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Overview is an online dating site that is completely free for people to use. It’s a website that is designed to help people find genuine love. While other dating sites are highly developed and involved, this is a “lightweight” dating website that doesn’t have all the oversight of many others. We’ll explore the experience and show you what to expect while you are using this site as a way of finding partners.

Pros & Cons

Every dating website has some parts that are good and others that are going to need some work. That’s why we’re going to list the pros and cons of using right here:

The website is entirely free
The site vetting process is very effective at preventing spammers
A small crowd on the site makes a more intimate setting
You can see new members every day as they join
Lack of better search functions
A low number of members for now

It’s clear that has a lot going for it as a niche, love-finding website. However, the fact is also clear that it isn’t going to see as much usability on this website as you would on others out in the market today.

Pricing Plans

When it comes to the pricing plans on the website, they have been very careful to maintain that the site is 100% free. That means anyone can join the website and get the complete functionality of the service for free. Thus, there is no need to discuss the pricing on the site.

Free services Vs. Paid services

All of the services, from registration on, are free on this website.

Easy to Use

The website is very simple to use because the overall interface of the website is narrow in perspective. What we mean is that doesn’t have a lot of specialized features that are made to pull your interest in different directions. That’s why you’ll see that the most important feature on the website is genuine user authentication, which keeps out people that aren’t actually looking for love. You can report people that appear to be abusive or scammers, and the site will take care of the situation.

Aside from that, the matching is non-existent. The site believes in helping people find partners through their search features, which has some benefits and detractors, for certain.

Search Functions

The search function on is moderately useful since you are basically responsible for every element of meeting someone. The website guides you through the process of filling out your profile. They even have several blog posts about how you can get better ratings on your profile, so people will be more likely to reach out to you.

As such, you can browse profiles and ask out people that are near you. Members can send messages to each other and use that to carry out a relationship online or work to meet someone that is near them in person.

Safety & Security

Even though is a free website, they have some of the most stringent security measures devised on a website. Less than 10% of people that have signed up for have been able to join. That is because the site only wants you online if you are looking for love and ready to find it right now. They don’t tolerate things like nudity or people looking to be mean. You’re here for love, or you’re not here at all.

Summary is a very small, unique online dating site. With just over 5,000 members, the website is small enough that you can get to know most of the people in your area with ease. All in all, this is an average rated website because it has some very cool and appealing factors, but it doesn’t have the functionality that most people expect and need from a dating site.

Questions & Answers

What is is a dating website that helps you find love for free. It is a serious website for users that want real relationships.

Who owns

It is owned by InternetMate. LTD. They are an English company.

Is legit?

Yes, the site is legit. Although not everyone is accepted on the site as a legit user, the site does result in real dates.

Is a free dating site?

Yes. In fact, this site is 100% free, as per their advertisements. You can make your entire profile online without spending a dime.

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