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Launched in 2009, is easy to use, a global dating site designed for men and women all over the world to meet and interact online. You can find someone in your local area for casual dating or more, or you can find local hookups. If you just want to chat and flirt, you can use the instant messaging feature of the site to get to know singles all over the world in a number of languages. The site works by allowing you to choose exactly what you are looking for by gender, age, and location, and it is absolutely free to use.

Pros & Cons

It is free to use. There are no charges whatsoever
It is an international site available in many different languages
You can carry out your own search – there is no matching service
Instant messaging only, which is what some prefer
The site is easy to use and navigate
Deleting your profile is easy
The fact that there is no matching service may be a downside for some people
There are, by the site's own admission, a number of fake profiles
The site is slow to load as it is full of photos
There are many ads, which are the downside because the site is free
Some of the profiles are quite limited in their content

Pricing Plans

Registration with Fdating is absolutely free, and there are no costs whatsoever to using any function of the site. You are not going to sign up and then suddenly realise that you are going to be charged for additional features later down the line. The site has been operating since 2009 on a free basis. To counteract this and make money, the site charges people to advertise their businesses on the site, so you may find that you are shown lots of ads that are relevant or otherwise while you are using it. This isn’t a huge price to pay for a site that is absolutely free, though. Once you have had enough of using it, or have met someone and want to remove your details, you simply go to your account and remove your profile.

Free services Vs. Paid services

Free services
Signing up and registering
Creation of profile and upload of pictures
Browsing and searching of members
Introduction to members
Chatting, flirting and getting to know members of the site
Use of the site anywhere in the world, in any language
Paid services
There are no paid services with

Easy to Use

The site is quite limited in functionality, which does make it really simple to use. If you are going to create an account on your mobile, you will need to pinch and squeeze the screen a little to enter your details as, although it fits the screen, the type boxes are small. It is much easier to use on the desktop or tablet version.

Because the site is used globally, you can use it in a number of languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and more besides. When you land on the site, you can see how many people are online separated by gender.

Search Functions

There is no matching service with Instead, it gives you the chance to perform and advanced search for who you are looking for. Unlike some dating apps where the information required is quite basic, the sign-up process for this site asks you for quite a lot of detail.

This makes an advanced search much easier for those that are seeking someone specific as you can tailor your search by age, gender, location, and really discover a lot about someone from their profile. Of course, not everyone likes to give that many details, so not every profile will be quite so detailed.

Another neat feature of the site it’s the fact that you can see how many people are online at any time, and you can choose to view the profiles of Chinese women, Russian women, Women from the United Kingdom, Men from London, Men from Canada, etc. There is a list of links down the left hand side of the home page to help you choose what you are looking for.

Safety & Security

Probably the most important factor to many is the security of financial information, but the good news is that you don’t give any of these details as the site is free to use. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about giving credit card details. Another security access to consider is who you are talking to online, and the site does give out a warning not to send money to anyone that asks for it, which would indicate that there have been problems in the past, however, if you are sensible then you should have no issues.


For a site that is completely free, you cannot really argue with what has to offer. For a start, it is a global site available to anyone in the world. While many of the profiles seem to be Russian or Ukrainian women, there are also a number of American, British, Chinese, and other nationalities of members around the world. The site comes without a cost, and therefore even if you use it for a short while to have a look around, you have nothing to lose. It is a little dated, but it is easy to use and allows you to chat and flirt with potential partners and find local dates and hookups without having to pay for anything. If you can put up with a few ads, then it is not a bad all-round dating experience.

Questions & Answers

What is FDating? is a free dating site that is accessed by men and women around the globe. It is a site for men and women to chat with, flirt, date, and meet up for hookups.

What does mean?

It is not easy to find out what the ‘F’ in Fdating stands for, but from the research that we did conduct, the strongest indication seems to be that it stands for Free Dating.

Is the Fdating site for people who travel professionally?

Fdating is not specifically tailored to those who travel professionally, and if you are seeking something in particular, then there are alternatives, however, if you are in a specific country or city, you can tailor your search to find someone in the local area.

How to download Fdating?

There is no ‘download’ available with Fdating. You can only load it on your phone, tablet, or computer as the website version of the site. It does not come with ads and is a little dated in that respect.

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