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Ourteennetwork is the very first dating site for teenagers. It is also a social platform where teenagers can meet other people, not solely for dating purposes. It was first launched in 2012 and now serves teenagers from different parts of the world. This site is only for people between the ages of 13 and 19. There are strict measures in place that prevent adults from joining this website. Teens can meet new people of their age, make friends, and even go for dates. Ourteennetwork gives teens a platform to know more about others before beginning a relationship.

How it Works

This teen dating site works similarly to Facebook. To become a member, you have to create an account using an email address. Without an account, users can only browse through the website. An account permits you to chat, send messages, and requests to others on Ourteennetwork.

Pros & Cons

It is 100% free
It is mobile friendly
It is only for teens
Social media search
Not enough interesting features
Basic design
Not entirely secure
Teens need parental consent

Pricing Plans

Members on Ourteennetwork are not charged for using the site. With a free sign up, members can search and send messages to other users. However, to remain on this platform, you have to adhere to the set rules.

This site makes money through ads, which most people find annoying. So this may interfere with your experience when searching for members. Considering that Ourteennetwork is free, it is completely understandable that they resort to ads to pay staff members.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Ourteennetwork does not offer any paid services. All of the services on this platform are without charge.

Free services
Signing up
Searching for members
Viewing members status
Sending messages
Joining chat rooms
Joining forums.

Easy to Use

When you open Ourteennetwork, you will notice that it has a blue background. The site has some navigation buttons that easily switch between different. So it is a very functional website at best. The main pages include Forums, Chat, and Teens. Below this, you can see some of the pictures of the members on the website.

The Teen Forum offers discussions on different topics, including gaming, homosexuals, and relationships. Teens are free to join the forum of their choice. Teens usually come up with their topics. Note that you can only join a live discussion once you are a member of a forum. Under Teen Forum, you can be directed to the Teen Dating Forum. This page has a list of different groups that you can join.

There are different chat rooms for teenagers. Therefore you can join a live discussion of your choice. All you need is a valid email to join a chat room. The Teens button is for searching purposes. So if you want to meet new people, go to teens, and use filters to find like-minded people.

Search Functions

Three are two ways of searching for members. You can either click on the pictures in the gallery or use the Teens button. Once you do that, you can search for members using different categories. For example, you can check for online members. Other features you can use include:

  • Recent activity
  • New members
  • Most viewed members

Users can also use the Girls or Boys buttons to find other teenagers. Clicking on this button will lead to a gallery of boys or girls. This search will also show the age, locations, and social media accounts of members. It is also possible to specify your search based on the people you want to meet. Another way to search is by using the username of other social media platforms like Instagram. When you select one of these social media platforms, you can input the username and search if that person is on Ourteennetwork.

If you want to interact with a member, you can send a request. Also, you can send messages for free to anyone on this dating site.

Safety & Security

If you open the site, you will notice that you can see some pictures of users in the gallery. Also, you can search for members based on their activity. Therefore, the website isn't exactly private. Another fact that supports this is that even people who are not registered can view some members' profiles. The only way to avoid this is by making your account private. This way, people won't be able to see your recent activities.

The site claims to protect its members by removing all accounts that have invalid IP addresses. There is no way of preventing random visitors from accessing the site. So there is fear that adults may be viewing this website. However, users cannot join until they prove they are between 13 and 19 years old.

Teens can protect themselves by taking certain measures:

    Ourteennetwork uses cookies that collect user information. However, this is purely for improving the user experience. Personal information is never shared with other companies. Communications on the website are completely private.

    This teen dating site is constantly monitoring its accounts to make sure that any red flags are removed. With the latest security protocols, Ourteennetwork provides a secure place for teens to send messages, discuss different topics, and date.

    Any account that is not active for more than 90 days is removed immediately to reduce security risks. Once a member becomes 20 years old, their account is removed automatically to make sure that only teenagers are on the website.

  • Creating strong passwords. Members are encouraged to create a unique password for Ourteennetork. Using the same password for other social media platforms is strongly discouraged.
  • Using a username. This offers some protection so that no one can find the actual identity of teenagers.
  • Keeping an account private. This means that no one can find the user unless he or she gives permission.


Ourteennetwork is the only dating site for teenagers around the world. This website is free for all people who sign up. The website tries its best to make sure that members are strictly between the eyes of 13 to 19. This site is available for the public to view, although only members can send requests and messages. It is easy to use with smooth navigation.

Teens on this platform can meet other teenagers, visit chat rooms, and join forums that discuss different topics. However, there are no strict security measures in place. Users have to take care of this by using strong passwords and different user names.

Questions & Answers

Is it safe for teens to use Ourteennetwork?

It is not completely safe since even visitors can see user accounts. Security heavily relies on teenagers taking measures to protect themselves.

Is Ourteennetwork an authentic site?

Yes. It has thousands of members from different parts of the world. Users have to verify that they are teenagers before signing up.

Can you use Ourteennetwork for free?

Yes. All teenagers are welcome to sign for free. All features on this site are free of charge.

How does Ourteennetwork work?

All you need to use this website is an account. Teens need to get consent from parents before creating an account. With an email address, you can create an account within minutes.

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