering people the unique opportunity to have hot encounters online. Yet, there are many layers to this website that we need to examine before you start using it to have hot dates. Specifically, we’re going to ask the question: how does Xmatch.com work? Then we’re going to answer it and many more questions throughout the Xmatch.com dating site review.

All in all, you have many methods in which you can find people in, and around your area using this site and it’s very interesting for people seeking casual dating outcomes. We’ll start the review by looking at why you should sign up and how to go about that process in general.

Pros & Cons

There are a lot of members using this site for hookups
It’s a sex-positive website so you can count on finding people interested in it
You can join the chat rooms on the website to find people
Diverse user base
The website is mostly men

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for Xmatch.com are a little more complicated than the ones you might be used to. Instead of just relying on the site’s subscription, you also have to consider the fact that the site has credits that you can use for tipping other people on the website. We’re going to review the payment options for the subscription and then add pricing for the credits:

There are many ways to consider the pricing for this website, but it’s clear that you should come ready to spend some money to be a part of the community.


1 month


1 month


200 credits

Free services Vs. Paid services

The vast majority of dating sites have free and paid services, and Xmatch.com is no different. This online dating site has several elements that are free and some that are hidden behind the paywall. Keep that in mind when you read these lists.

Free services
You can use most special features
You can use credits to make your own videos
Get involved on the hotlist
Paid services
View all contact info of fellow users
Watch broadcasts of members and tip them
Chat with members live
View the shows with the live models

Easy to Use

Using Xmatch.com is simple, and the process is made a lot easier by the presence of various special features that you will come across on the website. Here are some of the most important elements of the website that we were able to find online. For one thing, Xmatch has a “Hot or Not” section where you can enter and rate people as being hot or not based on their picture. This can help you connect with people that are attractive to you and didn’t turn up in your searches.

Another element of the website that you can enjoy is the Sex Academy, where the site teaches you a lot of interesting things about the act and the fetishes surrounding it. The website has many other features, too. For example, there is a blog and an erotic stories section where you can share some of the exploits that you have been a part of in your time.

Search Functions

The website has a number of methods that you can use to find partners. Here is how to search on Xmatch.com. For example, Xmatch.com has a search filter system that you can use to find people on the website. While some people use the site to meet people that are younger, some people want to find partners that are in their area. The website lets you find people based on the criteria that you personally set. Another way to meet people on the site is through the chatroom. You have to find one with people that are from your country for the best experience, though.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea for you to try out the hot list and see if that yields any results for you. That way, you will be able to randomly seek people instead of being locked into finding them on your own. There is no matching available on the website, so you are mostly responsible for finding the dates you desire by yourself.

Safety & Security

Every dating website that is worth anything has a good security feature on it. One of the passive security elements of Xmatch.com is that the website costs money to use. That way, scammers have deterred through financial means right away. Yet, the website has other features that are important for safety and security. You’ll see the encryption elements on the website and on the app that ensure your payment and private information remains safe while you’re online. Beyond that, the website is very useful in some respects, like having clear terms and privacy policies on their site.

One thing that they could do a lot better on the website is to create a vetting process for the emails and profiles of individuals that use the site. However, that comes with its own issues that the site has not yet addressed.


All in all, Xmatch.com is a massive site with a lot of fun and sexy interactions happening all the time. While the website could do better in some areas, between the various features and the app, it has more than enough to compensate for any shortcomings that it has. All in all, the site is above average and unique in the sense that it helps people have sexual relations.

Questions & Answers

How to change city Xmatch?

You can change the city in your personal account settings. If you can’t do it there, then you should contact support, and they will put through the change for you.

How to delete Xmatch account?

You can delete your account through the settings or with the help of the site’s management. However, it’s a good idea to fully delete everything that you uploaded on the site to make sure it’s all gone.

How safe is Xmatch?

The site is very safe because it can help you block and report people that are bothering you on the site has encryption and contains a lot of other beneficial elements for security.

How to block someone on Xmatch?

You can click on their username and block them.

How legit is Xmatch?

Very legit; the site has millions of people using it.

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