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OnLuxy.com claims to be dating medium for the super successful, rich, and beautiful. However, everybody is free to join. It is a good thing that there is a feature to get your identity verified because it proves that you are a genuine member and a real person. Other members can see if you are verified, so that increases your credibility with members who are looking for a real person to date. The app is available on both Android and Apple devices. All you have to do is install the app on your device, and enter some basic information about yourself.

We recommend that you get a premium membership and become a full member to make use of all the different features and benefits that come with the paid membership. It is not necessary that you need to be a super-wealthy or a high-income earner in order to become a member of Luxy. There is also another way that you can use to become a member without fulfilling this criterion. You can choose to get voted in by the Luxy community. People who get voted in can use most of the services for free. This is a really good thing. So let us now consider how you can get voted in by the Luxy community. You must have some personal characteristics that set you apart from all the rest of the crowd. Else you have to be particularly attractive.

The thing to keep in mind is that your profile should be an honest and open one else you might get rejected while being evaluated for membership. The people behind Luxy wanted to create a platform where equals could come together instead of it being a scenario where rich people are being played on by gold diggers or people searching for a rich partner. Of course, it is impossible to say that this does not happen at all on Luxy because it is impossible to tell beforehand what a person's motive is, but overall it is a safe and secure platform where the rich and beautiful people come to find partners of their choice. The people behind Luxy claim that the process of voting in by the community shows that there are no fraudsters or scammers in there who are actually sugar babies in disguise looking for sugar daddies.

Pros & Cons

This is a matchmaking site where rich people come to date
There are several very good tools and features that are conducive to the exciting dating experience
You can send unlimited roses to other members that interest you.
Most members are genuine because they actually earn what they say they earn; their incomes are verified.
The verification process is really strict.
There is a waiting period of 24 hours before a new member can log in and start using the website or app.
There is a voting process called Vouching, which happens during registration and which adds to the special ambiance of the website or app.
The delay in completing the Vouching process may put off some people and make them feel impatient.
Most of the nicer features come with the paid plan and are not available to free members.
To be a member, you have to be either very wealthy or very beautiful or both
People who seek sugar baby and sugar daddy arrangements are actively discouraged from joining or using the site or app.

Pricing Plans

Luxy Black

6 months

Luxy Black

3 months

Luxy Black

• $239.97
3 months

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Signing up
You can send a rose
You are free to browse through profiles of other members
You can see the photo albums
Upload your own photos
Use the basic search function
Send messages to members you like
Paid services
You can choose to see verified profiles sorted first in your match results
You can choose to see member profiles of the highest income sorted first in your match results
You can send a bouquet of roses
You can send unlimited messages to other members

As you can see from the above, the paid membership comes with a lot of added features which are not available in free version of the website or app. So we would like to recommend you to get a premium membership so you can get the best out of the site or app.

Easy to Use

The website, as well as the app, is clean and simple in design, which also means they are easy to use. The app can be downloaded on Android or Apple devices. Everything that you can do on the website is available for you on the app too. However, many members like the app better than the website because of flexibility and the comfort of never missing a single notification. Before you can start your dating process, you have to get vouched for by a Yes or a No from current Luxy members. This is a process by which members themselves can assist to weed out fraudsters and scammers who pose as new members. There is also a personality test where you can specify the luxury brands that you personally prefer or would like to endorse to other members. If you would like to send a single rose, it is free. However, you would need coins to send a bouquet of roses. The chat room is a great place for members to interact with each other. Members who have upgraded their membership to Luxy Black can send Black messages to other members that they find interesting.

Search Functions

The basic search is the only way you can search on a free account. However, for the advanced search, which is definitely more effective, you have to buy the Luxy Black, which is a premium membership. It is the same amazing feature that wows members across devices – both website and app.

Safety & Security

The people behind Luxy take your safety and security very seriously while you are dating on their website or app. That's why they've set up the Anti-Scam System that identifies and removes unwanted characters from their database. Those who deliberately try arrangements for sugar daddy and sugar baby are actively discouraged from accessing this website or app, as it is only for legitimate rich people who are looking for other wealthy people to date. You have to have a really high income to be a member, and some members earn around $500,000 a month. Your income, and your background story, must be verified.


If you are a millionaire single looking for love among singles of your own status, then Luxy is the right place for you. To be a member, you definitely have to be a rich person, and it helps if you are beautiful or handsome as well. As a downside, it follows that people with false motives will also come and try to get into this website in search of sugar daddies or rich partners. The people behind Luxy are very serious about your safety and security while you are dating on their website or app. That is why they have put in place the Anti-Scam System, which identifies and removes people who are undesirable characters. People who specifically seek out sugar daddy and sugar baby arrangements are actively discouraged from joining this website or app because it is genuine people who are looking to date, other wealthy people. To be a member, you have to have a really high income, and some members earn around the region of $500,000 a month. Your income has to be verified as well as your background story. While registering, you will be needed to mention your gender. However, you are welcome to browse members from either sex and can actively look for both male and female partners. You can do this by opting at a drop-down menu to Show Me Women or Show Me Men. It is up to you if you want to disclose your actual income; many members choose not to disclose their actual income even though they have verified their incomes on the website or app.

Questions & Answers

How much does LUXY cost?

Luxy offers a premium service called the Luxy Black. This comes with some genuinely appealing add ons or benefits and useful features. If you are a Luxy Black member, you will get more matches as well as higher quality matches too. You will also get unlimited messaging benefits.

How to download the Onluxy millionaire dating app for android?

If you want to download the Onluxy millionaire-dating app for Android, just go to Google Playstore and search for Luxy. After you find the match, all you need to do is install it on your android device. Once the installation is over, you just need to sign up or log in.

Can I check the profile on the Onluxy app?

Yes, on Onluxy, you can check or browse through profiles of other members, but you have to be voted in or do the Vouching process first. Only a vouched member can look at profiles of other members.

How many members does Onluxy have?

Onluxy has thousands of verified and genuine members, all rich and beautiful. It is the place where the wealthy singles are looking for love.

Is the LUXY app legit?

Yes, the Luxy app is completely trustworthy and legitimate. It has verified members who earn in the neighborhood of $500,000 every month and have verified that. They also have to be voted for by existing Luxy members in order to be able to use the app. So it is completely safe and legit.

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