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What impressed the most about this site is the number of features available and how these features managed to make the work easier on the site. When it comes to messaging, the site has an instant voice and video messages, and you can video chat with any member as long as she is up for it. You can also communicate using emails, but that’s a bit old fashioned. There is also a mobile app available for those who don’t have a likening for websites. Email support is available, phone support is nearly nonexistent, and neither of them is available throughout the 24 hours in a day. The live online chat is very lovely and active, and it’s a great way to pass the time. The FAQ section has some common questions that they have provided solutions for, but they have only covered a few of the areas that seem to have a lot of questions.

Spdate.com works in a very simple way, and you only need to sign up via the site and input a few of your details, namely your name, email address, gender, and date of birth. After confirmation of your profile, you will be ready to start your business on the site. The experience on the site was mainly warm and welcoming because the one didn’t have an issue navigating the site and getting to interact with the women there. The website also happens to have a very modern design that is catchy, and you can find yourself spending hours and hours on the site. The only setback you will have with this site is that there are more men than women, so getting the perfect woman can take quite some time. Paciencia paga (patience pays) as the Spanish say, and that seems to be the mantra of this site. If you are patient enough, you might just find the one woman you are seeking.

Pros & Cons

Multiple ways to register
Lots of Women
Credible accounts
No hidden charges
Free to use
Multiple methods of communication
Spam emails
A higher ratio of men to women
Too many popups
Hard to delete profile

Pricing Plans

What makes Spdate.com lucrative to new users especially is that there are no paid plans on the site. Everything is offered free, and you cannot encounter any hidden features there. Unlike many dating sites that purport to be free, yet they have hidden pricing plans, every feature on the site is offered free. Here are the free services offered by the site, these can be accessed by anyone as long as their profile is confirmed by the site.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Spdate.com has only a free pricing plan, and there are no features that require members to pay in order to access them. So this is one of the impressive things that they have managed to do in this modern age.

Easy to Use

One of the things that can make Spdate.com a bit hard to use is the many popups that come up to the screen. These can be friend requests, sex requests, and even live messages. Apart from that, everything else runs smoothly, and their interface is simple enough for the common man to go through. The online matching feature will take into account your details and give a number of recommendations best suited to you. This is why it’s very important for you to give real details about yourself so as not to get recommended to women whom you share nothing about. Another feature that can be quite helpful is the sex request feature, and you can use this to hit up on a woman straight up. There is no beating around the bush; this is a direct request to have sex with a woman. Playing your games right can make you receive a lot of sex requests. There is also a functional video call feature, and you can use this to chat with a woman and make things a bit more interesting. The features on the site are worth your time.

Search Functions

The search feature on the site has filters that are meant to refine your search results. You can filter the results by location, age, relationship status, and even height!! This can point you towards women in your area who might be interested in whatever you are seeking. Do not panic if the website or app does not get the exact location of where you are because it can be off by a mile or two. This feature works well alongside the discover in nearby area section because you can find women in both sections, which means they are more likely to suit your dating demands. Simply go to the search section, input your filter parameters, and you will have the results in a second.

Safety & Security

Verification plays a huge role when it comes to considering the security of a dating website, and on this site, there is the use of phone verification and email verification. This goes a long way in ensuring that most profiles on the site are legit, and there are no scammers masquerading as women or men in search of love. Verification is also supposed to ensure that there are no underage persons on the site. During the time on the site any fraudsters were encountered. The customer service at Spdate.com is somewhat functional, although it doesn’t provide 24-hour support, at certain times you can be on hold for even an hour. The issue will be resolved, but it will come at the price of waiting. Using the site in incognito mode on your browser will limit the discover nearby feature because the site will be barred from accessing your location. Additionally, you cannot search by location while this mode is on in your browser.


Spdate.com has its flaws like any other dating site out there, what makes it stand out is that it’s entirely free to use and it has an abundance of good solid features and members. I would recommend it anyone seeking love or companionship, although you have to beware of the ads or scammers that might be on it.

Questions & Answers

How to unsubscribe from Spdate.com?

First you will need to login to your account at Spdate.com or via the app. Click on settings and look for the ‘delete profile’ part. Next, go on remove and tick on all the boxes that appear on the next page. Your account will be gone for good.

Who owns Spdate.com?

Spdate.com is owned and hosted in the USA

Spdate.com, when did it come out?

Spdate.com came out at around 2007, and it has been operational since then, facilitating thousands of hookups and relationships.

Is Spdate.com Legit?

Yup, this is a legit site and there a lot of people who have found their mates here. Popups on the screen can be a bit confusing, though.

How to download Spdate.com app?

The Spdate.com app can be downloaded on the play store for android phones and on the App Store for iPhones. A simple search on both platforms will lead you to the app.

How to block Spdate.com app?

This depends on your phone, but the app can be blocked from installation or even sending notifications.

What is Spdate.com customer service?

There is a functional customer service, although you will find, put that it is not operational 24/7. However, they can be quite helpful.

Is Spdate.com free?

Spdate.com is free to use, you will not be paying a dime to access any features on the site.

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