A New Review for JPeopleMeet.com: Real Singles or Fakes?

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JPeopleMeet.com is an online dating website that is for people who are Jewish and looking to meet a match. This online dating site has been around for years, and new people are joining all the time. People will often ask how does JPeopleMeet work, and we are here to look through the site and show you exactly what to expect.

We’re going to go through the entire JPeopleMeet.com experience and show you what you need to know before joining. Moreover, you will learn whether or not this is a website that is right for you. Let’s start out by showing you how to sign up on the website and determine that it’s a good fit.

Pros & Cons

Profile creation is simple
The site is very inexpensive
You can comment on individual photos
Very narrow search features can help you get what you want
There are not too many members on the website all the time
The site needs an app to get to the next level

There are plenty of things about this website that are great and a couple that they need to work on as well. There are more things to enjoy than those we have listed here, though.

Pricing Plans

Joining this site will show you that the website is ultimately a very good value compared to some of the other websites for dating out there today. We’re going to examine the different pricing plans that you can expect to pay while you’re on this website:


1 month


3 months


6 months

As you can see, the site isn’t that expensive to use when you get started. You get savings when you buy multiple months ahead of time on the website.

Free services Vs. Paid services

There are many differences between the free and paid services that you get on the website, though. Here are some of the differences that we found for JPeopleMeet.com:

Free services
Start building profile
Upload your pictures
Save members to your favorites list
Send “flirts” to members
Paid services
See who is flirting with you
Send and receive the messages
Use the instant messenger
Comment on pictures
Use the profile pro to boost your profile ranking

All in all, it’s clear that JPeopleMeet.com is better when you pay for it. When the site is this cheap, it’s almost a certainty that you should take the plunge.

Easy to Use

The website is very easy to use because of the various features that are included. JPeopleMeet.com has made it their personal mission to help people find love and relationships, and they do this by connecting you with Jewish people that are as dedicated as you to the faith. Some people are very involved with their synagogue, and you can find them by using the site’s filters and going to the events that are established on the website. However, there are other aspects of the site that are worth looking into. For example, the site has an “echo,” something that occurs when you like someone, and they like you back. It makes connections simple to make without the awkwardness of asking someone out. You can also send out a “Connect Me” request, which encourages someone to speak with you while you’re anonymous. It’s a great way to express interest in people without having to put yourself out there. The site also has questions that are on people’s profiles that they can answer in order to generate more interest from people that are using the website. It’s a very simple process that yields great results.

Search Functions

Searching for members on JPeopleMeet.com is pretty straightforward. The website doesn’t have a strong matching system, but it does list people on its main page for a time period of an hour if you are a promoted member. So, you can scroll through the members that are on this homepage and find someone that is interested and active on the website with very little effort. Perhaps the best way for you to meet people by using JPeopleMeet is by searching the website on your own. That way, you are able to set search filters and parameters that enable you to find people that have the features that you want the most in a match. You can find someone that is nearby your location or someone that is in a certain age group. The website’s search features and filters also make it so you can meet people from your area that have a certain level of dedication to the Jewish faith. If you want someone that is highly involved in the religion, then they’re just a couple clicks away. Nothing is simpler than searching the site in this particular method.

Safety & Security

There are a variety of safety features that need to be included in a website so that it is safe. JPeopleMeet is on the lower end of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean the site isn’t safe. You’ll see things like encryption and site security on the website that protect your transactions and information that you place on the website. That being said, the website doesn’t put your profile through verification, and that can open you up to some problems with bots and such. The website does let you browse using an incognito mode if you are part of the premium membership. That gives you the power to look at people and determine whether they are a match, and they won’t contact you for looking at their profile.


Finding someone to love can be difficult. However, finding a person to love that shares your religion is even more difficult. Fortunately, JPeopleMeet.com is a website that has been around for some time and has the power to connect people from all over the world in a great way. Using this site, you can find people that are religious or just share the same cultural heritage as you. The website has a pretty solid searching feature and a very good community to be a part of as a user. At that being said, this site is above average for sure, but it has plenty of room for improvement.

Questions & Answers

How to delete a profile from JPeopleMeet?

You can delete your JPeopleMeet.com profile by going into your personal settings on the website. You follow the instructions and then cancel your membership.

What JPeopleMeet’s phone number is?

The site is easier to contact through their contact page. However, (800) 952-5210 is listed as their number.

How to download a JPeopleMeet app?

There is no mobile app in place for this website at this time. If the site starts getting more members, they might be willing to develop an app that will work for this company.

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