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Overview is an online dating website that has a lot going for it because it is a sugar daddy website that has conformed to the new laws to have an acceptable, yet fun dating site. The question that most people ask is how works. That question is what we’re going to focus on in our dating site review.

We’ll show you how to sign up on the website and what to expect from the experience there. The site shows a lot of signs that it has good elements that will attract many people, so without further ado; we’ll look at how to sign up online.

Pros & Cons

Stringent security features
Detailed profiles make finding people easy
The site has a forum to talk to others about the site and dating
Members come from many age groups
Lacks a mobile app
Would be better with video chats available

Pricing Plans is a paid site, and it’s important to understand the pricing plans that go along with it. These are the pricing plans for


1 Months


3 months


6 Months

Free services Vs. Paid services

There are a lot of things that you can only do as a paying member of the website, so keep that in mind when you are considering joining this website. The site has a free service and a paid service. The difference between these two is pretty steep since there are some things that you can only do when you’re paying for a membership on the site. Here is what you can expect out of the free and paid services online.

Free services
You can read messages you get from others
You can make your profile and upload pictures
You can look at the pictures that others have put up on the website
Set favorites to know who you like the most
Paid services
Full access to messages
Become a member of the forum
Use instant messaging features
Use the match system

Easy to Use is a site that uses different special features to help you find the men or women that you want. Some of these features include the matching system that is called “Meet My Match.” Once you use this, you’ll be shown different potential matches. You can decide to connect with them or not, simply by clicking yes or no. text

Another neat element of the website is the quality score, something that has been implemented to separate the serious individuals from the people that are there to play games. Premium members can get their rating up a lot higher, faster, but everyone can level theirs up. You have to do certain things on the site to make this happen, but just being a good person online is a very helpful element in raising your score. The site also has extensive forums that talk about different reasons that people love the site, what they’re dealing with personally, and more. Overall, the forum is a good place for you to connect with others on the website.

Search Functions

Finding a match on is the most important part of the site. After all, you want to meet people online to be your sugar daddy or sugar baby. Here’s how to search on First, you can look through the profile lists of people that are on the website and find individuals that are interesting to you. This is done by placing several filters on your searches so that you can meet people that have the features you want. Maybe you want a sugar daddy with a history of being generous, or you want a sugar baby that is blonde and in college. Anything you want is basically just for the asking.

Another way to meet singles on is by using the matching service. This isn’t a particular form of matching, but it helps you gamify the method of finding someone by showing you a profile and asking if you want to match. It’s very simple, but it can take some time to find someone that is right for you that way.

Safety & Security

The security of the people on is essential to the site owners. They want everyone to follow the rules and have great time building relationships. That is why the site has a pretty stringent form of security in place for people that are using the dating website.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the website is that everything has to be approved by the moderators here. They will approve your initial picture and profile to make sure that you’re following the rules. They will keep an eye out for other infractions along the way. This is helpful at deterring people from scamming and such. The site also uses regular security and encryption protocols on the website to give people a high level of safety and protection while online.

Summary is a legitimate dating website for people that want to find a sugar daddy and sugar baby dating outcomes. It’s a site that has enough features to get the job done, but they lack a lot of modern touches. For example, the site is without an app and doesn’t have video chatting. While they might have some good reasoning behind those decisions, they need to reinvest in their customer base by making a better site. All in all, this is a good site, but many improvements are waiting to be made.

Questions & Answers

How do I reactivate my account SugarDaddy?

Reactivating your account involves logging in and restarting it in your settings, or having customer services help you with it.

How to delete SugarDaddy account?

If you’ve found someone and want to delete your account, then you can go to the settings section, click on the cancel tab, and “permanently cancel account.”

Is safe?

Yes, the site is very safe according to modern dating site standards, and the website has conformed to the new rules that are in place for dating sites specializing in sugar daddies and sugar babies.

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