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Founded in 2008, is a free dating site designed to help adult men and women connect with each other for hookups and long-term relationships. The site sees more than 6,000 visitors per month from the U.S alone. The vast majority of the users of the site are people aged 18-35, but you can also find over 35 men and women for relationships.

Pros & Cons

Featured matches from the website
Search functions are available for free
Sending messages is free
Occasional fake profiles
Limited shout-outs for free members
No privacy for your profiles
Anyone can create fake profiles
Pages take time to load

Pricing Plans

You get to use all the services and features free of cost, and that's probably the biggest benefit of registering on The issue is that even a seemingly free site needs to find a way to generate revenues, and this site does it through ads. By the way, some users believe that the site makes money by selling your info, but that may or may not be true. You have to pay nothing for the basic services, but they cost you to get rid of ads and gain access to shout-outs.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Sign up for Account
Creation of Profile
Searching Options
Messaging functions
Profile Themes
Paid services
No ads

Easy to Use

The site is completely free to use, and it seems they have made it super simple to browse as well. The color scheme is a bit dull, but it is still quite functional. It uses navigational menus, tabs, and drop-down menus for easy browsing.

Some many tools and features further simplify the task of finding a date. The process of creating your profile and uploading a photo is never tricky, and that's quite good. Keep in mind that your profile photo needs to be approved first, and that's why it has to be a clear, unified photo of your face.

Finding the right matches is also easy. Many users like the fact that they can use the feature called "Showing Who Liked You," which makes it easy to find the list of people who have already liked your profile. You can check them and like them back if you wish.

Similarly, the list of potential dating partners called "Potential Brides" further simplifies the idea of meeting the right person. The site relies on a special search algorithm to find potential partners. It seems to be a good feature, but many users believe that most of them are fakes and just to keep you hooked to the site.

While it is natural to suspect the authenticity of the profiles, you have to deal with it considering it's a free-to-use dating site, and anyone can join.

Search Functions

Even though is a free-to-use platform, it still does the hard work to help you find the right matches. You can search using gender, age, sexual orientation, and location as criteria.

What you should understand is that you won't be able to contact and communicate that person unless they like you back. It seems quite tricky and complicated at first, but many users believe that on a platform that is free to use, there has to be a way to decide who could send you a message.

Liking someone is easier, though. You just need to click the "YES" button you can find at the top right of the page. It works quite like a friend's request on social media, but your "like" notification will expire after three days.

Many people like the feature called "Shout-Out", which allows you to send a specific message to thousands of your active members. It helps get your profile the attention it deserves. What you won't like is that you can send a shout-out only from the Tokens page, which may be limited unless you become a gold member. With a free membership, you can only send a single shout-out every 5 days.

Other than using the search functions, you can also try a chat room where you can directly connect with other members and hope to meet a partner too. Keep in mind that it may not prove extremely useful considering millions of users on this free dating site.

Safety & Security

For a free site, the security measures are reasonably good, as they use SSL encryption for data transfer. However, as it's free, you can't stop scammers and fake people from creating accounts. Follow safe dating practices and never share your personal details too early during the communication. Be sure to go to your profile page and use settings to keep your gallery photos private, as it will improve privacy. We suggest you report a fake image or profile as soon as you find it – you can do it by clicking the 'whistle' icon on every profile.


Overall, is a good online dating site with a huge database, but as the site is free, anyone can create an account. Therefore, you will come across lots of fake profiles and scams. You have to develop a sense to distinguish between fake and real profiles. If you proceed carefully, it might help you find a romantic partner.

Questions & Answers

Why is Your Account under Review?

It happens because the automatic customer care system can tag your account for certain activities and put it under review. The staff will check the account and decide if they want to reactive your account. The most common reasons for having your account under review are the use of proxy, excess complaints, inconsistent details, and bad email addresses.

Why Was Your Account Deleted?

Your account may get deleted due to long periods of inactivity. Your account can also be deleted in case it was put under review, and the staff decides it violates their terms of service. Contact the support to know the exact reason.

Is Free?

Yes, the site is 100% free and charges you nothing for interacting with other members. You will have to bear with the ads and use limited Shout-Outs in the free version, though.

How Can You Change Your Username on

The site works in such a way that you can't change your username once you have created it. To choose a new username, you will first have to deactivate your account and then create a new one using the same email address.

Does have an app?

Yes, it does.

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