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Wildmeets.com is designed to bring people together who can meet simply and easily. As a result, the Wildmeets.com experience is one that will leave members wanting more because of how the service promises to offer it all. This Wildmeets.com review is designed to give you an insight into all the features while ensuring that you can determine what the site offers and whether it is right for you. We make it possible for you to work out how does Wildmeets.com works, and that takes all the hard work out of having to find out for yourself.

A dating service that promises to give users all they need, it might be all you need to find that perfect date. However, it might fall short too.

Pros & Cons

As with any dating service, there are positives and negatives. Understanding what they are can help you to find the right service and make the most of the dating service that awaits.

It takes a matter of minutes to get your account up and running, which is why it is perfect for those who prefer a no-nonsense sign-up process.
The site is well-designed and is certainly a great choice for those who like to keep things simple. Everything is where it needs to be, and that will please many.
The search function is neat and ensures that users can find what they are looking for without the hassle.
The site seems to be lacking any kind of finesse, and it all feels too simple. More sophistication would give it a better feel.
The search function could be more detailed, as it could make it difficult for users to find what they want.
The signing up process, although quick, will disappoint people as they might feel as though they should have to complete the profile setup as this could deter scammers.

Pricing Plans

The pricing plans for Wildmeets.com give users the chance to find a plan that works for them. The list of Wildmeets.com pricing is:


3 day
1 month
3 months
6 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Wildmeets.com offers the following:

Free services
Simple search function
Matches displayed on the homepage
Up to five free chats
Paid services
Unlimited chats
Unlimited searches
Bigger photos
In-depth search
Enhanced support

Easy to Use

Wildmeets.com is an ideal service for those who love to keep things simple. The design will really capture users’ attention as it is slick, smart, and easy on the eye. There is just the right information displayed on the homepage, which includes images of those who could match your needs.

The search is displayed clearly at the top of the screen while your profile can be accessed from the top right. What’s more, it is easy to see if you have any messages too, and that can give people confidence in the service in every way.

Messaging is simple as once you have clicked through to a profile, the chat button is clearly identifiable, and after clicking that, the chatbox will open up.

Search Functions

Users won’t have to worry about how to search on Wildmeetsc.com because it really does make it as intuitive as possible. The search function sits at the top of the screen, and here users can carry out a basic search based on their gender age, and they can even search by city. So, it could not be any easier to search profiles.

Along with this, users can also filter their search based on other search parameters such as eye or hair color.

Safety & Security

There is a verification process that comes with signing up, and that will please many. However, that is as far as it goes when it comes to safety. Dating safety could be better, although there are members who are site admin, and they use the site as usual members to make sure that everything is as it should be. The Wildmeets.com customer service is good enough, and the help section gives an impressive range of FAQs too.


On the whole, Wildmeets.com is a very good dating site, although it is slightly simple. This is great for those who want to try online dating, but then they might find that the site should offer more. With that in mind, it is easy to use and makes all of the features simple to access. Overall, it is a site that does the job and works really well.

Questions & Answers

How to uninstall Wildmeets?

There is no need to uninstall Wildmeets as users can use the website to date online.

Is Wildmeets.com free?

It is free to join, and that will give users the chance to use the most basic of features. Despite this, if they want to use all of the features, then they will need to take out a subscription.

What is the phone number for Wildmeets.com?

The telephone number is 0-808-271-1599

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