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In the world of online dating, thousands of websites exist serving the purpose of matching people up with other people for relationships, casual or serious. These websites are each divided into niches, sections of interest that draw people to certain kinds of relationships. Some sites may serve the casual niche, like Tinder, while others serve more specific niches. is one of these specific niche-specific dating sites. For this particular site, Passionmature serves the mature women niche, colloquially called “cougars” or “milfs.”

How Passionmature works is that it serves as the intermediary between older women, typically in their 40’s and above, and men who find that age group attractive, typically men in their late 20’s and 30’s. It is a site that transcends the age gap, a gap many are hesitant to cross either from intimidation of trying to date an older and presumably more experienced woman, or taboo revolving around dating women typically much older than the man. Age is a touchy subject, and sometimes can be a deal-breaker when it comes to forming relationships. While a large portion of the age-related niches generally focuses on older men seeking younger women, Passionmature does the opposite, ignoring the taboo. In fact, it embraces it.

The experience of Passionmature is making older women appealing as if age is merely a number. It extends the idea that age is just a number on a piece of paper, and has no general effect on a person’s capabilities or skills when it comes to forming impactful relationships. At the same time, the site does take advantage of age. Age means experience; thus, women are labeled as “cougars” or “milfs,” appealing to the taboos and fulfilling the desires of those willing to experiment with said taboos on the dating scene.

Pros & Cons

Easy to use
Very few complicated functions to deal with
Straightforward registration process
Email verification lessens the use of bots and fake accounts
Fairly abundant searching and messaging options
Almost all of the features are for premium members only
No Mobile app
Only members can see profiles or anything else on the site

Pricing Plans

Free (limited functions) - $0.00


Trial 3 Days


1 Month


3 Months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Making a profile
Sending “kisses” to matches
Basic search functions
Paid services
Instant Messaging
Advanced search functions

Easy to Use is as easy to use as most other dating sites. It does not offer any outstanding special features that may overcomplicate the matching process. Rather, users are free to look at profiles and send and receive messages. Only premium members can message others, however. Free members can send “kisses” to express interest. The matching system follows the yes or no questions asked in the registration process, along with the user’s gender preferences. While there is no mobile app for this dating site, everything is made clear in its desktop version, as is made seamless as a result. The website is not complicated. In fact, much is stripped from its overview, allowing only people who actually sign up any access to any features. With said access, the website is actually quite bare, stripped of lights and moving objects to serve one single purpose, matching people with older women.

Search Functions

The search functions for are fairly typical to other dating sites. A user can search profiles by gender, age, by photo only, and by who is online at that given time. An advanced search function also exists that allows a user to search by region. Search functions can block certain members the user is not interested in as well.

One particular option in the messaging system a user can use in their searching is the ability to invite or enter into private chats with others on the dating site. Users can use instant messenger, allowing them to see when each other is online, as well as the option to set oneself as off-line. There are updates in real-time that allow a user to see when a match is typing a message. Again, sending messages is a premium option, as are most of the search functions, particularly the advanced options. There is no mobile search function, as there is no mobile app to use it on.

Safety & Security

Like other dating sites, keeps a secure system around the information provided by users. All messages, as well as registration details, are encrypted using modern encryption software. Abuse is not tolerated and can be reported to customer support via email or phone. Emails must be verified before an account is registered, lessening the use of bots and fake accounts. All photos are screened by a moderator before being allowed to be posted to profiles, lessening the risk of abuse. Overall, the system is secure and safe to use.


While there are thousands upon thousands of dating websites serving various niches, seems to be serving the mature women niche, otherwise known as the “cougar” or “milf” niche. While this is a fairly popular niche, and there is a lot a site can do to serve this desire for older women, as well as the desire of older women for younger men, this site does not seem to be doing the pursuit justice. It is of the common opinion that the site is a scam, and from further looks, a lot of evidence seems to be pointing in that direction. It has the makings of a true dating site, and its services do offer some who are willing to give it a go, though one must be wary when dealing with what appears to be a scam. Dating sites are one in a million. One cannot be too careful.

Questions & Answers

How to delete account from Passionmature?

On, the site offers two options regarding accounts. A user can hide their profile from others or delete their account. Deleting an account means the user must make a new profile if they choose to return to using the site. To delete an account, a user must first log in for the site. Then the user goes to their account. There is an option to delete the account. Simple as that.

Is Passionmature legit?

While much of Passionmature seems legit, it is of the modern opinion that the site is actually a scam. There is very little detail on its website, and many of the profiles on the site itself have been reported to be fake accounts and bots. Other profiles are even labeled as actors, not real profiles, purely to attract users to use the site. It is very difficult to find any information for this dating site without spending money, adding to its judgment as a scam rather than legit.

Is Passionmature free?

Passionmature has a free option, however, this is severely limited. The only thing a free account can do is basically register an account and set up a profile. A free account can also send “kisses” to express interest, but nothing else.

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