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This Maturetenders dating site review is designed to give you all that you need to know about this site. It is a site that promises to bring mature people together in a simple and effective way. It claims to bring real members together where they can make use of chat, messaging, and the chance to search as much as they want. Keeping dating simple, it promises to provide a matchmaking service and a design that keeps things simple. Therefore, it could not be any easier to find out how Maturetenders works. As a result, you can trust this review and use it to make the right decision, and that could help you to find your next partner in the easiest possible way.

So, if you want simple dating that promises a unique experience, then this could be the service for you.

Pros & Cons

The registration process is fast and simple. It is quick enough to please those who want to get dating as soon as possible.
Guests can create their profile at another time. This is different from those sites that require profile creation during the signing-up process.
The matchmaking service can be seen in full effect from the moment users log in. They are given a list of local matches directly on the homepage.
For many, the sign-up process might be too simple because it could lead to fake accounts.
The basic search is far too basic, and that means that users will feel the need to take out a subscription for a premium account.
Users will find that the messages they receive when they sign up can become annoying.

Pricing Plans

3 months
6 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Basic search options and features
Matches displayed on the homepage
Chat feature whereby users can only make use of a certain number of free conversations
Ability to create a profile
Paid services
Make use of the full chat
In-depth search options
Enhanced images
Enhanced customer support

Easy to Use

One of the most crucial aspects of any dating site is its ability to make things easy for users. So, beginning with the signing up process, this could not be any easier, and it means that users can get searching for love almost right away. Once logged in, they can then choose to use the matching service, and this is all displayed on the homepage. Giving local members and their images it gives users the chance to browse easily.

However, if guests want to get looking for their own matches, then the search function is extremely intuitive. Located at the top of the page, it is easy to find and simple to use. Basic information is needed while users can also filter their search based on several parameters too. Along with this, the chat feature is accessible via the profile of users, and all that takes is a click of the ‘chat’ button.

Should users want to alter their settings or update their profile, then, all of this can be found in the top right corner of the page. The site could not be more user-friendly, and this certainly works in its favor when it comes to giving users what they want.

Search Functions

When it comes to online dating, users will find that Maturetenders offers one of the most basic search features out there. What this means for users is that they can find what they want with ease. They can search for profiles based on age, location, and what they are seeking. The results are then rather broad but users can then narrow this down by using the filter. This gives them access to more parameters where they can search for people based on their hair color or maybe even their eye color, giving them refined search results.

If users want to find singles that are more suited to their needs, then they will need a premium account, and that will enable them to search using more parameters, returning better results. So, finding out how to search on Maturetenders is a simple process, but the premium account will give them more success.

Safety & Security

Maturetenders feels like a very professional dating site with its polished appearance and features. The signing up process could benefit from a greater level of security as the verification process requires nothing more than a four-digit code, and that could be accessed by many. Perhaps members would feel safer if identification verification was required. However, dating safety is a lot better when it comes to Maturetenders customer service and the FAQ section as there are plenty of questions answered in there.


Overall, this is a very good site that does exactly what it says it does. It brings mature people together and makes online dating extremely easy and accessible. The design, members, and features such as search, chat, and messaging make this a site that can help users to find romance.

Questions & Answers

Is Maturetenders a dating site for seniors?

It is a dating site that is open to seniors. It helps bring older people together, but it is also open to people of all ages because, for many, age is never a barrier.

Does Maturetenders have an app?

No, there is currently no app available for the site. However, the mobile site will work just as well as the main site, providing users with access to all the features they need.

How to delete a Maturetenders account?

To delete an account, head to the avatar in the top right and click ‘Settings.’ Here users can opt to remove their account, which will involve a deletion process.

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