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How does WhatsYourPrice work? Our WhatsYourPrice dating site review will delve a little deeper into what seems like a fairly unique type of matchmaking resource. Unlike the traditional model of providing lists of potential dates for customers to trawl through with no guarantee, anything will come of any contact, and the WhatsYourPrice experience is based on promising dates.

How is this done? Simple. Rather than wasting anyone's time with what can become a drawn-out process of familiarization, this site offers incentives. Members place bids on attractive singles. The subject then decides which of these offers to accept. Once this has been established, the bidder must pay the agreed amount during the date, including all the expenses incurred during the date.

Pros & Cons

Because this is an incentive-driven site, if you are prepared to splash the cash, you can guarantee yourself a date with any person you have set your sights on
This is a popular site, attracting over five million bids on first dates
Unlike the traditional dating model, when you can gamble of getting to know someone special over time, expect to pay around $125 for your first date on WhatsYourPrice.

Pricing Plans

List of WhatsYourPrice pricing:

50.00 USD
100 Credits
150.00 USD
450 Credits
250.00 USD
1000 Credits

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Creating your dating profile
Browsing through the site, checking out the profiles and photos of existing members
Sending 'winks' to let other site users know they have an admirer
Paid services
Bidding on dates
Messaging people, you are interested in meeting

Easy to Use

WhatsYourPrice is well laid out, with an understated but slick design, making it appear contemporary – this is a good achievement considering the site has now been up and running for almost a decade. The homepage will allow you to keep track of members who are online at the moment, and local to you. Other features are easy to use – a search option, the option to click on your favorites, access to the bids you have made, and an option to check on any messages received.

The seamless nature of the site's functionality means you are enticed to keep persevering with the auction aspect until you land a successful first date. If you don't succeed, WhatsYourPrice will take you through the whole process again.

The site strives to achieve a balance between supply and demand with what is termed a 'first date incentive.' This is when a generous member bids on a first date with an attractive member. The attractive member can then accept, decline, or counter with a different price. The generous member then gives the attractive member this incentive, but only after they have met up for an actual date.

Search Functions

How to search on WhatsYourPrice is a core function. Once you've completed your profile, you head to the search page where you can search profiles of various women who are eager to receive bids. How to use WhatsYourPrice search? There are filters that you can adjust until you've constructed the ideal parameters for your 'catchment.' Once selected, these filters will become your default until you alter them again.

Safety & Security

WhatsYourPrice has a comprehensive customer support system. If you need to query aspects of the service, there is a FAQ page. If you require more in-depth support, you can raise a ticket.

Dating safety is also a paramount concern. Given the bidding nature of the site, there is an obvious temptation for users to sign up for more unscrupulous reasons. But WhatsYourPrice is adamant that escorts are not allowed.

WhatsYourPrice advises email verification as an important step towards establishing the authenticity of your account.


WhatsYourPrice is an unusual dating website, in that it dispenses with a lot of the traditional matchmaking attributes and provides a shortcut to a relationship. Site users can bid on the people they would like to date, who then accept whichever bid they wish, and then agree to the location for the first date.

There are obvious misgivings in some quarters, with many questioning the morality of dates being offered to the highest bidder. But the bottom line is that nobody is coerced into this activity, so if the bidder has money to spend, and a site user is up for being wined and dined by the person she has agreed to rendezvous with, then the entire set-up is really above-board.

The website itself is easily navigatable, well-designed, and has a competent customer support service.

Questions & Answers

What is WhatsYourPrice?

This dating site works on a pretty unique model. Dates are not arranged in the 'conventional' manner of many other generic websites, but according to bids made on particular singles. The initiative lies with female members who gain full access to the site's features. The male daters have to pay for the date, as well as paying a fee to unlock messages. This might seem slanted towards the female singles, but many men are willing to pay for a service that will guarantee a date with the person of their choosing.

How does WhatsYourPrice work?

Members place bids on a date, who then has the option of deciding which bid to accept.

How do you get paid on WhatsYourPrice?

The deal is sealed when a couple meets on their first date, with the bidder obliged to cover all the dating costs. For instance, if you are the member who has been bidded on, you might get paid by having an expensive meal covered.

How long does it take to get approved on WhatsYourPrice?

It should take no more than one hour.

Who owns WhatsYourPrice?

The site is owned by Singapore-born US businessman, Brandon Wade, who also owns Seeking Arrangement.

How do I receive money on WhatsYourPrice?

The website merely arranges the dates. The bidder will pay for the dating expenses.

How do I contact customer service for WhatsYourPrice?

You refer to the Support/Help Center, where you can raise a ticket.

How to accept gifts on WhatsYourPrice?

A variety of gifts can be exchanged – everything from a dozen roses to tennis lessons. Virtual gifts can be emailed.

How do I broaden my search radius on WhatsYourPrice?

Simply refer to the 'filters' at the top-right corner of the search page to refine the results you hope to obtain.

What are credits on WhatsYourPrice?

Starting at 50 credits, this is the virtual currency the website uses for its functionality. So rather than bidding in actual dollars, you purchase so many credits first, then bid with these.

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