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SwingLifeStyle.com is an online dating service that caters to the swinging lifestyle. That means you’ll have the option to meet people that are interested in swinging, bringing in third members to their relationship, and more. SwingLifeStyle.com is a website that is a little different than the others out there today, both in appearance and style.

So, this SwingLifeStyle.com dating site review will take you through the basics of the site, so you know if it’s the one with you. That being said, there are many elements that go into the SwingLifeStyle.com experience. We’ll take a closer look at how to join the site, how you can find a partner, and more. We’ll get started with the signing up phase, so you know what to expect as you join.

Pros & Cons

Every website out there has pros and cons. We’ll start looking at these elements in light of SwingLifeStyle.com.

A vast network of swingers
People come from all over the world
The site has diverse people
The chat rooms are for people with all interests in swinging
No matching service

There are many elements of this website that you will enjoy, but this site is not as developed as some of the others out there today.

Pricing Plans

A lot of websites have pricing plans that are designed to give the site money to develop better services. Among the different pricing services are:

1 month
3 months
12 months

As you can see, this website is definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum, and it gives you access to the biggest dating service out there for people wanting to meet real swingers.

Free services Vs. Paid services

There are some differences that you get between the free version and what you get with the paid services. Here is what we found:

Free services
Look at profile and search them
You can block and report members
Enter the forums
Use the video chats
Paid services
View and upload any nude photos
You can rate clubs that you’ve been to
You can upload your own private photos

Easy to Use

There are a lot of features that are on SwingLifeStyle.com, which make finding people for dates and having fun simple. For example, one of the things that you can do on this website is to sign up to be a part of a Hot Date, a public calendar that you can use to set dates with multiple people in your area. A large part of this website’s functionality is getting people involved with dates outside of the website, and this Hot Date element makes that quite simple.

You can also use the site’s travel agency, which allows you to commit to going to various swinger parties, go to house parties, and even go to parades and other events. It’s all about connecting the users of the website with people that are real and wanting some company.

Another element of the website is that it helps people connect with real swinger clubs. If you’re just talking about it on the website, that’s one thing. Yet, if you want to take the next step, then SwingLifeStyle.com has a way for you to do it with ease.

These are just some of the features that you can expect as a member of the dating service

Search Functions

There are a variety of ways that you can find people on the website. Here is a partial list of how to search on SwingLifeStyle.com. For one thing, you can get in contact with people by searching the site based on profile information. Of course, the easiest way to do this is by entering a chat room that has people in it and getting to know them. You can find people in these chat rooms, make friends, and then seeing if you are compatible.

The website also has hundreds of different swinger groups that you can be a part of after you join SwingLifeStyle.com. These will provide you with the chance to meet people of specific races, look for people with a certain desire for dates, and also meet people that are local to you.

As you can see, all of the ways that you meet people on this website are driven by the members. There is no matching service that will help you hook up with people on the website. That makes the site very authentic, though.

Safety & Security

As with any site, SwingLifeStyle.com wants to keep its members safe. One of the ways that they do that with this website is by having a profile blocker system that doesn’t let free members see them. That cuts down on scammers and bots. Moreover, the site has admins that approve the profiles of the new members. You can also report and block people on this website. Finally, the site has encryption software in place so that your payments are safe while using the website. You can feel safe on SwingLifeStyle.com.


SwingLifeStyle.com is an unusual dating site as far as they go, with a forum-based element instead of an individualistic approach that many websites take. While this site isn’t going to match you up with someone or give you suggested dates, it offers something better: freedom. With that, you can sign up and begin dating people from your area that are interested in the swinging of every sort.

The best part about the website is that it is a true community. There are so many events that are developed by people on this site that you can’t go a week without finding something fun and erotic to be a part of either on the web or in person. Consider all these facts when signing up!

Questions & Answers

How to set a profile pic on SwingLifeStyle.com?

You can go to your account settings and upload a new picture

What does the green dot mean on SwingLifeStyle.com?

The dot means that people are in a certain area.

How to see who viewed my profile SwingLifeStyle.com?

You can’t see a specific person that viewed your profile

How to get into SwingLifeStyle.com private galleries?

You have to be a paid member.

SwingLifeStyle.com how to select the united states as a country?

You enter that when you are signing up

How do you unblock someone on SwingLifeStyle.com?

You go to the “friends” list, go to blocked people, and click unblock.

How to delete the SwingLifeStyle.com account?

Go to your account settings and follow the steps that they have outlined for the process, or you can contact support for extra help.

What are the free products from SwingLifeStyle.com?

You can get free samples or offers for lower prices on many of the goods on the site like movies, toys, etc.

How to download SwingLifeStyle.com mobile app?

You can download it from the apps store for Apple

Who can see the personal folder on SwingLifeStyle.com?

They have to be unlocked by the person to whom they belong.

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