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If you want to meet people from Asia, this is what the dating site was designed for! But even if their focus is on Asian people, you don’t need to be Asian in order to use their service. The website is open to anyone, whether you are Asian or you just have an interest or attachment to Asia. This website is not only for dating, but it can also be used just to look for a friend if you want. The big advantage of this website is that all the features are available for free! Indeed, they present themselves as a “completely free nonsense Asian dating site.” They just have the most basic features like messaging and browsing, but at the end of the day, that is all you need, is features like messaging and browsing. Like for instance, moderation can be a little problematic, and there will be ads on the website.

Pros & Cons

This website is 100% free. There is no hidden cost
The search tool is well organized, easy to use, and you can apply a lot of different filters
The website is really user friendly
You can have a look at the website and service without registering if you want
There are two steps for the verification process, which means less probability of fake profiles
Fun and interesting features such as he worlde without registering
You can meet people from all around the world
You need to wait 2 hours before you receive the activation number on your mobile phone
You only have English support available
The support team is not the most responsive

Pricing Plans

There is only a free version for this dating site.

Easy to Use

The website is not difficult at all to use since it only has the most basic features. You can browse among the different profiles, and once you found a profile that you like, you can directly send a message to this person. You can also send a like, register the profile to your favorite list and also flag a photo, report a profile, or even block a profile if you want to. There are also chat rooms. The topics in the chat rooms are default topics, so you can not add a new topic yourself. You will find topics such as travel, food, friendzone, etc. The rules regarding these chat rooms are very strict and clear. Of course, you have to be polite and friendly, but you also have to be careful not using sexually charged language or topics. Also, the only language you should use is the English language, even though most people are Asians. There is also a section called “Word Play” on which you can play with the other singles. It comes with a chat room, and everyone can play to a crossword puzzle and send their words. It can be a very fun and original way to bond with other singles! Another feature that you can find on the website is the “48 hours stats”. It will give you an overview of your activities on the website for the last 48 hours. So it will tell you, for instance, how many messages you have sent and received, how many profiles you have liked and how many profiles have liked you, etc. Then you can compare your results to the website in order for you to be able to find someone.

Search Functions

When you want to search for singles, you can use different filters so that your search will be more interesting and precise. You can choose the location (anywhere, in the country, near the city or near me), the gender and the age. You can also sort your results so that you will first see the newest members or persons that were last active. This way, you will not waste your time with people who are not using the website anymore. You can also choose to only see people who are active now and who prefer someone of your age. These are the basic filters that you can apply, but there are also more filters for a more advanced search. And remember, all these features are 100% free! So you can also choose if he/she has children, if he/she wants children if he/she is smoking and drinking or not, the body type, height, appearance, relationship status, willing to relocate or not, education, religion, minimum profile description length, and hashtag. For each of these filters, there are a lot of options for your answers, and some of them are funny. And finally, there is also an option where you can search the username of a particular member you are interested in!

Safety & Security

When it comes to safety, even though they might not have a team as strong as other dating sites for moderating since the service is completely free, it seems like there are very few fake profiles. This may be due to the fact that there is a two step authentication process when you register (you have to verify your email address and your mobile phone number). Also, they have a facial recognition system in order to make sure that we can see your face on the photo and that you are not using the photo of another profile in order to build yours. And if your profile is empty, it will be automatically deleted after one week. Finally, every user is allowed to report easily any suspicious behavior with a button under each profile, and you can also flag photos.


To sum up, if you are interested in meeting Asians, whether for dating or just to create new friendships, this dating site is a great solution. Indeed, this is one of the few dating sites that are entirely free, and that has absolutely no hidden cost. You can use all the different features for free, so you don’t have to worry about any scam! Also, they have a large database of users all around the world, some fun and interesting features, and their searching tool is quite effective with enough filters to make you save a lot of time. Of course, the support team is not very responsive, the signing up process takes a bit of time, and you will have to be bothered by a few ads since this is the way they make money. But after all, you can enjoy a nice and free service anyway!

Questions & Answers

How to reply selectively?

If you want to reply selectively, you have several options. You might look at the peopleake profiles. This may be due to thef they respond to certain criteria. But if you don’t want to waste your time checking every profile that sends you a message, you can simply search for profiles using your own filters and only talk to the profiles that will appear in your search results.

Who owns dateinasia?

Date In Asia is owned by a company based in Guangzhou, China. However, the company does not disclose its official address, the name of its CEO, or other facts. Plus, there is only one way to contact the company and DateInAsia does not guarantee a response.

Does DateInAsia have a mobile app?

No, dateinasia only has a website.

How do I delete my account on dateinasia?

You canI delete my account on dateinasia?e several options. You might look at the peopleake profiles. This mapassword, and then click the "Delete my Account" button.

How does dateinasia make money?

They make money through the different ads that they diffuse on the website.

How to block someone on dateinasia?

If you want to block someone, you just have to click on his/her profile, and then there is a button with a cross. This is the button to block people.

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