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It doesn’t take long to work out how does Loveaholics work, and this Loveaholics dating site review is all about showing you what the service offers and whether it is worth joining. This dating service is all about giving people the chance to enjoy a relaxed dating adventure. Whether you are looking for a romantic date or something casual, a Loveaholics experience is certainly worth a try.

There are chat rooms and many other features available for you to take advantage of, and that is why this site is popular with many members. Interaction is easy, and finding people is simple, this is what makes this service so enjoyable to use. Getting to grips with it takes very little time, and that means that users can get dating right away.

Pros & Cons

This dating service provides a wide range of chat rooms, and that makes it possible to meet lots of people and immerse yourself in the entire experience.
Unlike many other services out there, it is also free to register, which is a great advantage to using this service. It is a great way of trying it out before you commit to it.
One of the best features of this service is the way in which it makes it easy to search for other members. It instantly displays people who are located near to you as well as those who are online.
After signing up, users are bombarded with messages and matches after using the filters. This can be overwhelming for those who are new to the service.
There is no android app available for the service, which might turn people away, given the way that people want to date with ease these days.

Pricing Plans

The great thing about Loveaholics is that it offers several packages to suit the needs of all users, and that gives them access to a package that suits them.

The list of Loveaholics pricing can be seen as:


41.40 USD
1 Months


69.30 USD
6 Months


111.60 USD
12 Months

Free services Vs. Paid services

The great thing about Loveaholics is the way that it makes it possible for people to sign up for free before deciding whether they want to make use of the paid service.

Free services
As part of the free service users can:
Search for other members
Look at basic profiles
Take advantage of five free chats
Paid services
As part of the paid service users can:
Enjoy unlimited chats
See Bigger Images
Find out the “Looking For” info
Carry out an extended search
Benefit from Premium Support
Share Photos and Videos in chats

Easy to Use

It really could not be any easier to use, and that is what makes this service stand out. Complicated dating services should be a thing of the past, and Loveaholics makes sure that members can get what they want as easily as possible.The website instantly displays members who are located nearby, and that gives users the chance to see who is about. What’s more, they can also search for people based on whether they are currently online or not. This means that they can find people who they can get chatting to right away.

The website also has a chat room that encourages users to chat, and the process of using it is very simple. What’s more, the advanced search tool also gives users the chance to find people who meet their specific needs, and that makes dating so simple. Also, it is simple to create a profile, to look at profiles, and the messaging system is a breeze to use.

Search Functions

If you want to know how to search on Loveaholics, then it could be any easier. You can search for users quickly because the search function is located on the first page. Therefore, you input which you are looking for, their age, and location. You can also make use of the search filters, which means you can search for someone based on their ethnicity, hair color, and many other parameters. Effectively, having the ability to search with ease means that it takes no time at all to find someone and start messaging them. With all of this in mind, there is no function to search by username, but that is not an issue given that you can search base on your likes.

Safety & Security

Loveaholics customer service is extremely safe and secure, ensuring that users have a reliable experience. From the sign-up verification to the FAQ and even incognito mode, this dating site ensures the dating safety of all of its members. There are moderators online too, which means that users can feel safe each time they log in.


It seems as though Loveaholics is perfect for those who are looking for a simple dating service. It keeps everything streamline and simple, but the instant message notifications can become a nuisance. With that in mind, if people want to try online dating for the first time, then there is no doubt that this is the ideal place to start.

Questions & Answers

What is the Loveaholics website?

Loveaholics is a dating website that brings members together to find love and romance. Simple to use and extremely friendly, it makes dating fun and exciting once again. Therefore, users will love the dating experience from the very first minute.

How good is Loveaholics?

As far as dating online goes, Loveaholics is a great site that really won’t disappoint. It has everything that users could need, and that ensures that they get as much from online dating as possible.

What are these Loveaholics notifications?

The Loveaholics notifications are designed to tell you who is looking at your profile while also showing you whether you have any messages. They are a great way for users to keep their fingers on the pulse.

How to change the username for Loveaholics?

This is simple. All it takes is for users to go into their profile and click the edit button next to their username. Then they can change it and save it.

How to delete a Loveaholics account?

This is another simple process. All users need to do is go to their profile, click on settings, and scroll to the bottom. Here they will see “Remove Account.” Once they click this, they will be asked to enter their password before going through the entire process.

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