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Collarspace is a free site that offers unlimited messaging. Mainly targeted at BDSM fans, it’s based around the slogan “safe, sane and consensual.” The site has around 500,000 different visitors a month, with the vast majority of these being based in the US. Some people are looking for serious long-term relationships here, but most users join to turn their BDSM fantasies into reality. Read on to find out more about the Collarspace experience.

Pros & Cons

Find fellow BDSM fans
Create journals
Make notes
Basic web design
No app available
Some content could cause offense

Pricing Plans

You don’t need to pay anything to use Collarspace. This may be one reason why it has remained popular over the years despite its basic and rather dated design.

Easy to Use

The content on Collarspace can be very graphic, so this site is not for the faint of heart. The wait to get your account approved can be frustrating as you can’t send any messages until this has happened. You also need to get Java runtime added to your browser if you want to post on the public messaging board or start a private chat. You can also meet fellow BDSM lovers in the chat room. Other things users can do include writing personal notes about members and creating journals. Everyone will be able to see your profile photo. The members won’t be able to see these notes – they are just for your personal use. If you want to add more information to your profile later or change anything, this won’t be a problem.

Search Functions

Need to know how to search on Collarspace? Then read on. Collarspace comes with advanced search options, with categories including not only age and gender but slave, sub, dom, switch, and so on. You can add information about interests, including your hobbies, spiritual interests, sports activities, and BDSM preferences. Anyone will be able to see the journals that you might wish to pen. Want to know how to message someone on Collarspace? You’ll be able to do this as soon as your account is approved.

Safety & Security

There is plenty of information about dating safety in the FAQs. If anyone is bothering you, you can block or report them to the Collarspace customer service team.


Collarspace has received mixed reviews over the years, with some members saying it has failed to make the most of the many technological advancements that have emerged over the years. The site probably isn’t for you if you’re likely to be shocked by graphic content, but there are some useful features here if this isn’t going to be an issue for you. However, it’s a serious, deep, and meaningful long-term relationship you desire, you may be better off looking elsewhere. If you put someone in your favorites, they will be alerted to this. This is a good way to encourage someone to talk to you if you lack confidence. There is also a lot of informative information on the site that covers a range of relevant topics, including the transgender community, respectfully using the site, issues affecting the LGBT+ community, and so on. Events are frequently advertised on the site, and these can include everything from swingers’ parties to pride parades. Many people have complained about a large number of fake and dormant profiles on the site, and it’s possible for individuals to browse your profile and download your content without signing up. Collarspace has undoubtedly been a useful resource for many users around the world, but it’s worth thinking very carefully about what you post on the site.

Questions & Answers

How to delete a Collarspace profile?

Go to My Account and click on Close Account if you wish to leave Collarspace.

How to send photos on Collarspace?

If you want to send photos to someone, you can do this via the messaging facility. Any photos that you upload to your profile will be visible to everyone.

How to make Collarspace chat?

Once your account is approved, you will be able to use the private messaging facility and talk to members in the chat rooms.

How to retrieve a lost password for Collarspace

There is a password reset function, but you can always contact the customer service page if you have any issues with this.

Who owns Collarspace?

Collarspace appears to be owned by Bayshore Software Technologies Inc.

How do I know if someone blocked me on Collarspace?

If someone disappears from Collarspace, they may have blocked you – or they may have simply left the site.

How to contact Collarspace support?

There is a useful FAQ page, but you can also go to the main menu and head to the support tab if this doesn’t resolve your query.

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