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The app can be used on both Android and IOS phones. Simply download from either Google Play or the App Store. It’s free to use, but there are ‘In-app’ upgrades such as Tinder Plus and Gold.

Pros & Cons

Ease of use
Only receive messages from the people you have shown interest in.
Fun and useful paid services.
The ability to un-match and block other users.
Access to Tinder users around the world when you change your location
A powerful algorithm to find the people who are perfect for you.
The emphasis is on casual dating rather than relationships
Limited positive matching with the free service
Having to wait for someone who you think is sexy to match with you
No real verification process so common sense and tough skin is essential

Pricing Plans

Tinder Gold under 28

Tinder Gold over 28

Tinder Plus under 28

Tinder Plus over 28

Free services
The unlimited messaging between matched users
As many ‘left swipes’ as you need
A basic profile
Matches based on your location
1 x Super Like per day
Tinder Plus
The unlimited number of ‘right swipes.’
A rewind button in case you swipe right or left by mistake
The ability to change location.
5 x ‘Super Likes’ per day
Use of the ‘Boost’ feature once a month
Tinder Gold
Each of the free and Tinder Plus benefits.
The ability to see who ‘Likes You’ and ‘Top Picks.’
More specific search tools, such as who has been active recently.

Easy to Use

App navigation

The design of the Tinder app is simple, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. Once you have learned what each icon means, it is simply a case of swiping left and right and tapping.

Messaging and the matching system

Tinder will show you the photo and bio of people near to you who match your criteria. Swipe right or tap the heart icon to express interest in them. Swipe left or tap the cross icon to say ‘No’ to that person. You can ‘rewind’ your choice if you make a mistake or change your mind. You must be ‘matched’ with another Tinder user before you can message them. That means that you must have both ‘swiped right’ to each other, so the spark of interest is mutual. Instant and private messaging are both available on Tinder.

Special Features

Super Like – a blue star icon to gift to the person who you think is the most amazing. Boost – be at the top of the match queue for thirty minutes for maximum match potential. Top Picks – Tinder will save you time and energy by searching for your perfect matches. Who Likes you – find out who ‘likes’ you for quicker matching.

Search Functions

Profiles or Username

Tinder search only works if you have matched each other. Unless that has happened, you can’t search/find specific users. This adds a layer of anonymity that can be useful or suspicious, depending on your perspective.


Your location determines who Tinder will offer to match you with. Their distance away will appear alongside their photo and bio. It’s possible to override this and choose a town or city anywhere in the world.

Top Picks

Tinder will do the searching for you and present you with a daily selection of your perfect matches.

Safety & Security

The Tinder support team

Tinder is committed to dating safety. They have a fax number and a ‘contact form’ which will be your first point of contact if you have any worries about a user of the site.

Fake profiles

Because of the ease with which you can register for an account on Tinder, there will be quite a few fake profiles. Helpfully, Tinder will automatically de-activate the accounts that have been inactive for a while.


Use common sense. When you first start chatting to someone, be very wary of giving out personal details such as your address or place of work.


This is only available to celebrities and ‘important’ people who are unlikely to be on Tinder anyway.

Incognito mode for LGBT Tinder users

The ‘Traveler Alert’ mode has recently been added to Tinder. It’s an awesome feature that alerts members of the LGBT community that they have arrived in an unfriendly country.


If you are interested in dating casually at home or abroad, then Tinder is a great app. We love the fact you don’t receive messages from people unless you’ve felt a spark of interest and swiped right. The features for the LGBT community are fantastic too.

Questions & Answers

How do you flirt on Tinder?

Scroll through the members that Tinder shows you. Swipe right to express an interest, and if that person matches with you too, you can flirt via private message.

What is the main purpose of Tinder? Is it good for dating?

This depends on the individual, but the general rule is that Tinder is for casual dating rather than long term relationships.

What age is Tinder most appropriate for?

All age ranges are welcome, but most Tinder users are between 18 and 29.

How to use the messaging service on Tinder?

You can only message another Tinder user if you have both matched each other. When that happens, an icon will pop up so you can say ‘Hello!’.

Is it worth paying for the paid services?

If you are a prolific dater with little patience to wait for matches to happen naturally then, yes, they are. You have more chance of interacting with more people of you pay for the additional services. Many free users have complained that fee payers are prioritized throughout the site, leaving them with very few, if any, matches.

How does Tinder tell you that you have a match?

If you like someone who has liked you already, a message will pop up to let you know.

What does the Tinder App look like?

Clean lines, attractive and not ‘in your face’ so the world doesn’t have to know the kind of site you’re on.

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