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Compared to other dating websites available, Fitness-single is up there for availability. Already they are doing well in the general experience for the everyday user. Fitness-singles is a dating site made for singles who want to meet people that share their love for being active and going for dates out of the norm. Is it made for people who want to attend fitness classes or go for a hike as a first date? If this sounds ideal to you, then maybe you need to consider joining? The general Fitness-Singles is a positive one. There are a lot of singles, and they match you with people closest to you. So, straight away, you can start seeing the singles near you with the same active interests.

Pros & Cons

There are detailed search filters for all members (paid or not!)
There are a range of singles and a lot of them close by
You do not have to use it romantically! Want to find a workout buddy? Then this website also works for you!
The design of the website is perhaps a little outdated and could do with a little revamp
You do have to wait a while for your profile to be authorized. But this just means that they take this process very seriously

Pricing Plans

So, you have heard about what is available to you on Fitness-Singles, and you have even heard about the good and bad points of the site. You may now be thinking about joining and going for the paid subscription, but you want to know how much you will be paying? Don’t worry, we have you covered. There are four options when it comes to paying for the full membership and these are as followed

The membership prices are quite up there; however, if you like the site and what they stand for then, this would definitely be a good investment to make (especially as there are so many singles using this site).




£10.43/ month


£7.82/ month

What Are the Free Functions Compared to Paid?

As with any dating site, there is a lot available to those who go for the paid subscription; however, there is defiantly a good range of features available to those using the free membership. So, you will be able to tell if this is the sort of site for you just by using the free features. To highlight the differences, here are what available to free members, and paid members.

Free services
Creation of profile
Ability to post and update profile
Search for other profiles
“Show interest” to other members
View singles
Send icebreakers
Paid services
Have personal exchanges
Unlimited messages
Email any member
Get read receipts
Receive suggested matches
Rank higher in searches

Easy to Use

There are a couple of features that make Fitness-Singles unique and, overall, make for a positive experience on the site. First, as the site does not currently offer an app, you can set it up so that when you receive a message on the site, you will get a text sent straight to your phone. This means that you do not constantly have to be logged in to the site, and you can see what is happening on your profile, even when you are out and about. Secondly, they have a feature called the top 25, and this allows you to see the top 25 men and women using the site. It isn’t made explicitly clear how this is judged, but the logical guess is that these are the singles that have been liked the most and are in the most favorites list.

The messaging feature is only available to those who have a paid subscription. However, the general design and layout do seem to be simple enough that you would get used to it very quickly.

Search Functions

There are three options when it comes to searching on Fitness-Singles, which are basic, custom, and username. The basic search functions allow you to filter singles based on location and age. When you take the step up to custom, then you can filter with the free options and by country, fitness, activities, activity frequency, diet, smoking habits, drinking habits, appearance, and lifestyle. On other dating websites, you would be expected to pay for these sort of advanced search options so, the fact that these are available to free members are amazing. Finally, the username search does exactly what it says on the tin! If you want to find a person or you want to go back to a profile you saw earlier, then search for their username!

Safety & Security

The long verification process shows that they care about the quality of singles on their website. Along with the detailed FAQ section makes for a very positive and secure environment to date in. Not only this, but they also have safety tips available to you. This goes over the dangers of meeting people online and gives warning signs to loom out for when interacting with people you do not know.

There is no immediate helpline other than the ability to send an email to customer services. This could perhaps do with an update as most people would like to chat with someone on the phone or to chat with them on a live chat.


Fitness-Singles is the perfect amalgamation of love and passion for health. At the time of writing this, it could do with a revamp and freshen up to keep up with other sites. However, this doesn’t take away from their features. There is a lot available to those using the free membership, and those who pay really do have full reign over the singles in the area. There are a surprising number of singles using the site, so there are definitely a lot of people to choose from. The long wait time for the verification is a little irritating as you just want to get stuck in, but it does offer peace of mind in knowing that the people you are interacting with are legitimate.

Questions & Answers

How did I Get a Free Membership to Fitness-Single?

The free membership is available to you the second you sign up. You only must pay when you decide to subscribe.

How do I Unsubscribe from Fitness-Singles?

Simply click on “my account” and then click “cancel the paid subscription.” You will not be refunded for the month you have just paid for.

How much does it cost to join Fitness-Singles?

This can be anything from £6.25 a month to £15.62 a month, depending on how long you want to have access to the site.

Is there a Fitness-Singles app?

No, unfortunately not. This may be something that they create later, so make sure you check back.

What Is Fitness-Singles Coupon Code?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be available now. This may change, so check your local discount code websites!

Is it Possible to Change My Fitness-Singles Username and Password?

Yes, it is! You will have to be re-verified, however.

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