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MatchOcean is a relatively new kid on the block, but it is a refreshing alternative to some of its competitors, with a streamlined look, and an array of well-presented and attractive participants waiting to greet you on the homepage. Unusually, it says that it uses math to assist you in finding your perfect match, and although that might not seem like the sexiest thing you are going to be hearing all day, it does elude to a fun side. What it is talking about are those all-important site algorithms that will work behind the scenes on producing someone who is most compatible. These are promised to be super-efficient and extremely accurate.

As well as this precision matchmaking, the site is free and contains a lot of interesting blog material as well. This is aimed at a more intelligent and discerning contemporary customer than many of the traditional dating networks.

Pros & Cons

Free to register
User-friendly date network
Chats are more informal and affable than pushy
You have to have ‘liked’ someone before they indulge in chatting
You can't use it without a USA IP
There is no live cam

Pricing Plans

There is only a free account option. If you don't live in the USA, you can still chat and post, but only after being redirected to a similar website. At that stage, it is really up to you to keep an eye out for the pricing policy.

Within the USA, you can take advantage of MatchOcean’s streamlined features, liking other accounts, or interacting with fellow members.

Free services Vs. Paid services

See above.

Ease of Use

The first point to make about using MatchOcean is that it is an American dating network. If you don't have a USA IP address, you will be re-directed to comparable chat sites that are affiliated with it. You will still be able to access its excellent background features, such as blogs, dating advice, dating news, and dating stories, all of which provide entertaining and informative articles.

Assuming you have been able to access MatchOcean itself, you’ll quickly get to grips with its many features. Depending on the location information you entered when you completed the registration steps, the site algorithm will detect where you are accessing from, ensuring you receive contact suggestions in your immediate neighborhood as a priority.

You'll see a section on the left sidebar of the site headed 'private photo access.' This is where you can upload discreet photos without bothering other users during chats. The best aspect of this facility is that it puts the breaks on people bombarding other members with photos during their initial chats – everyone likes to work at a different pace, and not everyone will be ready to jump to the next step at the same time.

Search Functions

Go to the ‘browse matches’ button on your left-hand sidebar. This is where you can commence your fun searching, checking out the various filters that will allow you to fine-tune your searches. Perhaps the variation of topics isn’t as detailed as some comparable hookup sites, but there are certainly enough parameters to enable you to get started.

The first option you'll see is a filter stating 'I'm here to.' This is where you can then add your preference, depending on whether this to 'make friends,' 'for chat,' or 'for dating.' You can chop and change each time you return to take advantage of the services. Your next option is 'with who.' This is where you can intimate whether you wish to interact with males or females, as well as specifying your chosen age demographic. Your final choice is to narrow down your location parameters based on city and state.

Searching will put you in touch with someone suitable for a chat. If this is something you are relatively new to – interacting with strangers in the online environment – there's no reason to feel apprehensive. The site will always try to get you matched with someone compatible by comparing your preferences with the existing site users. Like any type of activity, the more you try things out, the more competent you'll become, and the greater your confidence will grow. Because you can chat with so many potential partners, you'll find a variety of individuals appearing in your search results, enabling you to practice with a diverse range of kindred spirits, developing the nuanced features of your chatting.

Sometimes you'll feel at ease, and will chew the fat as if you're with friends on your social media. On other occasions, the targets of your search will be oozing sexual chemistry, and you can get a lot more playful and suggestive in your online conversations. MatchOcean, as its name suggests, presents a sea of possibilities for you to search through.

Safety & Security

As with any reputable dating site, security and customer welfare is always the prime concern. If you have any concerns about MatchOcean you can complete the webform you’ll find when you click on the ‘contact us’ icon.


MatchOcean is an excellent platform for anyone new to the heady world of Internet flirting and webchats and is looking for a comfortable introduction. Unlike some comparable sites, that can have a sleazy interface, with pop-ups of naked models appearing, dragging the customer to third-party sites they hadn't originally intended visiting, MatchOcean presents a well-designed and relaxing alternative. A bonus is that it is free to access, meaning you don't have to worry about the clock ticking while you get into some serious sexting.

Given the images that appear when you first access MatchOcean, and analysis of the site traffic, the typical audience demographic for this dating network would appear to be straight males, although this outlet also caters to all genders. It's just that the balance of profiles with photos is slanted in favor of females rather than males. If you're a female user, this puts you at a slight disadvantage in that there seems to be a higher instance of standard 'greyed out' profile images attached to profiles of men.

This is where a degree of discretion is necessary whether you'd rather engage with someone whose face you can identify from the outset, or you'd rather get involved in conversation first and see whether the chemistry is there, regardless of background details. Many women are drawn to the anonymity of this type of contact, as they feel it gives them more of a free rein to be creative, flirty, or even downright dirty when they are exchanging messages with someone. The obvious analogy would be like a kinky sex session when the participants remain blindfolded at the start of the proceedings.

For the profiles you can gain full access to, it is easy enough to follow the standard procedure and 'like' those individuals you are drawn to so that you can prioritize them accordingly, and return to them when you log in again. The moment another site user likes your profile and a match is achieved, the chat room will open and you can enter and start interacting.

Questions & Answers

What’s the deal with accepting USA IP addresses only?

While you will automatically be re-directed from MatchOcean if you are accessing this site from outwith the 50 states, that’s no reason to simply ignore this dating outlet. There could be very good reasons why you are keen to interact via this platform without actually being within its catchment area.

What if you’re an American citizen who has grown to love this site, but just happens to be on a business trip, or enjoying a holiday? Non-US IP holders can take advantage of the site’s many exciting features, such as the constantly updated blogs. Also, the sites you might find yourself redirected to are always worth checking out!

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