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In the modern era, communicating with one another is growing increasingly more simple and mainstream. This is due to the growing popularity of smartphones. With smartphones, the power of communication is literally one push away. This growing trend has forced the world to adapt, from online shopping to even what was once one of the hallmarks of desktop communication, online dating. Qeep is one of many dating sites that has arisen due to this trend.

Qeep, like other dating sites like Tinder, operates primarily as an app for the constantly mobile world. It fulfills the inherent want of finding relationships while also adhering to the demand that such wants must be satisfied in the modern market, i.e., on a smartphone. Queep operates like many other app dating services like Tinder, bringing local people together in a collective space for the purpose of finding companionship. It does this through a simple download people made through either Google Play or the App Store, Android, or IOS, respectively, fulfilling the needs of the market for all ages, satisfying the most basic of dating niches in its operation.

Pros & Cons

Free Registration/Profile
Quick and easy matching algorithm
Easy to use
Limited “chat requests” per day
Limited “likes” for match game
No advanced search functions

Pricing Plans


1 month


$8.33 a month
3 months


$5.83 a month
12 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Looking at and favoriting profiles
Paid services
3 Chat Requests a day
“Super Likes”
“Likes” for match game

Easy to Use

Qeep is very easy to use. Given that the site wastes no time in finding matches for the user, even before they have time to finish their profile, the matching system is fairly proactive. The matching system largely revolves around local users, so it is fairly basic in its algorithm. Navigating the app is simple, made that way for its target audience who do not have time to figure out complex programs and systems. The app is user-friendly, and the buttons to perform certain actions are easy to discern. Any modern audience that has used a mobile dating app will find the buttons and screens familiar. There are no special features of note. The app is basically stripped down to offer as little difficulty as possible.

Search Functions

Given the particularly stripped-down nature of the Qeep app, search functions are stripped down as well. There is no free search tool. Rather, the system lists all the matches you have based on your profile and where you are located. It is purely location and interest-based. The user is free to look at the profiles and favorite the ones they especially like. They can also send “super likes” to users, though only the first one is free.

Messaging in the Qeep app works differently than in other apps. People receiving messages will receive “chat requests” instead. Only three chat requests can be sent by a user a day for a premium account. A free account user can send one chat request a day. This makes messaging very selective, as it is very limited. There are no advanced search functions. However, there is a “Match” game users can participate in using “likes.” Free accounts get a limited amount of likes, whereas paid accounts get an unlimited amount.

Safety & Security

Like other dating sites, Qeep encrypts all data using modern encryption software to keep personal data safe. The site also offers tips on dating security through its FAQ. Harassment is not allowed, and any rule-breaking can be reported to customer support via the links in the app.

Verification is in place for emails, Facebook, and photos, though no verification is required.


Overall, Qeep is a run of the mill dating app. It is an alternative to Tinder, though, with some drawbacks. Many of the features cannot be enjoyed with a free account. It is a location-based dating app, so no matches will be made with people outside a certain area. The app is simple to use and appears to be a legitimate system for people to use. Of the many dating apps out on the market, Qeep is a fairly average but decent competition.

Questions & Answers

How to download the Qeep app?

Downloading Qeep app is simple, and exactly how all other apps are downloaded onto a mobile device. Whether using an Android or Apple device, the user needs to download the app from Google Play or the App Store, respectively. All a user needs to do is go to either store, search for Qeep, and click download. If a download normally requires a password, the user will need to input one to start the download. The download will then start. Once it has finished, the app should appear on the mobile device, ready to be used.

Is the Qeep app safe?

Though the app requires no verification of any kind, Queep has modern encryption software found in any app to keep personal data safe. Any harassment of any kind can be reported to customer support through the links in the app.

How to delete the Qeep app?

Deleting the Qeep app is even simpler than downloading it. All a user just do is click and hold on the app. Once the mobile device recognizes you want to delete the app, it will show a place in the upper left part of the screen to uninstall the app. Both Android and IOS will tell the user that deleting the app will also delete its data and cannot be undone. Agree, and the app is deleted. This does not delete a profile on the app, however. That must be done in the app itself through the settings in the app.

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